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  1. All i can say is distance loss is due too coming over the top which always causes casting.Big cause of it is taking the club back to far inside instead of down the line.Hope it helps.
  2. I use a oversize grip on my putter.I like it as it helped me erase wrist break.I have a mallet type putter plus i got big hands.My buddy had one on a blade ping putter which i used for a day while mine was being re-shafted.It was awful,the putter was top heavy,unbalanced,i couldn't putt with it.
  3. Sounds like your not trusting the yardage you hit your clubs.E.G say your 150 out and your hitting your 8 iron in,if you hit your 8 iron 150yrds with your normal tempo swing then hit it with it,don't try and put a little more in it.You have to learn to hit all your clubs with the same tempo and trust it,including your driver.If you want to give one a little more go up one or two clubs and 3 quarter swing with the same tempo but don't be forceing shots as it throws everything out.Hope this makes sense.
  4. Keep your weight on your front foot,should help a lot.
  5. What he means is other player standing directly behind or in front of someone putting so they can clearly see how the ball rolls to the hole.They get a free read.
  6. Your weight shift should happen naturally,both feet planted.When you take the club back down the line with a proper turn.I always brace my right leg and feel the weight on the inside off my right foot,feels like right leg is kicked in and i start the downswing with my right knee.Its hard to explain,i have a nice tempo where i generate a lot of power because my timing is good.At the range i usually only hit pitching wedge and 7 iron.My 7 iron is a 175-80yrd club and i feel like i barely swing at it.Tempo is key and understanding how to take the club back is key.One time i use to fire the righ
  7. Its a nice feeling an eagle on a par 4,i have two of them from very near the same yardage,one was a pitching wedge from 144yrds in Hawaii which i could see go in and the other was from 142 with a nice smooth pitching wedge which i didn't see go in as there was a bunker in front of the pin.Congrats on the eagle.
  8. you could minimize the handicap to 18.Beginners even play off an 18.Helps eliminate some sandbaggers.
  9. Why some people play competitive sports is beyond me,do some people even understand what the word sport means.Then brag to there friends,strangers that they won an event,but no mention of the way they cheat and lie to win. How can someone claim victory if they know they cheated is beyond me.But the sad part is that the cheats and liars will always be there.They will Smile and hoist the trophy.
  10. I would definitely have look at the bridgestone J-36 irons,i hit some demo's of these and i thought they were class.For my next set i will consider these.
  11. They have limited the amount of players on the course in a day,i think its down to around 50 people a day.
  12. With those distances you are definitely coming over the top and casting,frustration can cause us to try and force the shot.Make sure your not taking the club inside on the backswing.Personally i try to restrict hip movement.Get those shoulders turning.
  13. As the op said kick in the right knee,and also i like to feel my weight on the inside of my right foot. I'm actually working on the same as you,trying to get more width.
  14. I walk also,i seem to play a lot better when i walk.
  15. You will love those callaways,but the wedge shreds them easily also.
  16. Personally i love mowed tight fairways,try to get out of the habit of picking the ball,with a wedge there should always be a divot.I know in Ireland a lot of the courses don't have tight mowed fairways so you wouldn't have that type of shot.When you have a lie that sits up the ball take a divot also.Don't try and pick it.
  17. It will cause a slice or a fade,or in some cases pending on swing type a low pull to the left.
  18. You could try the glove under your right armpit to help stop the chickenwing, great to hear your not firing the right hip on the downswing,what your doing now sounds good.Feel on the downswing that your right shoulder is going under your left,and remember,swing to fast you lose distance and accuracy.Focus on solid contact which will help tempo.
  19. One of the holes from Koolau golf course in Hawaii
  20. bruce


    A classy drink has to be baileys Irish cream with ice.
  21. I have a second set of irons which i used to play all the time,there the x16 pro series,i still think they are top class irons and often wonder why i bothered to buy the ones i have now.don't get me wrong,i love the irons i have now but have they changed my game.absolutely not.
  22. I got mine done recently,it was around 25 bucks with a new fat grip.
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