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  1. Does it matter? Hmmmmmm.....Why must golfers rely on crutches and excuses of why they cant - Rather than why can't they.
  2. thanks for all the input guys...well and gals if there are any. cheers
  3. Ive seen similar clubs with a white crown, just not a red crown. anyone know anything about them and year? thought about buying them and cleaning them up - they are 19 dollars with original pencil bag
  4. thanks for your input JC. most posts around the net i see are full of either big brand fan boys hating on clones or rightful complaints about them. its the reason im looking for ppl who actually play them.
  5. Ive been looking around at different clone clubs and im not sure what to think about them. i have some no name cheap irons now and want to upgrade to something different and "NEW" for a part time golfer. ive looked at gigagolf, diamondtour.com and pinemeadows. diamond tour seems to have the most brands that cover most of the big brands. im just not sure what clone models to buy if i were to buy clone irons. it would be nice to hear if anyone plays any and what they think about them - their pros and cons? since diamondtour has lots of brand and if you have time to check out their stock and what you model and brand clone youd recommend that would be great. or if you think giga or pinemedow are better that would be good to hear too....im not sure if there is a superior clone company out there... is there? thanks all
  6. APrince

    Power leak??

    101 is my handicap i made up when i joined this board. i wanted 101 proof but it only allows 4 characters, i had 101 in my profile but a mod deleted it for some reason. i dont know the last time i even shot 101. however, i could manage that with a putter and one hand. my fir and gir is 50/50, either i hit them or i dont. big if? why are distances always an if on this board. anyhow, my lost shots come from consistency issues with getting stuck or lazy and putting hiccups. which is why im working on three swing shapes - to find which is perfect for me and iron that out. im working on a lot of posture/ ball placements/putting. hell, im working on everything, my woman is really really annoyed by it. this is probably my 4/5th swing change in the last year; im down to three finalists. i swing all day long, even if im not at the range or course. im outside or inside with a club or without one. hell, i do weight transfer drills on the way to the toilet then on the way back too for freaks sake - i work like im trying to be a pro. in reality i call it golf ocd.... i just want to be a "SOLID" golfer one day - im searching for "MY" perfect swing.
  7. APrince

    Power leak??

    i tried to swing similar but nothing.. the same distance even less carry at times with the driver. to top it off, the 3 wood wasnt even tee'd, just off the grass. i do have different flex shafts. my driver is stiff and my 3/5 woods are regular since i swing softer. im confused. but, i am working on 3 different swing shapes. a rotary, a vertical and my natural loose swing - the ole' - it's where i come outside over the top then in. a modified furyk/couples
  8. APrince

    Power leak??

    Normally i carry my driver 250+ meters (275 yards +) but i normally avg 250 with a decent stroke. friday i was carrying that with a power fade or bad swing which was aimed 40 yds left in a fade stance with a new swing. anyway ive been tinkering with my swing shape/path a lot lately and i was hitting a lot of 3 woods at 250 meter carry friday?? why am i hitting both clubs the same? should i go down to a 9.5 driver. it seems i get a lot of height out of my 10.5 driver. i wouldnt ask but i wasnt swinging 100% with my 3 wood - i never do - i swung it at a normal 80 ish. i normally swing 80% ish and carry it 200-225 meters at the most and get a roll out. i only swing hard with the driver. does this mean i should be at least "avg" near 274 meters (300 yards) "carry" on my driver - i hit them but only when i stroke it, which is seldom.
  9. I noticed after slowing down a lot in my rebuild, that my shot is similar to a early 90s ernie els - slow controlled smooth - well im not as smooth, lets be honest here im a hack. AND sure my left arm isnt as robot straight, im not as good, nor tall etc etc. However after coming across ernie's how to build a classic swing video, i see some similarities and similar thought theories in swinging. how about you? did you build your swing based off of someone or is it just similar to by chance..
  10. you may be catching the top edge of the club face and popping them up. are you swinging down. i go between swinging down and up on drives. down promotes better accuracy for me and up generally more distance. however every so often while i swing down ill hit the top edge of the face and pop the ball super high, straight and 150-200 meters; compared to a solid 250+ meter carry when i connect solid. generally its a transition error going from one swing to the other for me and teeing to high on the down swing sometimes too
  11. i can get heads from as low as 1-10 dollars a piece and "UP" depending on what you want direct from china. From cheap, custom, and cloned tech using various metals.. casting/forged etc. parts or complete clubs and sets etc. there is a huge mark up with brands for production consumer clubs. thats a fact.
  12. So I push my second shot right towards some bush/trees that are at the top first level along a slow 20-30 ft decline through multiple levels of brush/trees and more brush finally stopping at a river. i look around because i swore my ball kicked into the brush. i see a ball and i think its mine. i cut through the brush and vines like im in some jungle in nam to get at it - its not my ball. i go to pull it towards me with my iron and it pulls the underbrush and ground growth up some and i see another. i start pulling up this growth around and found basically 8 new balls (3 pro v1's and a mix of srixons), i left 2 more that would of took too much work for the course homies. then, i go to drop a ball and see mine in some deep rough along the tree line. it made my day. whats the most balls you have found in one spot other than a pond/creek full.. well creeks/pond any water is okay too?
  13. APrince

    Im constantly misreading greens

    thanks for the advice peeps. i just slowed down and made sure to use the same routine every time. this has minimized my 3 putts and eliminated the 4 putts.. back to 2's and the few 1's. plus i changed the level of my head its helping me see better at address.

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