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  1. Seems to me like your starting the backswing with your arms and then turning your shoulders slightly.Make sure you start the first six inches with you shoulders as this will help you from picking it up and allow you then to make
    a proper turn.It will give you extension.By the time your shoulders start turning your arms are already halfway taken back.If you start the shoulder turn immediately it will help you take it back low and long and you will generate a lot more torque.
  2. (I was watching the tourney on Saturday night, am I the only one who thought Allenby is a bit of a cry baby on course? )

    You know what i was thinking the very same,the spectators seemed great there and he was the only one getting annoyed on every tee box and after every shot he took it looked like he was whining.Even after good shots.
  3. Is there a way to limit new members from starting a new thread until they have at least 10 or more posts aside from the introduction section.It might help erase a lot of spam and threads of Asking a question and then disappearing after that.
  4. To cure road rage you have to accept the fact that everyday someone is going to too cut you up e.t.c,does'nt matter how stupid you think they are you just have to refrain from trying to tell them that or showing them.If your
    not going to accept it your going to drive everyday pissed off.Sad thing is you have to ignore them.Remember 20 seconds later there gone so just kick
    back and enjoy the ride.
  5. Didn't read all 91 pages, but my thoughts on Big Break Disney Golf

    Kevin did come out with a good result for a guy who is struggling with his game,2 over par is good shooting for someone whose swing is off.I was hoping Kevin might pull it off.Good short game and seemed like a decent chap.

  6. Was it just me or did anyone else think Gippers youth was starting to show a little bit last episode. I'm not saying in his game but he made comment after Andrew beat Tony about if "Tony doesn't get eliminated Andrew better watch out". It's rather bold to make that statement since Andrew just handled him quite easily. However I totally think Andrew has them all rattled mentally. All them get so fired up to play him that they lose some of their composure. Andrew is definitely good enough that you lose it a little bit he will jump on the opportunity. It's certainly one of the better big breaks.

    Definitely,i wouldn't like to play Andrew for money,he seems to like the challenge.

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