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  1. I'll jump in too....I just got fitted for some G10 irons... I'm 6' the irons are +.75" 2* up And just like everyone else has said, having clubs fitted makes a huge difference!
  2. Broken Window

    This is quite an interesting read. My info: I am a homeowner (been there almost a year) on a public course. I am just amazed at some of the thinking and assumptions many of you are taking on this issue. Suddenly you lose all responsibility as soon as the ball leaves the face of your club? Is that the same reasoning you apply when you're throwing a baseball and a bad throw goes flying threw your neighbor's window? He assumed the liability as soon as he moved in next to you? Or the example that oops, I have to pay for my totaled car even though you accidentally ran into it just because I was the one who parked it in the street in front of my house? Guys, you're missing the whole point. I thought that one of the unique principals of the game of golf is that it's a Gentleman's Game? It IS the sport in which we call fouls on ourself. It prides itself on that history! And then so many of you tell me you break my window on an bad shot and just drive past telling your buddies that's the responsibility the homeowner assumed when he moved in???? Come on, "man up" as they say! Go knock on the door or leave a note, offer to pay for your mistake. As a homeowner AND golfer, I expect you to at least offer to pay for it. I know it was an accident, I've hit bad shots too. Hey, be a man, offer to pay and help me, I'll be happy to split the cost with you and will admire you more as a person for stepping up. I am just amazed at the number of responses throwing the blame back to the homeowner. Just amazed! Scott