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  1. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    Well I have played the first two rounds and shot 82, 79. I'm aging pretty good but tommorow is the third round I will need to finish strong. Also I just bought new irons. The irons I've been playing with are the old king cobra oversize. My new ones are Taylormsde burner 2.0's. obviously leaps and bounds better. They should lower my score considerably. But idk if I should play with them Thursday. Any advice.
  2. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    Well tommorow is the big day! Yesterday I played my practice round and shot an even 80. I played ok but could have done so much better. I had three double bogeys! However I made 4 birdies. I even had not one but two three putt bogeys! Should have been much lower. Still I played a so so round and was only one shot off. My practice round really helped my confidence heading in ill let you know how tommorow goes.
  3. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    well im playing a practice round tommorow any tips so that i can better prapare for my tryouts?
  4. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    I know i can shoot in the 70s and i do often but just like any golfer i have bad days and if i have one of those... and shoot 90 then it will be hard to average under 80. thats what im worried about. last year we only had to play 1 round and that day i had a good day. but with three rounds im worried about being consistent.
  5. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    thanks this makes sense. my swing plane is pretty vertical so ive been trying to flatten it out a little.know any drills or anything to help get my plane more horizontal?
  6. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    With driver and fairway woods i somtimes get a high fade that i know hurts my distance quite a bit. Ive been working on it for quite a while but i still comes back sometimes.
  7. Help! Tryouts In less than a week!

    I have highscool golf tryouts on monday and have to average a 79 for the three rounds. i was on the team last year but im worried about this year, i can shoot in the 70's sometimes but idk about averaging it for three straight days! Please any tips or advice because im super nervous! thanks.