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  1. Warren Zevon

    TST Pet Thread

    Currently we have a black and white cat named Mew Mew. He’s kind of a dick, and only wants to be petted when it suits him. One of his odd traits is every time I go to the bathroom in morning he jumps on my lap. I’d post a picture, but I have no clue how to do that from my phone. Oh wait...
  2. I had last week off for vacation and managed to get out every morning from Monday to Friday. Three of the five were at my home course. Two of those rounds were from the farthest tees. I shot 103 and 107. One round I played from the whites and shot a 95. The other two rounds were at some local courses. The first we played from the second farthest tees and I scored 108. I had all of three pars. My last round on Friday was played from the second farthest tees. I shot 94. I had six pars total. That round, aside from two blow up holes each on the front and back, felt really well. My iron game has been severely behind everything else this year. My driving, wood work and chipping has all taken a small but important step forward. Putting on the last round was solid, too. I had three birdie putts, but couldn’t sink any of them. Luckily they were close misses with easy tap ins for par. All in all I’m quite happy with how the week went. If I have any free time this week it will be off to the range to work out the kinks in my iron shots. I also have a five hybrid and a new used driver coming my way early next week. I borrowed one of my friends hybrids before our round and gave it a few whacks on the range, and compared to my five iron it flew much more true.
  3. Warren Zevon

    The Films and Movies Thread

    . I watched this tonight and give it a birdie as well. The chauvinist men were cringe inducing. I’m glad at the progress made over the last 45 years or so.
  4. Warren Zevon

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Oh great, I missed getting my picks in, again. Good luck to you all this weekend!
  5. Warren Zevon

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    I’m not sure of the name of the song, but the band playing it is called Ghostland Observatory.
  6. Warren Zevon

    Warren Zevon

  7. Warren Zevon

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Today marks the tenth anniversary of Stepbrothers. I gave it a rewatch tonight. It’s silly, immature, and pure low brow humour. I give it a birdie.
  8. Warren Zevon

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    I've been putting off watching season two of WW. I struggled so badly to get through season one it's put me off of this one. For those of you whom have seen it, does Thandie Newton still spend a lot of time naked?
  9. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2018-19

    What do all three of those players have in common with John Tavares aside from walking away from the teams that drafted them? And speaking of Kovalchuk, I still think his ‘retirement’ was a joke. The fact that he’s playing in the league again makes me hope LA flops this season, although I doubt that’ll happen.
  10. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2018-19

    Gotta feel for Islander fans today. Must be tough to watch your franchise center walk away with absolutely nothing coming back. At least the Islanders can retire Butch Gorings' number 91 now.
  11. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2018-19

    Both teams swapped minor league players and late round draft picks, so pretty much. But seeing Boedkers’ production they might as well have went for Florida’s picks instead. It would have left them a lot of cap space to back the truck up for the EK contract. And i agree, I really feel for Senators fans right now. Edit: Florida snagged him for picks in the 2nd, 4th and 7th round. Not a great return for San Jose, either. Hoffman’s name is obviously mud right now.
  12. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2018-19

    Wow, Ottawa, obviously negotiating from behind the eight ball, really took one up the bum from San Jose. They should have just traded Hoffman straight to florida.
  13. Warren Zevon

    Favorite TV Show(s)

    Has anyone checked out The Staircase on Netflix yet? My wife and I have been watching two episodes a shot for the last couple days. I can’t decide whether or not this guy is guilty.
  14. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2018-19

    Hopefully Ovi is still partying by then!
  15. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2017-2018

    Nope. You’re thinking of Bryan Murray, who was their GM until his passing last year or the year before that.

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