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  1. [IMG]http://files-cdn.formspring.me/photos/20121008/n5072fcdb78435.jpg[/IMG]
  2. Like the title says. Let me know why you play when you do. :-D
  3. You could always quote the happy Gilmore movie. "You're gonna need a towel, cause you're never getting off that beach. You know, say something classy like that. *sarcastic eye rolling*
  4. Keep up the good spirits man, golf is a pretty good stress reliever.
  5. I like the getting a kids involved idea. Mine is only eight months old so I will have to wait a bit lol.
  6. I just played this morning and was thinking I was going alone and was paired with two guys that actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I'm twenty five and these guys were pushing retirement but they knew their game and physics well and gave me a few pointers that I couldn't see alone. Also, it is crazy awesome to have people be able to spot your ball in the air and help track those rare misses and slices ;-)
  7. Ha! Most of the couples are dudes! Love it. That's like two guys joining a gym to get a couples rate. :-P
  8. I'm pumped go mark bulger. Represent St. Louis.
  9. My father in law does a few of these but I don't really care cause I am going home to his daughter. :-P
  10. I know kirksville, cool place if I am ever up there ill look you up.
  11. Where is this located? Missouri golfer here too! :-D
  12. I don't think a golf course would have to spare funds to have free babysitting so I have to agree with shorty that cost would be higher as well as get rid of some bad attitudes at the course. When I initially thought of this thread idea, my main thought process was I work four days a week at 11 hours ( nights by the way :~( ) 5:00 pm to 4:00 am. Friday morning. When my wife works Fridays which are here and there, I could bring my boy with me if no other available sitter is available. I definitely would not choose this as a first choice but seeing how Friday is mostly the only days I can go ( I work as an EMT on the weekends) it would be cool to have the option.
  13. Well I was implying that they would have a CPR certified and some other history of babysitting history opposed to the daughter of the superintendent of the course or something. But yeah I would want to make sure that my cell phone was on at all times too just to be safe. :-)
  14. I agree big time. I totally forgot how wide my angle is on that thing. Good point.
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