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  1. Guessing fowler with the mentions of butch and Phil.
  2. I think Rory will have a big week here, though his (all to often) left miss in the last couple of weeks are a little worrying. 1) Rory 2) Dufner 3) Tiger 4) Day 5) DJ
  3. Quote: I suspect your right hand grip tightening is taking over the entire proceedings. Take your grip, as described in your post, then simple take your right thumb off the club - its easy to do and you can still make a normal swing. See if this helps. I tried this in the range today but really struggled with it, pushed most of them and it didn't feel comfortable at all. Especially at the top of my swing!! Quote: If you grip tighter at address, you wont regrip as hard at the top and gain better consist
  4. I have changed to use the overlap grip this year and have been following instructions on how to grip properly. From what I've read/seen it suggests that the thumb of the right hand (I play right handed btw) should be pointing towards the left foot. However as I swung the club I would often tighten my right hand grip and the pressure and direction of the thumb would close the club face and cause snap hooks. I could feel the club closing on my downswing and eventually decided to move my thumb to pointing straight down the club face, I have swung better since BUT it doesn't feel qui
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