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  1. I started golf 6 months ago and now I am ready to quit. Golf is a good game and I love it. But I just could not get it. I had private lessons, I watched YouTub a lot, I even paid a program so I can practice drive range every day free. But I just could not get it. I understood what my instructor said, I know what I should do, but I just do not know hwo to do it. I hit from the top, I have chicken wings, and I can not release the club with hands cross-over. I top, I have fat shot and slice. I am going to see my third private instructor tomorrow and I do not have confidence in either him or me. I am a very active person. I played basketball a lot, enjoyed it untill too many injuries. I also played tennis and have a 4.0 USTA rating. But golf seems very hard. I do not have the "feel" when I swing. Would you guys share some experience learning golf? What should I expect at 6 months? How do you improve?
  2. I just started golf a few month. I have small hands but I do not feel comfortable with interlocking grip. So I use overlapping grip. Usually in overlapping grip, the little finger of my right hand should be on top of the middle between the index and middle finger on my left hand. But it is a struggle for me to extand my little finger and it feel more comfortable for me just to put the little finger of my right hand on top of the index fingure of my left hand. Is this OK? Should I try harder to put the little finger of my right hand on top of the middle between the index and middle finger on my left hand? Thanks, ff
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    My Swing (golftlist)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 2 month My current handicap index or average score is:100 My typical ball flight is: The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:top/fat [rule] Vide os:
  4. golftlist

    Neutral Grip vs Strong Grip

    This is the most encouraging news I have heared.
  5. To be honest, I am surprised he said your grip is right. I would say you are in the good position since I believe grip is probably the most important thing for beginners. I am currently struggling with my strong grip and trying to change to neutral grip. When I checked the players on the drive range, 90% of them have the strong grip. Change is always not comfortable, but that means you actually learned some thing.
  6. Hi all, I started to play golf a month ago, so far I love this game. But I am currently struggling with my strong grip. My problem is exactly the same as a old post here in 2009 as below. My question is, now in 2013, is anything changed? Is neutral grip still the best one? Do I really have to go through the pain to change my grip? Thank you all. GT ____________________________________________ I recently got a lesson from my course's pro to get my swing back on track after taking a year off (swing was a wreck when I quit last year and wasn't much better this year). The first thing he changed was my grip, he said my grip was too strong and that I need to adopt a neutral grip. This felt horribly unnatural, but I stuck with it as I saw good results at first. Then out of the blue I became a pusher of the ball, I'm talking 45 degree pushes out to the right. I also started severly slicing my long irons and woods, badly, can't keep anything on the fairway now. I read some books and they all mentioned that a slice can be cured by adopting a strong grip, so I went back to my old comfortable strong grip and now my pushes and slices are gone. I've been fighting with my swing for a week, going to the range every night and getting horribly frustrated at the results, and it was all because of a change my instructor forced me to do. link is http://thesandtrap.com/t/25783/neutral-grip-vs-strong-grip ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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