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  1. I put just phil. Nothing for nothing but tiger has not played well in the RC as of late 0-3-1 his last time. Even his victories seem pretty lack luster, more of a case could be made he didn't lose the match than to say he beat someone. Also in recent RCs it seems they have to appease him, with who hes going to play with. He certainly is a shell of himself lately, his play has deminshed, his putting is OK and he can't to put a string of great rounds together. It makes the choice easy. Ryder cups should be this countrys best (present) players. Tiger is not one of them and I would also throw Keagan Bradley and a couple of others into that group of the same
  2. Tiger looked mediocre and at times amatuerish in the few tourneys he played, he missed cuts etc Tiger did not qualify to play in his own charity TPC Boston Tourney Tiger commits to play in the frys tourney in OCT Tiger has a second back surgery in California Regarding the last item, I hate to say this but there is much more to this story than what is being reported. Bank on it.
  3. Front 34, back 38....didn't putt well on the back
  4. so doing a comparison of the loft of your SLDR and 3-wood is meaningless. ?????
  5. I have been playing with the M1 for over a week now, I really like the feel and the sound. Is it going further? (102 averge swing speed, 9.5 set to loft at 11deg, stiff Kurokage TINI )if i flush it, it appears to be about 5+ yards more than my R15. not all the time, but a couple of times per round Im alittle further down the fairway. I like it and there are a couple of no upcharge premium shafts options. I think taylormade really has something here.
  6. damage driver or clubs? no. effect the ball flight, spin and compresion and feel of the ball....yes indeed. An extra club sometimes two is enough to keep things interesting. the pure beauty of playing when its cold out......no crowds
  7. SLDR debacle? The aero burner doesn't look like the jets speed at all.The head is completely different Jetspeed and burner both had a longer shaft. that graph is a bit misleading. First its 2014- all of 2014 sales or the sales cycle, global or US?/ Keep in mind callaway a few short years ago was selling +/- 1.6 billion, all companies, all products. Since then they have lost over 50% of those sales. They are sub 1 billion ( 800M+) Today Callaway sells mostly its own product and it can be found just about anywhere, with much of it off price. There was a general flushing of all diablo and razor product. They are not alone, but the point is there operational costs are way up....I would be curious to see what their profit margin looks like.
  8. Thanks giving weekend my club closes....
  9. The lofts on the SLDR (s) are not miss leading at all. What is missing is that driver engages very little spin on the ball, pro, amateur or weekend player, Low spin, means low lift...it also means loft can be increased. Every manufacture subscribes to the physics of low spin, high loft = greatest distance. Many pros and amatuers using that family of drivers (sldr) went up in loft from a previous model- gained distance & this was no coincidence. Assuming the original poster was fitted for a driver, it likely means he is a little steep (-2-3 degree) it can also mean a relatively slower club head speed- or both. regarding that specific family of drivers SLDR and SLDRS, the most common loft sold was 10 degrees, the second most common loft was 12 degrees. the SLDRs also came in a 14 and 16 degree model. Loft is everything for many of us. On average many golfers share a couple of problems with their present equipment, Too low of loft, to heavy or too stiff of driver. ask Jason day who hits his 10 deg driver 125 feet high, as well as his 7 iron, pitching wedge and his fairway- they all go the same height. Just further away from the point of ball strike. Think about how high that is the next time you are on the tee and the fairway is lined with 60 foot pine trees or the like.
  10. My opinion. If you have a 14 degree driver @ 45.5 inch shaf t, the next logical club should be a 5 wood, skip the three entirely. i.e.If you need a 3 wood off the tee, choke down on the driver 1-2 inches, swing normal with the face slightly open. You'll find the 5 wood to be much easier to hit off the fairway and rough ( with and OK lie) Now that you have room for a club in the bag: consider a high lofted hybrid, such as 6 or 5. These can be really useful on those long, wind in your face shots or long par 3s.....The hybrid has an entirely different ball flight (higher and landing softer) than its counter 4 or 5 iron. or another wedge good luck
  11. 4 birdies on the front 9 , even par on the back.
  12. That could have been my wife, she plays alone all the times. Decent handicap, she has no problem playing alone. she does play thru mens 2- 3somes. They're too slow, talk to much, if they are oin a cart they have no cart managements, driving to each shot like taxi cab, stare at their shots, pose too long, two many practice swings and spend far too long on the greens- sometmes marking 2 foot putts......Thats why she plays alone. She'll shoot in the 90s from mens tees in under 3.25 hours- walking. slow golfers are killing the game.
  13. I think you missed the point.
  14. I don't want the balls I want the cash, so someone like your self May by 6 dozen prov1, if you were willing to buy them for 35.00 per dozen. Would you be willing to pay another 25-30 for shipping? I know I wouldn't. For an individual, shipping cost has ballooned in the past few years.
  15. Besides right handed, which Scotty model & length has the greatest commercial value?