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  1. I doubt it will happen, but I'd love to see the Islanders in the finals again. I was just a wee boy when they had their dynasty run.
  2. Finau was money in the bank two segments ago. DJ is on the bench for my roster today.🙄
  3. Four games for Schiefele. We were talking about this at work this afternoon. Predatory was how I described it. I'm shocked to hear the same term come from the Department.
  4. I have no vested interest in either the Jets nor the Habs, but I'm not a huge fan of that hit. In my eyes, Schiefele was reacting because he just got lit up for an empty net goal. I'd love to see him suspended for it, but as posted above you can never tell which part of the dartboard the blindfolded monkeys at DOPS will hit with their throw.
  5. I can see the Habs taking out Winnipeg, too. But then they'll be swept by the juggernaut known as the Avalanche.
  6. I played my second full 18 holes yesterday. 49-48 for a McDavid, as I like to call it. I've been hitting more draws this year, and I only lost two balls during my round. Things are looking up. After playing most of the winter in my garage sim, I was unimpressed by how crappy my chipping was first time out. Yesterday was much better. I even had two or three GIRs, as well as two pars on the front and one on the back. Although the sample size is small, I've yet to three putt so far this year. I'm disappointed that my ten footers are coming up an inch or three short, but my re
  7. Dumb move to swap out Rory for the final day. Did anyone have Phil on their rosters?
  8. Ouch, nasty collision for Tavares tonight. I'm not a Leaf fan in any shape or form, but you don't want to see guys hauled out on a stretcher like that.
  9. I had my first shot of the AZ a few weeks ago. I felt a fever coming on about 12 hours later, and spent about a day and half feeling like the poo. After that it was pretty smooth sailing. Of course, now Canada is looking to be in short supply of follow up shots with that vaccine, and the Pfizer became readily available about a week later. That's my luck, but I'm glad that i at least have one shot so far.
  10. Maybe it's time for the league to hire someone from the opposite side of the spectrum, like someone who's had to retire due to injury. Possibly someone like an Adam Deadmarsh, or even Marc Savard.
  11. It's like a DOPS puts on a blindfold, and then launches a dart onto a screen of the nights infractions. If Parros gets the sack ( that's pretty much an opinion call, it's a shit job anyway), who gets it next? Matt Cooke, Chris Pronger, or Dale Hunter?
  12. I like how the Rangers publicly called out for the resignation of Parros. As for Wilson, the fine is laughable. The shot to the face while the guy was down was bad enough, but to keep going on Panarin for defending a teammate is just a joke. I find it somewhat hypocritical he gets a 5K fine, while Zack Kassian got five games or so for ragdolling Tkachuk.
  13. That first episode absolutely blew me away with its epilogue. It's been a wild ride, that's for sure.
  14. The 13th Warrior . Birdie. I haven't seen this one in a while. It's a very solid flick for me. It's just somewhat lacking in a certain something to make it a classic. It's up there with Desperado as one of my favorite Antonio Banderas movies. Plus, who doesn't love Vikings with English and Irish accents?
  15. Just three for me : Canada, Mexico and Antigua.
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