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  1. Hey Ryan, To your question, No, they don't have a lot of offset. My buddy has some Taylormade RAC and those have a lot of offset. I hit his irons and was hooking, which for me is very rare. The Ci7's look thin and have flighted shafts which is nice for the longer irons. They also come with a gap wedge (I used to think pitching, sand lob was perfect) and are cheap as anything out there. I didn't get them fitted, so I had to adjust a bit to the length. Maybe I will cut them down 1/2" to std someday. Don't hesitate and get a used set on Ebay, if for any reason you don't like them sell them again and lose maybe $20
  2. I think the Ci7's are awesome irons for low to middle cappers. They look like players irons but they are slightly bigger. They play a little long because of shafts and lofts but I think I will keep the Ci7's til I am low single digit. Never heard anything wrong with the sticks especially for the price.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Only problem is I don't have friends who are better than me. Maybe I'll ask someone at the course. Anyways another question, when you say your friend can't line himself up, do you mean reading the putt? Does he use the line on the ball? I set up the line on the ball, make sure is the read I want and align the putter perfectly with the line. The thing is I am not really sure if I am starting them on that line or if I am pushing/pulling. It is getting frustrating to shoot 82-85 when I know I had a 78 in me somewhere!
  4. What would entail a green reading lesson? I pisses me off because I have a few makeable birdie putts every round but end the round with no birds.
  5. I forgot to add that I use the line and completely trust it. Also I generally play the same courses, so I "know" the greens. I just feel like I am misreading everything, although it could be speed related too. Anyone in the same boat?
  6. Any tips?? I am not holing too many putts these days, missing on both sides but with good distance control. Is this green reading? Stroke?
  7. Hey guys, I have been improving a lot this year, currently playing to a 10 or 11. I am interested in those of you who play to a low single digit and keep stats. How many GIR do you average, FW and putts? I've had quite a few good rounds including a few 80's but with a few GIR only, like 3 or 4. This may indicate a very strong chipping game, so I am going to start working a lot in the 3,4 and 5 iron area. TIA
  8. Please try and post your review! I am in the same boat as you now but don't know if it will change the game for me for the better or worse.
  9. Are cord grips designed for wet/humid weather? I've heard they are terrible for the hands is this true?
  10. Guys, Now that the high 80's low 90's are here to stay, I find my Wilson Ci7's slipping more than I like. I tend to walk and carry which makes me sweat a lot, what grips should I go to, generally?
  11. I was in the same boat as you, putted with the Cleveland Classic #1 and the difference is minimal. The Karsten Anser on the otherhand has a very different feel. So in summary get the Cleveland for $69 and be very happy.
  12. Broke my record for 9 holes, shot a 39, 6 pars 3 bogeys. Nice thing is it could've been better. Shot 83 for the round 44/39.
  13. elsito99

    The Players!

    WOW Cejka is on freaking fire!! Wish I could watch his round.
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