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  1. $5 nearest the pin on par 3's,whoverever is the closest though has to par it,if nobody hits the green it carries over to the next par 3 and its $10 a man. sometimes $20 overall score,no shots.
  2. Class stuff,brought a tear to my eye,in one sense Washinton had a victory day.
  3. 72 twice on the same course in Novato California,indian valley its called. The second time i shot it was a few weeks ago and i was even par on the 17th with a par 5 as the last hole,i got on the green in two and i said this is it one under at least,i three putted for par.
  4. I usally play a titleist pro-v or nxt,but lately i started playing with callaway hx tour balls,i think the callaway is great around the green,great spin,great for checking up shots e.t.c and great off the driver.
  5. Play the wedge an inch back off center,and make sure your hitting down on it and taking a nice divot,the more power you put into it the more spin will be generated.But make sure you carry the ball beyond the pin.I've often landed 2 to 3 foot short of it and spun 20ft back on fast greens.Firm greens won't give you much spin if any.
  6. Light grip,make sure your turning your shoulders and not over swinging and brace that left leg so you don't go back with the club on your back swing.
  7. I'm looking forward to him coming back,he makes the tournaments more exciting.
  8. Taylor made cgb max 9.5 degree,great driver
  9. bruce

    John Daly?

    Daly is a class golfer,but he needs to get fit,if he does'nt get fit he's gone, sponsers will probably drop him if he does'nt start getting results.
  10. I like to tee off at 7.00 to 7.30,our group are pretty fast golfers,nothing as bad as getting out behind a slow group of golfers early in the morning at the weekend,slow groups should'nt be let out before 9.30 at the weekend.I am not on about low or high handicappers,i played with very good golfers who are painfully slow,We were the 3rd group out a few weeks ago and the group in front of us were 4 holes behind the group in front of them,of course no marshals to be seen.
  11. Watching the Irish open this morning and clark played a strong back nine,rooting for him all the way,but he makes a triple bogey on the 18th,has an outside chance of winning tomorrow.
  12. I think its a great playoff hole,they play for four days and then this hole may decide all,it may eliminate dragging out the game further,all it counts for is a good shot which should'nt be to hard for a pro which will be his fifth time playing the hole.Cuts through the bullshit.
  13. I totally agree with what Beung said.
  14. Used to happen me one time,what happened me was i was striking it well but on the follow through i was breaking down on my left leg and pulling the shot.
  15. When you take the club back your whole body goes back with it.Don't take too much info though or you will stand over the ball and be totally confused, one thing at a time.
  16. bruce


    I can't wear sunglasses when i play,i'm inclined to mishit the ball if i wear them,i only tried it once though.
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