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  1. The raining baby squid part was...interesting.
  2. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2019-20

    He was a healthy scratch a few times too. Neal played in back to back finals before signing with the Flamers. That has to take a toll. And honestly @billchao just having Lucic gone is addition by subtraction for the Oilers. I can't say I've seen him play this season, but last year Lucic, aside from a few big hits, was just plain horrible at hockey. Could barely make or receive a pass, usually the last one of the forwards up the ice, and some of the worst hands around the net I've seen in ages. If he carves out a solid role for himself in Cowtown, great. But he was a pretty big hindrance to the Oilers, and I'm glad he and his massive contract are now tied to Calgary for probably the duration, even if the Oilers are paying some of it.
  3. I can't say for sure, but my first thought was it was a small guitar amp or a PA system. That cord and that plug it goes into makes me think that. Or a karaoke machine.
  4. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2019-20

    Two weeks plus into the season and the Oilers have only lost once. About three of those games the team deserved to lose, but (gasp) solid goaltending and team defense have been effective so far. I've never been a huge fan of James Neal, but if he keeps scoring goals at half the rate he's doing it now I'd be satisfied at the end of the season. I'll admit I usually only saw him on the high and low light reels. For a guy who was so horrible in Calgary last year he's doing a fantastic job with Edmonton. And since the team jettisoned the Lucic contract in return, it seems like the gift that keeps on giving. Connor McDavid isn't quite the same yet, either. He's still the fastest skater on the ice every game, but I've never seen opposing players strip him of the puck as easily as this before. I'm glad Leon Draisaitl has picked up right where he left off last season. This guy is scary good, and has improved his two way game immensely in a few short years. But riding the guy for 23 minutes a night will catch up sooner or later.
  5. Did I miss the deadline for entering? I just tried to pick my roster and it says it's locked already.
  6. Wow, I guess I won’t have to bother checking my roster for the rest of the weekend. Only one of my players made the cut.
  7. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2019-20

    Ahhh, I love the night before the season starts, lots of last minute entries into hockey pools I know I have no chance of winning. And I hope the stars align right this season for my Edmonton Oilers. Although it’s just about getting to the point where I’m pretty much only cheering for McDavid and whomever is lucky enough to be his winger.
  8. It's really weird, Thursday night I said to myself that I hadn't heard Walk On Water in ages. That led to a late night binge of all of my favorite EM songs. And Today, Ric Ocasek from The Cars. If Willie Nelson dies, we riot.
  9. It's good to have you here, Dave. As said earlier, there's tons of helpful stuff on the site.
  10. Our last night of men's league yielded more than a few best shots of the week. The 17th hole is a nasty par 3 that has a pond in front and to the right is a creek. My father in law is the only one on the team to not lose his ball, and he's forty feet away from the cup and five feet off the green, downhill. As the first to putt, I read the line perfectly, kept my head down and drained the damn thing. Sandwiched between that par three were two par 5s. On the first I hit our third shot from 4o yards out pin high to the left 8 feet away. Not super close, but as someone who can't pitch worth a damn I was really impressed with that. |A few holes later I hit a nice draw ( as a lifelong slicer this year has been great for shaping some shots to the right) to about 150 out. I hit a not great shot dead at the pin, but come up short and just bounce past the fringe onto the green, this time we're 28 feet out. Another guy on the team and I totally misread the putt, saying its coming from the left. My FIL tells us he doesn't give a shit about what's in our heads, and taps the ground just outside the cup to the right two inches and tells us that's where the putt has to be. He tends the flag, I line up first, and drain another. On our second last hole, which was another par 3. A guy on our team needed a drive so that the last hole could be open for everyone to shoot. Incidentally, his name actually is Guy, and he hits the best shot out of the four of us, 25 feet away short of the hole with twenty feet of rough to get over. Putting is out of the question, so I get to shoot first, and a hit a nice, low, AW chip that goes straight at the hole, lands eight feet away and rolls into the flag and then drops in. I would to also add that I'm the most inconsistent guy on my team. If I actually hit a fairway with a tee shot we end up taking it, even if we have better options. You just can't predict how things will go with me on any given week. Tonight, aside from the first two holes I hit more GIRs than ever before in league play and hit more than half of my drives on the fairway with that steady draw. It's just a shame I can't do it more consistently. We're not a great team by any means, but we were playing the second or third ranked team in our league, and tied them at the end of the night at five under. They were a bunch of guys in their late twenties, and although they outdrove us by a wide margin, they were shocked that us 'Old Bastards'(I'm not even 50 yet!) could score just as well as them by hitting less club off the tee. It was a great, and new, feeling having people in the clubhouse talking about how great you played within earshot. All I know is that was the luckiest I've been on a Monday night on a golf course. Or any of the times I've been on a golf course.
  11. Nice to meet you, Dave!
  12. Count me in! I have lots of fun with this league every year.
  13. Congrats to @gogolfing for handily winning the season title! I had a lot of fun with this, guys. See you in September!
  14. Season 2 of Mindhunter finally drops tomorrow. This is one of my favorite original Netflix series. Season one is an easy birdie. It was just about an eagle, but lost points due to not having enough Anna Torv in it. I’m 3/4 of the way through the first season of Patriot on Amazon Prime. I love it so far.
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