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  1. bruce

    Finding clubs

    I found a callaway big bertha pitching wedge in a deep gully last year looking for golf balls after a round,it was obvious it was thrown in there with temper.Sunol valley golf course,the cypress one tenth hole beside the green.If anyone knows this course they would probably understand.
  2. Same as this chap i agree totally,i would never pick up a ball on a fairway or fairway rough because were all guilty of spraying the odd drive.
  3. 237,damn dude good hit,thats probably why you played so well,swinging easier.
  4. bruce

    Buick Open

    Not at all dude,i was delighted to see him win,he comes across as a great guy.Hope he gets the ryder cup team.
  5. Tape back view and side view,what i told you is a proper swing,a 3 quarter swing to most people is actully a full swing,stops people overswinging,if you take it back to far with not enough shoulder turn you get arm lift which causes weak slice,fade drives.Plus with irons do you ever see the pro's on t.v ever taking the club back really far and lashing at the ball.
  6. Good stuff dude,It feels good to play well,i had a similiar predicament a month ago,same thing last hole was a par 5 and i needed a birdie to shoot i under par,got on in two and proceeded to 3 putt for par.Never shot under par before on a full 18.Those eagles are hard to get,how do you like those tp irons,i am thinking very strong of getting them.
  7. I actually though it was 2 degree's open,i could be wrong though.
  8. Could be that your lifting your hole body on the downswing due to trying to help the ball,but i agree with Thumper07,need to see it.
  9. When you take the club back make sure your left arm doe's not pass your heart and take a three quarter swing,this forces you to turn your shoulders so the club can come from the inside,do it,it works,your fade,slice will be gone.You will have a lot more distance also.Plus make sure you are not moving your whole body back on the backswing also.Brace your right leg.
  10. I believe this is the course my friend was talking about,he reckons its a cheaper form of pebble beach,thought it was class,i will double check the name,P.S hope Hayden gets it together and gets a win there.
  11. Same as the sg4 only its got colour screen,i have the sg4 and its all you need, yardage and hazard distances e.t.c,sg2 0r 3 either.
  12. So how did you get on with the TP irons,i'm thinking of changing mine but have no idea what to get,the tm tp's came to mind though or callaway x20 tour.
  13. bruce

    Wow I'm mad.

    Thats just golf dude,i shot 74 sunday week,this saturday i went out and shot 86,i was digusted,nobody in our group played well,it was a 100 degree's though,so i'm putting it down to that.
  14. bruce

    Wow I'm mad.

    synthetic are very forgiving,hit an inch behind the ball you still get a good shot,while on grass you have to get good contact or you will hit it fat.
  15. I snapped my gap wedge a month ago,first hole and hit my driver too long which landed in a dried up drain(hazard),i had a good lie there and 120 to the pin,hit it and there was a metal pipe under the grass which was lying over and snapped it at the hozel,ball landed on the green though,it was a shitty shaft so i just got it re-shafted.
  16. I agree with this chap 100%,positive input,get out there and enjoy yourself.
  17. I can draw and fade the ball with a 3 wood pretty easy,but out of all my irons i find that for some reason i can work the ball very easy with my 7 iron compared to the others,don't ask me why.
  18. Imagine if Lori or Kim ever did win a LPGA event,kim who thinks her shit does'nt smell and Lori with that evil mouth,i would look foward to that press interview.
  19. Damn dude its expensive,looks cool,have fun but if i'm playing behind you and your watching to much t.v expect to see a callaway hx tour land pretty close to you
  20. Brutal,can't understand why the golf channel won't show at weekends.
  21. Good score would be 36 or 37 for you
  22. Plus If the ball is below your feet i use a little more knee flex and if its above my feet i also choke down on the club a bit.
  23. Two,footjoy and nike,i will never buy another pair of nike's again.I just bought the nike's and while playing a round one of the studs came out of the heel,the part for holding the stud in got damaged and now i can't put a stud in,its made of very soft material and i looked everywhere for the part to be replaced and can't get it,also happened a buddy of mine,shoes cost me $150
  24. I use the sg 4 skycaddie,if i left the house for a game and drove 2 miles without it i would turn around and go back for it,they are class.Every week i play a different course,if i played the same course every week i probably would'nt bother with one.
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