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  1. If you've never seen it, check out Frailty.
  2. I remember that game. I had a noise violation in my mailbox the morning after that one from my condo board. Also, great run by the Blue Jackets. 16-0 is phenomenal.
  3. Thanks for heads up. I had a lot of fun in this group last year.
  4. The injury bug has been an issue for my Oilers, as well. Especially on the blue line. They lost an absolute stinker to the Flyers tonight. I haven't watched any Habs games this year, how's Jeff Petry making out so far?
  5. Eva Green is breathtaking, no arguements there.
  6. Schultz was set up to fail from day one. No sheltered minutes, no true veterans showing him the proper way to play really messed with his confidence and ability to play his game. I'm glad he's in a better position to learn and succeed with the Pens. Plus, he's got his name on the Cup now, too.
  7. Last year the Oilers didn't have 9 wins until December. As long as Calgary sucks, that's the most important thing. On a side note, I barely noticed Justin Schultz tonight. That's an improvement, as well.
  8. Ah well, last year the Penguins would have slaughtered the Oilers. One unlucky play in the dying minutes and at least they would have scraped out a point.
  9. That was one hell of a game seven! Glad the Cubs won, hopefully Harry Caray enjoys a nice cold one while Ron Santo cheers him on.
  10. Yes please!
  11. How has Yak looked so far? Heard he had a rough first game and a great second one.
  12. Good luck to the Blues with the addition of Nail Yakupov. He seems like a great kid, but on the ice he'll have you scratching your head and swearing at the tv a lot. That's if he gets to play. I can't see he and Hitchcock meshing well.
  13. I had a lot of fun this season. Look forward to the next instalment.
  14. Yeah, Flight was eight minutes of awesome and a whole lot of talking afterwards.
  15. Wow. I thought it was over last week. Time to burn my last DJ start.