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  1. The coolest part was definitely watching Arnie playing. As a golfer in his 30's, I've always just seen him as an older man. To watch him still in his prime (or at least not a Senior player) was awesome. He just had a presence that was magnetic. I loved the main play by play golf announcer, who was that?
  2. I echo Jeff's comments above. I actually like the Legislator more than the Judge overall. The Judge has a few incredible holes but also more let down holes in my opinion. The 18th in particular was a huge letdown. It's also quite hard. The legislator just fits together better in terms of the whole 18, it's a bit easier, and a lot of fun. If you play the difficult Judge, I like to pair it with an easier combo vs the Senator, which is also difficult for the reasons given. The Senator has the least amount of scenic views as well. Cheers.