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  1. bruce

    Lee Westwood

    Outstanding finish by Westwood,
  2. I use a Datrek cart bag in mine and the clamps are class,the bag has never twisted in it.The last cart i had the bag kept turning in it.
  3. I'm guessing they will have them for the Xmas shopping.
  4. bruce

    Big Break Disney

    Blake really annoyed me when they were doing the long drive,very bad sportsman and should be no where near a professional sport.Very bad loser. Sorry to see Vince go,he was my pick.I don't care who wins now as long as its not Blake.
  5. Not sure if Tim Clark is playing,but if he is i think he might have a chance.You can't rule out Peter Senior though.
  6. bruce

    Big Break Disney

    Andrew seems to handle the nerves better than anyone,he has got game and has a better chance at becoming a pro than Blake.Blake crumbles with a bit of pressure.Vincent and Andrew final.
  7. bruce

    Big Break Disney

    Love to see Andrew and Blake paired up,wonder how that would work out
  8. I would say your trying to get as much out of them as possible to try and justify buying a new set.E.g I hit my old 7 iron 160,this one better go 170. Probably a subconscious thing.
  9. I think if you start with not taking the club inside on the backswing and start the downswing with your lower body,this should help a lot.It will help you not to come over the top.A few tweaks and you will be fine.
  10. I noticed the same thing with your swing as i saw with Phil Mickelson's at the Presidents cup,you get great drive with your legs and great extension. Nice swing
  11. bruce

    Big Break Disney

    Blake seems to have a good game but he is carrying a lot of stress out on to the course with him,its affecting his ability to play to his full potential.He needs to forget about Andrew and just play his game.Thing is if Andrew hits a good shot its stuck in Blakes head.
  12. Work on that right leg and try and send the club towards the target,good looking swing.My neck is getting sore trying to watch the video though
  13. bruce

    Great shot today

    Great 3 wood,That's a long 3 wood.I've played there twice,its a great course,the 18Th is class. I made a great par on the 18Th,tried the hero shot of getting on the green in two and my 2ND clipped the top of the tree,took my drop and hit the wedge 25 feet beyond the pin,pin was at front and made the 25 foot slick putt.
  14. That's it,I'm getting the hammer and going to customize my truck,this gas is too expensive That's amazing how that works.
  15. That's it,I'm getting the hammer and going to customize my truck,this gas is too expensive That's amazing how that works.
  16. bruce

    Big Break Disney

    I like Vincent for the win,so far i see he has good game all round.
  17. Great to see Lee win,i enjoyed the whole tournament,there was a great field of players.What the hell happened Goosen?
  18. I would have called him on it straight away.The worst about not calling him on it it puts you off on the next two holes because you are seething.
  19. One of the guys in that other thread called Jay-bird has played both,he has the J36 combo set now and he was playing the mp57's.You could ask him about them as he seems to be a good golfer going by his handicap so his info would be pretty good and judging by prior posts he seems to know what he is talking about.
  20. 5 wood or 2 hybrid,7 iron and a 56* sand wedge.I worked it out that your average par 4 will be 380 yards.I'm allowing you 220yrds off the tee which wiil leave you 150 front 160 middle and 170 back of green,your 7 iron should cover this and your sand wedge for those errand shots.
  21. I see someone is selling a set of ZM irons in the market place section,i was looking at them,there a beautiful looking iron but i have never hit them.
  22. That's the last time i feel sorry for him when he comes in 2nd at a tournament.
  23. Stiff shafts would suit you better,my buddy who is a 2 handicap use's graphite shafts which are regular flex.He hits his 8 iron 150,uses callaway x14 irons.So its your call.
  24. What distance do you hit your 8 iron?honestly
  25. Its hard to explain in writing,try and youtube a video about taking club back,but i always make sure on my downswing that my right shoulder goes under the left,don't throw that right shoulder out. I was doing the very same as you last year,had to take two clubs extra to get to greens,got a lesson and what happened me was i started taking the club back to the inside which causes all those problems.Was very frustrating.
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