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  1. They can create drop zones on the fairway side of the path to take your relief from the path.
  2. I'm partial to the 59th St Bridge song. I won a tournament with that song in my head, with the lyrics changed to: slow down you swing to fast. My swing was definitely feeling groovey that day.
  3. The other option is to play the Cradle and Thistle Du. Just back from a great weekend in my future home. The Cradle is $50 but it's an all day green fee. Played it twice in two hours and it's just a lot of fun. Thistle Du is an 18 hole putting course that is free. A great way to spend an afternoon. Drinks at the Deuce are not to be missed either. Good drinks, food and fun at The Pine Crest Inn at night. You want to try chipping into the fireplace, my wife did it on her first try and quit. The record is 25 in a row.
  4. Except for some maintenance roads there are no cart paths on the black. It is a walking only course for everyone. Daly could possibly be the first person who will play that course with a golf cart. Even if a group pays the outrageous fee to hold a shotgun start they can use carts to get to their starting hole but have to leave them there and walk the round with a caddie.
  5. It depends on what package you are on. Are you staying at the resort or elsewhere? Best thing to do is call the resort or whatever company you booked through and ask.
  6. Four of us walked 36 holes on Saturday, one carried, three push carts, and lived to talk about it. My current policy is I will not pay for a riding cart. If it's included I will use it unless it's CPO.
  7. Exactly! This is what most people who complain about price to play don't understand. A smart course operator would rather have 30,000 rounds at $40 then 40,000 rounds at $30. Same revenue but you should be able to provide a better experience with the higher price and fewer rounds.
  8. This is pretty much the pace of play policy used by my regional golf association. It used to be when you were on the clock the first player was given an additional 10 seconds to hit his shot (50 instead of 40 seconds). They have now gone to an aggregate time to hit all your shots on a hole as long as no shot takes more then 40 seconds. It's a little less forgiving now but the pace of play time is generally is about 4:40 for a three ball and you have to be behind your time and out of position to be put on the clock. Pace of Play Policy 2019 | Metropolitan Golf Association
  9. For comparison, the 18 hole Hyland Golf Course in Southern Pines, NC just sold for $1,975,000. Obviously a different part of the country but a full 18 holes with year round play.
  10. Not looking good early tomorrow or late Sunday right now.
  11. Not a big cell, but could still cause an hour delay which will could prevent them from finishing today.
  12. It's no longer a penalty when you accidentally move your ball on the putting green. It wasn't a penalty for Zach Johnson because he was in the teeing area, his ball wasn't in play and he wasn't intending to hit the ball. It would have been a penalty if he did it in the general area, penalty area or bunker.
  13. I've been using the Golf Pride CP2 grips for 2+ years now and love them. They have a soft feel, have been great in all weather and last. CP2 Wrap & CP2 Pro · Golf Pride® - #1 Grip on Tour® The CP2 Grip is Golf Pride's softest performance grip. CP2 features a larger lower hand, high-tack rubber and Control Core Technology for more stability.
  14. Good thing this guy didn't have to play with Lee Trevino. Lee Trevino has told the story of the very first time he was paired with Jack Nicklaus during a tournament. Nicklaus was well aware of Trevino's reputation for constant chatter. Trevino liked to talk to his playing partners - or anybody - during rounds, joking, laughing, chatting throughout. Nicklaus didn't. So Nicklaus approached Trevino before their round to make sure Lee knew that Jack preferred not to talk much while playing. "That's OK," Trevino told him, "you don't have to talk, you just have to listen."
  15. You are correct, the US Open exemption is only 10 years. The Open Championship exemption is a minimum of 10 years or until you reach 60, so if someone wins it in their 50's they still are exempt for 10 years.
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