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  1. Man that was a tough trek,well played McDowell,great victory.
  2. The Lpga played a tournament at the ocean course last year.
  3. I also use them mainly for the short game,top flites e.t.c are just like rocks.
  4. I bought a wedge,hybrid,wood and a putter for my son when he was 2 and a half.Perfect size, they were for between 2 and 4 i think.They are called tour x and i bought them at golf mart as individual clubs.He still hits them and boy what a pitcher of the ball.I never gave him instruction and he loves the game.Check out golf mart online i guess.
  5. bruce

    Rory McIlroy

    Unreal round of golf,great stuff mcilroy.
  6. They have"nt got heavier,you just got older and weaker
  7. The nicest hole of both courses is the 18th of the old course(view wise).Standing on an elevated tee box,ocean to your right and looking towards the hotel.Beautiful.
  8. I've played those courses,Half Moon bay is by far the better courses,they have two.Harding pace of play is very slow.
  9. Watced it and really enjoyed it,good show,i will watch it every week now.
  10. First i heard of it,i loved Shells wonderful World of golf.What night is it on ?
  11. I hit it with the same tempo as an 8 iron or sand wedge
  12. I don't i should have went with my gut.
  13. I don't think i will take Tiger,my gut says not yet.
  14. I played the callaway x-16 pro series for a couple of years.I still have them as the set i use if i travel on a plane to play golf.I think they are top class irons.
  15. For someone that has not hit in a few years thats thats a pretty impressive swing,i would just work on tempo at the moment.Looks good.Don't get caught up in to many mechanics yet.
  16. I've tried it twice already and it usally ends up with me saying "Damn,why did i do that"
  17. I got burned by Casey also,i have Kutchar in there instead though and he did alright.
  18. I tried a California del mar out at golf mart on Saturday,i just loved it,i am definitely going to buy one.I am getting the one with the 20 gram weights though.I think the 4 degrees of loft will me roll a little better as i putt with a forward press. Thanks for the info Kpaulhus
  19. I'm with you,i would like it even.I would think you were a wanker if you didn't give me the yardage especially if you were a buddy.
  20. I find that its proper manners to remove your hat before entering a clubhouse or a house,Arnie and many probably feel the same.
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