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  1. If your hitting further than him see if he hits the green,if he misses you aim for the center of the green.If he hits the green you aim 3yrds left or right of the pin pending if the pin is on the left side or right side of green.
  2. I wouldn't really say that Rory called Tiger out, i think he just said i would like to play him now as he his playing very bad.I think this was said jokingly.
    More or less saying i wouldn't play him when he is on form.
  3. Just wondering if anybody is gaming these irons.I would like to know what you played before them
    and a comparison.Thinking of getting a set in the near future.I tried the J36 about a year ago and really liked them so I'm going to buy the J38's CB seeing as they are newer.All comments appreciated.
  4. Essentially, it comes down to the difference in broadcast standards between Europe and the United States. European television broadcasts at a frame rate of 50 per second (25 per second for non-interlaced video modes), while the American standard is 60 frames per second (30 non-interlaced). Since American televisions run on a faster frame rate, footage derived from non-American productions have a tendency for motion-blurring, especially during live broadcasts.

    I got to give you ten out of ten for this post dude,Wow,did you research this for this or just know it.I would never have known any of this.I was going to tell him to look outside to see if there was any birds sitting on his aerial

  5. Two weeks ago i shot 36 on the front nine,playing good, confidence up and proceeded to back 9 and bogeyed every hole,3 putted about 4 greens and i believe one was from about 10 feet.I put it down to being tired.Well thats my excuse ,45 on back nine

  6. I'd imagine that anybody who always hits the ball like that probably doesn't understand "wrist cupped at impact". The stronger grip suggestion is a good one since that's fairly easy to comprehend.

    Couldn't have said it better,mags give good tips for this situation and help explain the swing somewhat.

  7. I play some rounds as a single,just turn up and get paired up with other guys.I always seem to play well when i do this.I play once a week with buddies and i don't seem to play as well,i don't seem to concentrate as much.I have another Buddie though that plays with us sometimes and him and i play skins against each other and this usually turns into good golf as we are the same index,i don't play skins with the other guys as they are about 14 to 20 index and its just too confusing with giving shots.So go play with strangers and you will start to play better.
  8. I agree with you on this. I change my handicap on my profile RELIGIOUSLY. I take pride in my game. Its been almost a year and Ive dropped 11 strokes. I love this game and love to tell people Im an 8.

    I agree with you,its a sport so how can anyone take victory while knowingly cheating.116 is an very easy course,14 handicap could shoot 78 on a good day.

  9. I reckon the best game is going to be Friday,Germany vrs Argentina. This will probably be better than the final itself.Germany looks good for the win.
  10. A slow player,the one who takes about ten practice swings,stands over the ball to hit it and backs off and takes another practice swing.After two or three holes off this i usually just keep walking to my ball and play it.
    Played with a guy once who would keep taking practice swings until he started to brush the grass pertfect with his club,we were often on the green with our balls marked waiting for him to get there.
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