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  1. Hey everyone, I recently have made a fairly significant swing change and so far results are looking to be in the right direction. Although, my new swing is making good results on my iron game, I am still struggling with the new swing on my woods and driver. Should my swing remain the same for all clubs (alignment obvious changes for each club) or should my swing for my woods differ slightly? Any thoughts? Any tips? Thanks ahead for your replies!
  2. Titles for a Golf Yearbook Layout

    Hey, this is prolly the only time this request has ever been made. Being on the yearbook staff and being on the golf team means im in charge of the golf layout. I have completed the layout but i cannot seem to come up with a very catchy and good title. Im open to any ideas and would greatly appreciate anyone who has ideas. I know that this is the place to go to get the best ideas from the some of the better and creative golf minds. Thank you very much.
  3. Putting Help Please

    Thanks for everything guys. Since i have made the postive made some good strides on the way back to good putting. I spent some time on the putting green keeping my left eye closed and putting, doing this so i cant see the target line just the ball so i make sure i focus on what my job is to hit the ball square in the center of my putter. This also has helped me hold my finish. One last thing i also tried out that seems to work is using my right hand more throughout the stroke. Thanks again.
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot 82 with a double on the last hole, 2 birdies, 10 bogeys, and 5 pars at a course i had only played once (13 holes raincheck) with a 71.4, 116 rating. Im putting better now and i struck the ball farely well today. My driver could have been better but i usually left myself make able shots into greens. Unfortunately i felt terrible (stomach ache and cramps) throughout the round, but tried not to let it affect my swings.
  5. After returning from a trip where i didnt golf for over a week. I picked up my swing back in only a few days, except most of my short game. Now that its been almost two weeks since ive returned, my chipping is back but i cant putt worth a dime. I feel that it is mostly a confidence issue but after playing a few rounds with my golf coach he has pointed out that my feel has not been quite as sharp. If i could get some tips that would be great. Thanks!
  6. What's Your Ball Marker?

    Usually a regular ball marker, but in tournaments and in HS golf matches always a silver sheckel (israeli) that my granpa gave me at the golf course when i was a youngster.
  7. Match Play Help Please!

    Hey, thanks for the help everyone, unfortunately the kid still beat me 4 and 3 but i made a fairly good match out of it. I realize now why everyone else says he is a hot head, mostly because he tries to get in his opponents heads by carrying on and such. After i took the lead on the second hole he got all pissy and remained that way for a few holes. After he realized i was basically ignoring him completely he settled down and kept his anger inside and didnt really swear or throw any clubs. I played well and am happy with the way it went(losing 4 holes even though i made par sucked, lol) but match play is a great way of playing golf and i look forward to play again. Thanks again, Steve
  8. Match Play Help Please!

    Hey Everyone, Im playing a Match Tomorrow against a kid who is approximately 8 shots better than me on average. He is known to be a bit of a hot head and i really think that if i manage my game well i could have a chance to beat him. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers on the match play format because i rarely play this format on a regular basis. Thanks for the help. Steve
  9. Its not an issue for all clubs, its a move that i subconciously developed while having a flat swinging plane. I have done the "swooshing" drill but I cant seem to get a feel for it.
  10. Hey, I have been working on getting rid of my lunging or dipping and im having trouble getting rid of it. Currently, I lunge into the ball causing my wrists to be late and for myself to take a very large divot. My goal is to get rid of the lunge so my wrists can "snap" through the ball and i wont hit a chunker. Any suggestions or drills would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Help Steve with his Swing

    Hey everyone thanks for the help, this is steve. After my lesson ive been working a lot on getting my hands at the proper position at the top of my backswing. When i do get them to that position i no longer reroute the club on my down swing. Now, some of the main diffuculties is learning a basically new down swing because of the fact im coming at the ball much differently than i was with my swing of a week ago. I have to make sure that i release my wrists through the ball to ensure that i dont hit a massive slice. Learning the tempo and getting a feel for my new swing will take time but i can see that it will pay off in the end. Thanks again for the help.
  12. High School Golfer

    Hey everyone in the forum. Id like to introduce my self, im Steve from Erie PA. Im a member of the North East High School Golf team. I love to golf, love to talk golf, and everything else golf. Im currently a freshman who made a few contributions on last years team and would like to become a more consistant player. Things i need to work on are the mental game and managing my game on the course. I hope to be an avid poster once summer arrives and allows more free time. Peace.