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  1. you realise most of the pros on tour started when they were like 8 years old... not saying you cant do it if you put your mind to it but really, golfing ten times a year is not enough. Getting from a 20 handicap to a 10 is much less of a challenge than getting from 10 to about a 5... you need to shoot two rounds of 78 to become a teaching pro.. so you would probably need to be about a 4-6 handicap....
  2. step 1: find a large cliff (sounds like your new to the area so that may take a while) step 2: find your playing partner step 3: tell him you have a present for him step 4: lead him to the cliff blindfolded step 5: kick him off the cliff
  3. whoops i meant iraq not afganistan, and vietnam was a pointless war too... americans are idiots
  4. we shouldnt even be in afganistan, those soldiers are killing innocent people... and heros stay alive sometimes too... like firefighters..they arent all dead...
  5. yes my driver is cracked. on the top of the club face, it doesn't affect performance.
  6. have you been playing off grass? sometimes its a shock to go from grass-mats i expirenced this last night....
  7. Ian

    New Milestone !!

    nice, one day you will have a shag bag to use give it a year or 2
  8. its cause phil is a POS, no one else has their ENTIRE family come running out and hugging them as if they found their long lost "daddy" after 20 years when they finish the 18th....
  9. hit half wedges for about 50 balls never taking a full swing and focusing on a small target. Then start hitting your pw-9-8-7 etc. and everytually work up to a fullswing. you may get funny looks after hitting half swings with a 3 iron but it should help you make solid contact on the face...
  10. the pros dont use em cause their clubs are free...they dont care if they have to be replaced... im gonna get iron covers they look so sexy.... lollll just kidding i would kill myself if i used those.
  11. i use my 58* wedge for almost everything its all about feel/confidence.
  12. Ian

    ball speed?

    does anyone knoww?
  13. Ian

    ball speed?

    what is the average ball speed with a 3 iron coming off the face?
  14. whats your ss? mines like 100-105 maybe? the reason i ask is it seems 110 mph+ ss like the driver better?
  15. yeah they were trying to market it to more "serious players", too bad any serious player they aren't paying 3 million dollars to use their r9 wont touch that piece of sht. The R9 was a serious dissapointment, i didnt know they were making one, and when i found out about it I JUST HAD TO TRY IT. Too bad it makes ANY ball feel like a rock hard top flite coming off the face.. does anyone else hate that?
  16. i cant belive this thread is still alive. My baby fade is long gone, it was just one of those days. SInce it has warmed up my body doesent hate me nearly as much so that helps a bit.
  17. i still play a taylormade r7 because everything since then has been complete shit. Taylormade NEEDS to step up their game. God knows obama wont bail them out if they go under.
  18. yo im from vancouver, ive already played 22 times this year starting in feburary. You just need to bring your rain gear...
  19. yeah i looked at his bag during the show and ALL the clubs he was hitting had the swoosh all over it. Every head cover was bright yellow with a black swoosh...
  20. even if phil got it he wouldnt deserve it.... tiger got hurt and thats the only reason he ever had a chance at it. Its like me winning a 100 meter sprint against the world record holder just because the world record holder tripped and broke both his legs. A win by default is weak and phil knows it, as does the rest of the golfing world.
  21. how do you think tiger hits a long ball?? Its obviously all those wrist workouts he does. core strength, legs, back, and arms dont do anything to generate power, its all in the wrists. STOP DOING SITUPS!!!> only do wrist curls now. I hit the ball 900 million yards (average) and i dont even move anything but my wrists. nuff said.
  22. i just got fitted for and bought mizuno mp 62's IM STOKED! They get here in like a week :))))))) I took the set from the store and demoed them before i bought them, and oh my god they felt nice. I put a huge dent in the pitching wedge though, i was hitting out of the rough and there was a rock there i didnt see. THANK GOD they didnt notice when i gave them back in.
  23. hijack his thread? I think your query belongs in the equipment thread..
  24. i play on my school team also. Its really fun try and get a core group of friends to join it too.
  25. the course i play alot generally has no one on it, so i can go play by myself and play 3 balls per hole, on a par 4-5 i will play both a driver and a 3 wood off the tee and then a 3 iron, then will take approach shots to the green from where each ball landed. On a par 3 i will play the right club distance wise, but try and aim for different shot shapes which will hit different parts of the green. Im fortunate to play a course that is relatively quiet and doesent have many people on it. Everytime people talk about 6 hour plus waits, i think how unlucky they are. my biggest fear though is i wi
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