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  1. You sound like a gambler who didn't back speith
  2. If you pretend speith isn't there,... Then it's a really close tournament! But hoff and Phil are ready to pounce should speith trip up! Wow! Phils putt as I type this!
  3. Just try and play better than last year!
  4. Well I've just got back and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it! Mainly because of the company I was with, and a great course too. My opinion has changed, I can now understand the valid points that have been posted in favour of them, and although I would prefer to play proper golf, and would not purposely go out to play this way, I would certainly do it all again in a similar setting! We came 4th and just missed out on the prizes, but never mind!
  5. Hilarious! Intentional or not.
  6. I am courting a Scandinavian!
  7. Well tomorrow is the day of my first ever scramble! I was asked to join a team, it meant a day off work and it's a course I've never played before, for those reasons alone I'm looking forward to it! It's also my friends/team mate first scramble, I explained the process to him, and he thought it was as ridiculous as I did! But the forecast is nice and it's a freebie so it was hard to say no! I'm curious as to wether my thoughts on this way of playing will change in any way? I'll let you all know!
  8. If you've had 15 lessons in 8 months with no improvement then there is a problem! I'm not saying the problem is him, but there's definitely a problem! Obviously you have to practise and play inbetween lessons, which I presume you do, and you have to listen and concentrate on what your being taught, which I also presume you do, as there are no magic lessons that automatically improve your game, if all my presumptions are correct? Then it would appear the problem lies with your coach!
  9. I can see a repeat of last year with speith and Watson close at the end!
  10. I tried a few 913 & 915 shafts, ended up with the 913 phenom shaft, going of the shafts characteristics I thought it would be the last one I'd get but it worked the best for me! You just never know till ya hit em!
  11. I thought winners were automatically qualified for the masters for the following 5 years? After that, if ya don't qualify, your outta there! (That's what I think it should be anyway)
  12. Don't fully understand this, Does that mean nice weather favours non Europeans? Or just that Europeans can play in any weather?
  13. Never heard of him, Is he a wrestler?
  14. Definitely this^ I'm no big hitter, and I play off 18 at the moment, but my regular 3 ball go round in 2.5 hrs on foot when we're first out, it's not so much about playing fast, it's just not playing slow, being ready to hit your ball and talk while ya walk is the key, stood around chatting on the tee or green should be illegal.
  15. Enough with the glutes already! Too much tiger bashing going on, I'm not even American and I'm hoping he silences all his doubters, the mans a golf legend already and I think we should all be in awe of his achievements! Part of me would love to see him win the masters easily then retire, but the other part would miss him!
  16. Yeah, but do they come with a choice of 7 different wheel colours and fake leather handle grip? ... I think not! I'm sold! I just love the pre-war agricultural plough look!
  17. I've been practising the backing into the ball in the garden, practice swings, no contact! Just to get the feel of the correct weight shift, it's nothing new to what most people teach, but the way he translates it across has helped me create a feel and it's working! And as a Brit, I find his accent so easy to listen to!
  18. Quite an interesting question, although many aspects are the same, like iacas says, we hit down on the irons but not with the driver so really the main difference is more with the set up and address, and timing too!
  19. I've stopped listening to recent music, there's not much out there for me at the mo, currently nodding my head to fleetwood mac, and been tapping the feet to stevie wonder
  20. Couldn't agree more ^^ he's playing all the time, plays consistently well, the guys a machine and after last years performance I can't help but think he'll be close to the top on the last day! He's quite a likeable chap too! But go duffner! ... And Rory!
  21. You'll have to give me till Tuesday,... I think
  22. Yeah, I hear ya, but as you may or may not be aware from my previous posts in other threads, I'm not hung up on fittings, I still believe fittings benefit the better players and specifically pro's and single or low double digit hc's, and that those above 20hc should be concentrating more on getting their technique and swing relatively consistent before getting fitted, get ya drivers shortened below 45", choose a flex relative to your ss, then learn a consistent swing, I think only at that point will you see a fitting produce some positive results! Anyway I rambling off topic here! ...so back to the op, I say sell ya sldr, keep practising with your other till you have a consistent...ish swing and ball flight, then go get fitted properly and see the results the right club can do for your swing.
  23. I would like to share this gem of a video i stumbled across, It's the way he describes the weight shift sequence on the downswing that hit home to me, the "backing into" the downswing before turning. It's certainly helped me, and I love the elvis accent too! [video]http://youtu.be/2UCAglk8exI[/video]
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