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  1. Try taking the driver back low with extension,sounds like you could be picking it up on the backswing.
  2. I always considered Adam Scott as a bad putter.
  3. cussion hacker is spot on,i have a 25 degree to replace my 3 iron,its says 4 iron on it but i hit it the same as my 3 iron.I have a 19* that i use instead of a 5 wood.
  4. I find when I'm tired playing a round i over-swing a lot.I take a huge back-swing which causes me to dip towards the ball resulting in a fattish shot.I try to remember not too force the shot.
  5. If you can feel that the left leg is pushing towards the target on the back-swing it helps generate more torque and will stop you from overturning.It will help you from lifting also.
  6. Thats a top class score,i think my first round was like a 146.
  7. Good stuff,its a nice feeling when you catch one good.
  8. You need solid striking,hit a 7 180 and drop to 130,inconsistent ball striking.
  9. 1. Greens cannot be bumpy and must roll fast,i will not play a course that has bumpy and slow greens. 2. I like tightly mowed fairways and bunkers must have good sand,if anything like concrete i stay away. 3. I like courses where you are punished for errant shots or which leaves a bit of a challenge to get up and down.
  10. If you could lessen your hip turn on the back swing and turn you upper body more on the backswing,this will create a lot better of a coil for power and then all you have to do is uncoil.Get a soccer ball and get into your golf swing,take it back like a proper golfswing and release and notice which muscles your body uses to throw the ball,it will be your core muscles as the ball is heavier. Remember turn the upper body and start the downswing with the lower body,don't pull your arms down.You should be hitting a 7 iron a lot further than 120 yrds.Keep practicing the soccer ball routine before
  11. 36 is the most i have played,i'm playing 36 tomorrow.
  12. Good stuff,soon you will feel that when you shoot a round in the eightie's that you have played bad.
  13. Usually after a wedge shreds it i get rid of it.
  14. You want the clubhead speed through impact,a lot of your problem is that you are fast from the begining of the downswing,so your loosing that solid ballstriking,work on tempo,its hard to explain,if you can start slower and then accelarate,but not accelerate too quick. maybe somebody can word it better than I.
  15. I don't mind Miller,he gives a compliment when deserved.He say's it like he see's it.
  16. That was a top class shot by phil on the par 5
  17. Its junk mail,i got it too a couple of years ago and am still getting it,ball markers,divot tools e.t.c,junk mail.
  18. Could be that your moving back with the club on the backswing and lurching foward on the downswing.Brace that right leg.
  19. I carry a pw,a 52* gap and a 56* sand wedge.
  20. I put the Pro-force V2 stiff 65 gram into it.
  21. Mine was cracked and i brought it to the local golfmart,i didn't buy it there but they took it and sent it to taylormade,no questions asked,four days later i had a new driver.I tried contacting taylormade myself but never got a response.
  22. I have one,i like it, but i swapped out the shaft and now its a lot better.I have mine set for neutral but i hit a slight draw.
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