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  1. Well, the ending of last weeks episode was somewhat, unexpected. And gory.
  2. Your review of Dark Fate sums up exactly how I feel about the Irishman.
  3. I’ve been kind of not overly thrilled by this show so far, but I thought episode five was well done. Great job by Tim Blake Nelson. I want more squid, tho.
  4. It actually came out a day early, thanks Amazon! And I've only had to work once in the last three days so that helped.
  5. I finished The Man In The High Castle yesterday. The internetz doesn't like the ending, but it suits me fine.
  6. Me personally, I’m really looking forward to a rewatch of Gargoyles.
  7. I’m going to wait a month or two. They’re supposed to be doing weekly installments of their new shows, so I’ll wait a bit to satisfy my binge urge. The Mandalorian looks awesome.
  8. Warren Zevon

    NHL 2019-20

    Any questions I had about McDavid were erased tonight. https://www.nhl.com/video/mcdavid-pots-second-of-the-game/t-310493168/c-70230903 Great victory over the Ducks tonight. I don't hate Anaheim as much now that Bieksa, Kesler and Perry aren't in the lineup, but Getzlaf is still a highly skilled cheapshotting goon. He's not a happy camper, though. There was a camera shot of him during tonight's game where he was on the bench and looked, well, dejected. Having Dallas Eakins as a coach will do that to you.
  9. K-2S0 is possibly my favorite droid in the SW universe. I wasn't sure if I'd like R1 due to the lack of Jedi, but I ended up really enjoying it. I've spent a rainy afternoon or six watching this on cable.
  10. Solo was okay, but to me it didn't stand out as extraordinary in any way or fashion. I'll go see this one in the theater, but I'm not going in expecting a masterpiece. Just wrap it up and lets move on to something else in the SW universe, like The Mandalorian.
  11. I didn't take any pictures, but I've been cooking and eating way too much red meat lately. I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a dish called Plov. The first time I burned it, badly. The second time it was very meh except for the beef. So I switched gears, bought a sirloin roast while they were on sale and made a wickedly delicious pan of steak and potatoes in a garlic butter herb sauce. My wife has a really excellent small sized dicer / processor that she swears by. I'm actually a fan of hanging out in the kitchen doing prep work by hand, but man does that thing do a great job on just about everything. It uses a dual lid thingy that you press on to make it work. A few gentle pushes and things turn out beautifully. I laugh when the kids try to use it and turn their veggies into a near soup. It was very handy while I was on a bruschetta making cook a month or so ago. Damn, now I'm craving it again.
  12. To me, @billchao, the first two seasons of LOST were epic. I want to say that I'm a huge fan of the show, even if by its ending it didn't do a great job explaining the things I wanted to know. I'm hoping we see more of the Minutemen.
  13. This might help if you have six minutes. This sums up the comic run
  14. I read the graphic novel a few years before the movie came out. It's a bathroom book for me. For what was out there for comics at the time, this was really groundbreaking. The pilot was a little light on details, but I thought it was well done. I'll give the season a shot, but it's in the back of my mind that this is from the same guy who came up with LOST. So there's some skepticism there.
  15. I hear you, except my kids will eat the meat out of the leftovers and all that will be left are the vegetables. Who does that?
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