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  1. RemyM

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    Each player can save just a little time per hole and it makes a huge difference. Think of this, in a foursome, if each player did something to play just 10 seconds faster per hole that's 40 seconds per hole, 2 minutes for 3 holes, so 12 minutes from their round. On tour twosomes take 4 hours to play, that's an insane amount of time to hit just 65 to 75 shots, it should be 3.5 hours max. The many times I've been in the first tee time as a twosome we play in 3 hours walking.
  2. Here you go all you rules experts. MGA's Acclaimed Rules Quiz Returns | Metropolitan Golf Association Test your Rules IQ with the MGA's annual nationally acclaimed Rules Quiz and check back for answers in March.
  3. You wouldn't be lugging it around, presently it's being marketed only to golf courses for use as a rental.
  4. RemyM

    2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion Thread

    Clearly there needs to be a set time when the horn blows and it should be official sunset. It shouldn't be up to a players debate. Also, Casey quit playing before the horn blew, seems like he could have been penalized for undue delay.
  5. RemyM

    Ball Enters Penalty Area From Far Side

    The local rule has to be enacted by the committee. So if that is a situation that can occur at your club then the rules committee should put it in place at the holes effected. It could just be one red penalty area on the course, and no others, as is the case at my course.
  6. RemyM

    Ball Enters Penalty Area From Far Side

    There is a local rule option that allows dropping on the opposite side of a red penalty area, but it is to be used when the penalty area runs along OB where the ball can cross from the OB area and you would not have a drop from that side.
  7. RemyM

    2019 Phoenix Open

    Since he didn't make a stroke at the ball before it rolled into the penalty area the second time, he still had the option to go back to where he last made a stroke.
  8. I don't think he was taking his stance. He was standing to the side of his ball picturing the shot. If you watch the video you can see something on the ground, his foot is even with it. When he does step in to hit the shot, his feet are closer to the ball. It was right to remove the penalty and clarity will be provided in a few days.
  9. I went when they had the US Open the first time and would never go back. Not a very good place to watch a lot of golf. Course is very spread out with just a few holes in the middle that are close to each other. The elevation changes make it hard to see some shots if you are following groups. If you want to sit in a grandstand and watch a hole for a while fine, but then you might have an issue getting a seat. If they make you park at Jones Beach the bus ride to the course is about 30 minutes.
  10. I have a three wheel Sun Mountain speed cart and my buddy has a Click Gear. He has pushed my cart when caddying for me and I have used a Click Gear when playing at another friends club. We both have come to the same conclusion. The Sun Mountain is lighter and easier to maneuver then the Click Gear but the click gear does fold up smaller. The bracket that holds my divot mix bottle on the Sun Mountain has fallen off many times even with a bigger screw and at this point I just store it in the basket. Other parts of the Sun Mountain have also broke including the front wheel pivot lock, the bottom bracket and couple of brake cables. Getting replacement parts for the Sun Mountain has been easy in the seven or so years I've had it. My buddy has only had to replace the brake cable once on his Click Gear in six years.
  11. RemyM

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    With the new rule allowing you to fix spike marks continuous putting will be the norm in my group. I really don't care if someone stands on my line, unless I'm in the first tee time a bunch of people already have stood on it, and if there is shoe damage I can fix it. The player closest to the flag can remove, tend or leave the flag in for the first player, once they hole out then that player can do the same for the next one. I've been leaving it in for long putts and removing like previous years for normal putts but in my next round I'm going to leave the flag in all day and see if or how it effects play.
  12. RemyM

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    If I could drive there in 5 hours I would own something there now too, but a 10 hour drive is a bit much for how I would like to use it and flying and renting a car adds too much cost for multiple trips a year. I assume you have it in the rental pool the rest of the year. We did the resort for our first trip after the back to back opens but have stayed at Talmore or Mid South every other time. Planning on going to the Senior Women's Open in May at Pine Needles. Hoping my pro qualifies again this year, but my wife would be happy to just see Laura Davies.
  13. You'd be surprised. Last time I checked at Pinehurst the trail fee was $1,950 a year and unlimited carts were $2,000 single or $3,000 for a couple. At Whispering Pines unlimited carts are $125 a month, trial fee is $107.
  14. RemyM

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    That is my future too. Could be as soon as two years but could be up to six years. Took my my wife down last year, I had been before on golf trips without her, and she really liked it too. We are still working out the details as she would like to keep the house here and that changes everything. My buddy went down with his wife in separate trip last year and they bought a lot on Course 9 before they left.
  15. For $3,000 I'd have to play 200 rounds a year to justify the investment. Kind of like people that buy their own riding golf cart then pay a trail fee equal to the cost of renting unlimited carts from the club. Doesn't make sense. Maybe when I retire, but then Pinehurst would have to change their policy on no push carts. They maybe softening as they are letting them on course 4 on a limited trial. Nice, but on the pricey side.

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