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  1. Jon Hoover

    Jon Hoover

  2. Its all about your flexibility and not so much about strength. Look at Justin Thomas on the PGA tour 5'10" 145lbs and average driving distance is 302yrds. Now I won't say that bulking up won't help as its a matter of physics, but you should be able to hit the ball plenty long with the frame you have. I think you just need to work on nothing but increasing your distance for awhile sure you swing might become more inconsistent as a result but you can work that out once you have gotten more club head speed.
  3. I try to hit every iron with full power, while I agree that my 7i for example has a range, its not because of how I swing. Usually it has to do with the conditions on the course. Like the OP my 7 goes 165 but it could go 140-180 depending on the shot conditions, e.g. wind with or against, hole above or below, and temperature/humidity, those are really the only things that affects how far my ball travels.
  4. I had a mallet style Odyssey #7 putter, I just always like the way it felt then one day went and bought one, and loved it used it for probably 2 years. Then about 6-8 months ago my buddy who works at a course knew someone selling a scotty cameron laugna 2 for cheap. I bought it and decided that I was going to make the switch to the blade putter. For awhile right after the switch I wasn't putting too well, but then I got my superstroke 5.0 grip and installed it and I ended up rolling the ball way better took a little while to get used to, but I feel like I'm as good if not better with it then i
  5. My roommate is just like this. We started playing around the same time and while he was never better then me we were always pretty close. Then I went through this phase where I was just working on it all the time trying to maximize my swing and gain as much distance as possible, and ended up shooting lower scores as a result of it. As i got better he wanted to play less until its at the point it is now where he plays maybe 5 times a year. It wouldn't bother me so much but he is one, like many people I've heard about on this thread, he just gets so upset that every shot isn't perfect. Its just
  6. Great Pic's looks like an awesome time, I hope they do bring it to more stadiums.
  7. I'm a big fan of a strong grip, I notice that when i start fading/pushing/slicking its usually because my grip has gotten weak. When that happens I have this little routine I learned from watching a friend of mine who is close to scratch. What you do is put the club in your left hand (if right handed) and put the club into the side of your shoe where the arch is and have it facing forward and your thumb should be perpendicular to it, that for me is like a perfect grip setup.
  8. Jon Hoover

    Tee shots

    It's odd I go though different phases, I'll be drawing or pulling everything and then one day I will just start slicing and a week will go by and i'll correct it and go back to drawing it. Depends on where I am in that progression but most of the times I can draw or fade the ball when needed, but every once in awhile I'll set up for the fade/slice and hit it dead straight
  9. I did a scramble that had one of those (profile pic) it was sweet but you have to get the tube curved just right so you get the right amount of spin on the ball. Its crazy to watch how it comes out low then rockets up wards and falls. It was a 460ish par 4 and it landed just beyond the green. If you ever have the opportunity to try one do it.
  10. Play 1-3 times a week depends how busy I am at work, practice maybe once a month.
  11. Ya I'm all about picking the ball trying to take as little divot as possible. To me it just reduces the chances of a bad shot, if you try to hit down I think your more likely to chunk it on a bad shot and when you hit the ground first you loose a lot of power but when you pick your miss is more likely to be a little topped which can be bad but you will normally get close to the same distance as you were looking for unless your using a wedge.
  12. I'm pay as I play but I do get a summer membership to a semi private club but I still have to pay the cart fee, cart required. I'd love to be a member of a club but realistically the fact that their are so many good courses relatively close to where I live that even if I was a member I'd still pay to play at other courses for variety.
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