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  1. Get a new pair, start with Nike durasport, even the baseline shoes today surpass the highest tech from years ago.
  2. side note. once saw lucas glover on the range at a pga event. dude was probably having a rough session, he is human and its a hard game. but that swing was tough to watch
  3. 2012 season in general. seeing him go to his (at that time career low) etc, articles similar to today saying he is absolutely finished. grind his way bag to OWGR number 1 was pretty sick.
  4. People certainly do figure it out. Tiger Woods was not a spectacular junior player for years but started to blow out fields in his late teens. Ben Hogan was an irrelevant pro until his 30s. Myself and im sure others have experienced breakthrus in ballstricking that happen literally overnight.
  5. I think its funny how elks swing has no resemblance to hogans
  6. I like the dtl video. to stop lowering in the downswing do a ton of phantom swings where you make an exaggerated lift with the backswing, feel like you are growing upward in the backswing, this may reverse the tendency to lower on the way back
  7. listen to your instructor. you need to exaggerate the felling of coming from the inside, like thousands of times. be persistent, good luck bro
  8. ive thought a lot about your concern with the practice swing. Look at it this way. The real swing is all instinct and the subconscious mind taking over, its human, and nobody out there is swinging at a real ball with their conscious mind. The practice swing is a larger percentage of the conscious mind, you can make a practice swing look like Charles barkley or Freddie couples, it doesn't matter. Practice swings can be used to help ingrain a certain feeling etc, but don't think you can carbon copy it over the ball lol.
  9. Its not as simple as play more and get better lol. I just played with someone who has played well over 2000 rounds in his life and he didn't break 100 lol
  10. ive never tried the baseball grip, but intuitively there cant be much wrong with using it.
  11. Ive learned some great things. Such as, how bogeys can hurt your score, how controlling speed is good for putting, and walking is better exercise than riding.
  12. Upload higher quality vids of a ball struck, driver looks good but needs a closer look.
  13. I think if you keep up the work you will achieve more forward shaft lean. once you get a less flippy action thru the ball you should see more consistency. Are you working on getting more cupping of the wrist at the top? imo hitting from such a flat position is hard.
  14. I remember at shinecok when all the dudes were complaining about that infamous turtleback green. This kind of complaining was wtf imo because everyone is playing the same hole lol. And retief found a way to par that hole on his way to victory. Theres only a small band of complaints that are acceptable imo
  15. this is way worse than lietzke lol. at least from what I can remember, lietzke had his swing more tightened up.
  16. This dude's swing is hideous. yet he contributed to a victory over Tiger Woods at the Presidents Cup. I cant believe that thing made it thru customs tbh. Any one else who has seen an over the top move be successful in high level golf, can you explain how to make it work lol
  17. looks good, bust most important, how does this swing feel to you. do you feel like you are making a great swing.
  18. The driver is struck on a downward arc for a large percentage of good players.
  19. No. A good swing strikes the ball first, then the clubhead is in motion until it finds the ground.
  20. You need to post a swing vid and or seek out guidance from people who know WTF they're talking about. Do this first before you do anything else. Gl
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