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  1. Thanks for the link, Shindig. I'll check that one out. Last year I was playing better golf than now. I created a My Swing thread, and have been working on some of the (many) issues I have. It's a process, I realize, and fixing things takes a lot of time and practice. I bit the bullet and called one of my old instructors up. She's good, and helped me a fair bit when I started out. Hopefully she can help me get back in track.
  2. I'm starting Speith tomorrow. Have fun picking the splinters out of your butt from the bench, Phil! no jinxies...
  3. I really wish I wasn't keeping score this year. I've been consistent in shooting around the 105-108 mark, but my short game is masking a lot of ball striking errors. Tee shots are killing me so far. It's too bad there wasn't a prize for having the biggest banana slice, because I would be world champion.
  4. Man, tough first day. Decided late last night to drop BK for Stenson. And Speith is sitting on the bench. Plus I gambled on Rory. Dumb move.
  5. Wow, choosing the A list players for this week is going to be tough.
  6. Watched a couple movies this weekend. Five Hour Friends. Bogey. There's a surprising lack of golf in this golf movie. SpiderMan: Homecoming. Par. Honestly, it's a really good movie. And Tom Holland may be the best casting of a teenaged Peter Parker we've seen yet. Lots of humor, although some of it seems a little forced. All I will say is of all the Marvel movies, this is one where you won't miss anything if you don't stick around for the two after credit scenes.
  7. I can't really count it because it was the start of the back nine, but I was once one over for three holes. Best start for me has happened a few times, bogey golf for three holes until the inevitable blow ups happen. It doesn't matter if I stretch, hit balls, warm up or anything, I'm consistently struggling on the first hole. I can't count the number of times I've started and said to myself : " F - yeah, opening six!"
  8. 8 years, $12.5 per season for McDavid. It's going to be tough to build around that, but it could have been worse.
  9. Well, when Sid signed his deal his percentage of the cap was roughly around 17% of the Pens total player budget. McDavids contract would be slightly (less than 1%) more. I'm hoping that he's smart enough to look at what's going on in Chicago and tread wisely. But I also know Chiarelli likes to spend money, so I'm not all that hopeful.
  10. I'm kind of scared to see what kind of contract McDavid will get July 1st. I'm hearing it could be more than 13 million a season.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on A Man Called Ove. It was a great movie. Easily a birdie. I watched Okja immediately after. It was good, as well. I'll give that one a par.
  12. Way to go Connor! It's nice to have your team finally win something other than the draft lottery.
  13. I agree on AG. They have woven a pretty interesting tale so far. I'm not sure if I'll revisit the book, but I'll definitely watch the second season. Its just about that time of year when I sweet talk the missus into getting HBO back for a few months.
  14. Good for BK! He's been a stud in my TST fantasy pool, even though I didn't pick him this week.
  15. I did a binge of both seasons of Amazon Prime's Red Oaks. It was good, but nothing spectacular. They favor tennis over golf, which knocks it down a little in my books.