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  1. Pace of play is my biggest on-course concern. I don’t care how long someone takes to get to the pro shop, I only want people to be considerate on the course. I walk and understand that some who take carts need them, but having worked on a course I can say that walkers play faster generally - one person goes to one ball... but the real slowdown comes from too many trips to the back of a cart. Hit a club, hold that club while riding, then change for the next club after arriving at the ball. There! I just saved you almost 90 trips to the back of the cart! Well, not really 90, but, truthfully, wha
  2. I had and still have a similar choice except the closer course (4 minutes) is better conditioned and more expensive than the farther course (20 minutes). However, average pace of play on the nearer course is about 5+ hrs while the farther, lesser conditioned course is under 4 hrs to play, meaning not having to watch people in carts hit from the wrong tees and incessantly go into their bags for an extra hour per round. Sanity matters.
  3. Older thread but.... Franklin Park (no one calls it "Wm. Devine") is a Ross re- design, while George Wright is a Ross original design. Ross had to work with the existing course (second oldest public course in the country) at Franklin Park, but he was the initial and only architect to design George Wright. The two courses play very differently - FP relies on length, whereas the Wright is a shot-maker's course. One must think more one on and hit farther on the other, although some length is needed on some of the Wright's holes. The third course nearest to in-town Boston is Putterham Meado
  4. I'd just have to repaint and change the blue to gray to make them a little cleaner looking; I'm getting tired of the "Ping Blue". These iron just may solve the problem that some have had with the delaminating finish. Yup, right in the bag....
  5. But I have gone retro... hitting MP 30s, retraced my clubs, first to Zing 2 irons (skipped right over the Zings) and now back to Eye 2s. I'm going to put graphite in one set but haven't decided which one. Pro on the Zing 2s is that they have stronger lofts, but the Eye 2s are more workable (more like the Mizzys). What to do, so many choices? The only consolation is that I'm doing the work and can change them as often as I like.
  6. You used the term "firm", which is not the same as "tight", and tight is how most amateurs grip the club. Looking at one's glove for wear can indicate re-gripping and an overly tight grip. Tight grips also restrict the release that in turn results in disappointing contact. A firm grip is indeed one that allows a player to have confidence in the connection between his/her hands and the club. That confidence leads to freedom in the swing. "Holding a bird" might have worked for Sam Snead, but if the rest of us had his fluidity, agility, and timing, we too would be winners on tour. He was; we're
  7. I completely agree. Watching Mcilroy swinging within himself, albeit a powerful swing, and seeing his success led me to the same conclusion. Tiger is certainly strong enough but swinging out of his shoes on every shot is absurd and directly the cause of his back problems. Even taking one more club, save for the driver of course, and swinging a bit easier would help him tremendously. His driver rips just give me an image of the ball going anywhere but where he's aiming and a pain in my back! If he played every shot like a 100 yd. wedge, I think he'd be dynamite again. But, you're right
  8. I hate to break it to people and to go back in time, but the two worst people I encountered during the 1988 US Open and the 1999 Ryder Cup held at Brookline, MA, were Lee Trevino and Herman, his caddie. They were disgusting and classless when not on camera, and displayed remarkable depths of anti-Semitism. The vile language they used was an embarrassment to the PGA and golfers worldwide. I was a marshal working at a tee that was inaccessible to the fans and to television, so they didn't have to worry, as if they did, about any of that getting out to the general public. Their remarks were me
  9. I'm a college president who has played less and less as I've moved up the academic ladder. When only teaching I could play 4-5 times a week and now, well, once or twice a year. No wonder my game has disappeared.
  10. Wait just a minute here! Does this design look familiar? How about a comparison to the Ping Zing 2 irons (followed by the ISI models) - both heel/toe weighted with a center cutout to allow for the club head to glide more easily through the turf. Hmmm.
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