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  1. While you mght be looking for every extra yard you can get, and just want to hit the ball as straight as possible, some of us might not need an extra 10 yards and prefer to have a more responsive ball for our short game. Plus once you have a decently consistent swing, there are lots of situations where being able to work the ball is much to your advantage. Personally, i just think TopFlites and most two piece balls feel rock hard and i hate putting and chipping with them.

    I also use them mainly for the short game,top flites e.t.c are just like rocks.

  2. I bought a wedge,hybrid,wood and a putter for my son when he was 2 and a half.Perfect size, they were for between 2 and 4 i think.They are called tour x and i bought them at golf mart as
    individual clubs.He still hits them and boy what a pitcher of the ball.I never gave him instruction and he loves the game.Check out golf mart online i guess.
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