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  1. Even though my Oilers lost tonight, I have to say I'm happy and proud of the strides the team made this season. Not that I'm going to watch many more games for the rest of the playoffs, but I'm rooting for Nashville until it ends.
  2. Played my first real round of golf after warming up the night before with Men's League. I had two birdies, and shot 51-52 for 103. That's probably the best opener I've ever golfed. Struggled mightly for a while trying to swing too hard. Once I slowed down and relaxed things went a lot better.
  3. I'm anxious to see where (or if) I placed. Update yo shit, yahoo.
  4. I found the premiere of American Gods to be pretty good. I never liked the book enough to finish it, hopefully this works out better for me. Anyone watch 13 Reasons Why yet? The wife and I watched it over the course of last week. Kind of spins its wheels a lot up until episode ten or so, but the last few were very gripping.
  5. Yeah, I always get a reminder email on wednesdays. Figured my never used yahoo account may have been compromised.
  6. Woot! Round two!!! We're going streaking!
  7. Sure do. But I also think the Caps are ready for an extended playoff run. No Jumbo Joe for the Sharks tonight. Sweet.
  8. I think the Caps have their best chance at going all the way this year. I'm hoping the Oilers come out flying against the Sharks tonight. If they start out playing physical I think they've got a real shot at taking them out.
  9. I'm with you on that one.
  10. In my heart of hearts, I'd really like to see the Islanders sneak into the last wild card spot in the east. And when Edmonton and San Jose meet up in the first round those 8:30 starts are going to make the next day at work extra brutal.
  11. Good sir, I beg to differ. The Green Mile, Stand By Me, and The Shawshank Redemption are very good films.
  12. So yeah, the Oilers, in the playoffs. The last time that happened I still had a full head of hair. It's been a downright miserable decade until now.
  13. If you've never seen it, check out Frailty.
  14. I remember that game. I had a noise violation in my mailbox the morning after that one from my condo board. Also, great run by the Blue Jackets. 16-0 is phenomenal.
  15. Thanks for heads up. I had a lot of fun in this group last year.