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  1. It was last minute but I and several other rock climbers teamed up to rappel from the rooftop of the 24-storey Brady Sullivan Bldg in Manchester, NH! This building is the tallest in the state of New Hampshire and it certainly was a blast! I've rappelled from cliffs and indoor climbing walls but this was the first time from a building top. Can't wait to do this again! ECT
  2. Love golfing in Hawaii! :) Ditto on Ko'olau! Loved that course but rated as one of the toughest courses in the USA. I've also golfed at Luana Hills, Coral Creek, Waikele, Kahuku Muni, Mililani, and military Leilehua GC and Barber's Pt. On Maui the Waiehu muni. Next time I get back home I wanna golf at Turtle Bay, Olomana and Hawaii Kai courses. Not sure about The Pearl... Have fun in Hawaii and can't wait to read about your trip! :) ECT
  3. Thank you JaredSS!! And thanks to all the men and women who serve our wonderful country! (I served in the ANG, my hubby is an Army vet and my dad who served in the Marine Corp is a vet of the Korean War.) Ect
  4. The New Flag of the United States of America containing a Union of 50 stars flew for the first time at 12:01 A.M. when it was raised at the Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore, Maryland on July 4, 1960!!! http://www.foundingfathers.info/Amer...lag/stars.html Let Freedom Ring! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July! ECT
  5. I live in MA and during the winter months I would go to the heated driving ranges. Also, take one trip south to Florida. Just recently I started taking indoor rock climbing lessons and plan to do that as well as ice climbing during the winter to keep fit. ECT
  6. ECT

    Rock Climbing!

    That's awesome tfauss-you are soooo lucky to have your own climbing wall!! I would also love my own climbing wall. We have an unfinished basement and hubby's got his putting carpet down there to practice. I've been emailing him YouTube links of home climbing walls! There's one in particular that I would really love to have in my basement! lol!! ECT
  7. ECT


    I've never had any problems with folks (especially men) thinking my ball is theirs! :) ECT
  8. Pro shop at local driving range having a demo day and fundraiser so I picked up an Adidas ClimaLite long-sleeved shirt for 10% off! ECT
  9. Oh man, I've wanted to say that very same thing so many times! lol! ECT
  10. ECT

    Rock Climbing!

    Had my first private rock climbing lesson yesterday at the local YMCA and it was a blast!! I found that it was easy yet challenging and definitely a great workout! I even got to do some rappelling! Woot what a high! :) ECT
  11. I'm not creative and couldn't come up with a name so I just use the acronym for my soap biz @ EastCoastTropics.com *shrugging shoulders*
  12. ECT

    I like walking....

    I'm glad you like to walk (as per my original post). As for bag carrying....there's a thread already devoted to this topic: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...arry-Their-Bag Thanks! :)
  13. ECT

    I like walking....

    Thanks for the link DoctorK ! :)
  14. ECT

    I like walking....

    I'm in two ladies leagues and usually walk for one....a 9 hole/Par 3 course. Easy, relaxing and enjoyable. But for the other 9 hole league I usually take a cart. The other day I decided to walk it and found that it was also relaxing. I noticed that when I took a cart, any nervousness and tension would show up in my swing. But the walking relieved that nervousness and tension! Just another walk in the park! :) ECT
  15. Age: 50 Height: 5'2'' Where are you from: Originally from Hawaii, reside now in MA How Long have you been Playing: 6 years Best Score: 90 Favorite club in the bag: My Koa wood putter is my pride and joy! :) Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: None Where do you play: North of Boston Best courses you've played so far: I love the courses in Hawaii Things you enjoy most about golf: Golfing helps me unwind/relax after a long day at work/commuting. Getting together with others who enjoy the game as I do. Goals for 2K10: More consistency with my swing tempo and hitting through the ball.
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