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  1. Maybe if they only allow the driver down to be used as clubs for marking club length drops,any chest putter that's longer than a standard driver cannot be used for a drop.I don't think long putters

    should be banned though.Its like everything thing else,some players like them and some don't.I tried putting with one and didn't like it at all.Maybe the guys using the long putters should lobby and try to get a ban on the short putters,see how they like trying to adjust lol.

  2. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to locate one,anytime i check online for one the 2.0 white crown one appears.Does the 2010 one actually exist or is it only a myth lol.

    I have the driver and love it so i want to get the 3 wood.Even e-bay doesn't come up with one,WHAT E-BAY,yup none and i though you could get anything on e-bay.So if anyone has any info or the location of a superfast tp 3 wood i would be extremely grateful.People i need to get some sleep at night lol.

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