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  1. Not looking good early tomorrow or late Sunday right now.
  2. Not a big cell, but could still cause an hour delay which will could prevent them from finishing today.
  3. It's no longer a penalty when you accidentally move your ball on the putting green. It wasn't a penalty for Zach Johnson because he was in the teeing area, his ball wasn't in play and he wasn't intending to hit the ball. It would have been a penalty if he did it in the general area, penalty area or bunker.
  4. I've been using the Golf Pride CP2 grips for 2+ years now and love them. They have a soft feel, have been great in all weather and last. CP2 Wrap & CP2 Pro · Golf Pride® - #1 Grip on Tour® The CP2 Grip is Golf Pride's softest performance grip. CP2 features a larger lower hand, high-tack rubber and Control Core Technology for more stability.
  5. Good thing this guy didn't have to play with Lee Trevino. Lee Trevino has told the story of the very first time he was paired with Jack Nicklaus during a tournament. Nicklaus was well aware of Trevino's reputation for constant chatter. Trevino liked to talk to his playing partners - or anybody - during rounds, joking, laughing, chatting throughout. Nicklaus didn't. So Nicklaus approached Trevino before their round to make sure Lee knew that Jack preferred not to talk much while playing. "That's OK," Trevino told him, "you don't have to talk, you just have to listen."
  6. You are correct, the US Open exemption is only 10 years. The Open Championship exemption is a minimum of 10 years or until you reach 60, so if someone wins it in their 50's they still are exempt for 10 years.
  7. I usually don't need to re-read a putt that I already read and just saw what it actually did. I want to putt while it's fresh in my memory. Mark it, align it, do my routine and hit it again. I can fix spike marks now if that's a problem, and someone has already stepped on my line at some point before I got there. My group has switched to continuous putting this year and our rounds have been shorter.
  8. I disagree, my experience has shown it to be faster.
  9. I am in love with this golf ball. Just back from Florida and the ball stopped just fine on firm Bermuda greens, and I love the distance I am getting off the tee. The triple track is awesome for lining up my putts.
  10. If everyone just used continuous putting it will speed up play. Putt until the ball is holed and do whatever you want with the flag.. Then the next player can do the same. If the next player wants it out the first person who holed out can get the flag. You can fix spike marks now so stand where ever you want. Most people I have played with are leaving it in if the flag is standing straight up like it should. Our rounds have been faster then before. The only time it should really be an issue is in a real match play situation where continuous putting isn't really allowed.
  11. It's a policy in order to maximize tee times and revenue. Same as the policy that we have the right to pair up twosomes booked within 30 minutes of each other. Nothing worse then having a twosome book at 10:00 on a weekend morning then another twosome books 10:09. Now a foursome comes looking for a tee time and there is nothing available for a couple of hours. Then there is the single who goes out and plays two balls all round. You only pay for one round but you take divots and make ball marks for two people. I understand the new to an area argument and don't know anyone, but if your a decent person you should be able to find some other people to play with pretty quickly. Since we are talking public courses, the other option is to join a men's or women's club there. The restaurant comparison would be to call for a Saturday night reservation at 7:00 for yourself, but insist they they put you at a table for four.
  12. My course does not allow singles to book their own tee time online in a completely open slot. They are welcome to book as a single to any twosome or threesome already booked. Singles are welcome to show up and play as a single in open tee times on the day of play.
  13. Surprised they are even opening the black to the public before the PGA.
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