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  1. I felt actually embarrassed for her,i kept saying stop talking,everyone knows your lying.
  2. Wow! doral was playing tough today,had Zach johnson as a pick,he is definitly benched now.Francesco molinari saved my ass a little bit.30 points in total for today.
  3. I also got 1,2,4 and 9th.Not bad.
  4. I'm with you,i like my 3 and 4 iron when its windy.
  5. bruce

    Honda Classic

    Nice finish by camilo
  6. I don't mind anyone smoking while I'm playing,whether it be a cigar or a cigarette.
  7. I would try the prov1x,personally i find the tp black a great ball to hit with an iron or wedge,but you tried it and don't like it.
  8. I play both the prov1 and the prov1x.If its breezy out and i am hitting into a head wind i prefer playing the prov1x and down breeze i play the prov1.I find the prov1 I can generate a little too much spin sometimes on wedge shots,but its good for firm greens.If the greens are soft i will play the prov1x.
  9. A good deal always creates a sweet feeling,best of luck with them
  10. bruce

    Would You?

    I have found many and turned them in to the pro shop and sometimes approach the group in front and ask them.I left a 56* wedge on the edge of the 16th green and never got it back.Found numerous head-covers on the course and a scotty cameron one in the car-park.Handed them all in.Wouldn't even think about keeping them.
  11. Got to hand it to Poulter,he looked solid the whole way through the tournament.Played very well and kept applying the pressure.
  12. That was some shot out of that bunker,Yup,not even a flinch out of Camilo.
  13. The titleist DT carry launchs high and is not to bad around the greens.
  14. 48 points on the first day and i had KJ on the bench.
  15. Plus before you devote all those hours to practice i would have a good instructor have a look at your swing and give you pointers to work on.If you create wrong muscle memory with all that practice it can be very hard to change,just make sure your practicing the right thing.Best of luck in your quest
  16. I picked Matt jones and Streelman but had them on the bench,i am going to keep them on the bench today and go with my gut and keep Tim Clark and Sean O hair playing.
  17. I just started a team this week for this,looks like fun,scored 30 points already for the first day at Pebble.This could be very addictive.
  18. I have never hit a 13* but i can't imagine it been a lot harder to hit,the x-shaft for you will give you a lower ball flight and a lot more run on the fairway as your swing speed with this shaft won't generate a lot of spin.
  19. What a win by Jimenez in the playoff with Westwood,very exciting playoff.Felt sorry for Quiros,the putter deserted him.
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