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  1. Yesterday I shot an even par 72(sr tees). Front side was just average for me as I had 4 bogeys and 1 birdie for a 39. Backside I had 3 birdies and shot 33. So a jekyll and hyde round but my best score of the year. Funny how it goes.....after the front side I was thinking if I could break 80 for the day I would be satisfied. But everyone in my group was playing well so I think that rubbed off on me. Taking the day off.....don't want to follow with an 85. Ha.
  2. Playing a lot better recently which is mainly due to watching several videos of Paul Wilson on youtube. His primary theme can be summed up in one word 'loose'. Nothing he says is ground breaking teaching but has been a good reminder for me. Loose or relaxed grip and arms. I focus on this along with starting my backswing with my left shoulder and finishing with my right shoulder. And letting my arms flow through w/o a death grip on the club. My ball striking has been much more consistent with better distance which is important for a senior. And it has helped my putting as I focus on relaxed arm
  3. Shot 76 today with 4 birdies and 2 doubles. Pretty pleased with the round considering I was +5 after 4 holes.
  4. It was ok but not great. I think the course had as much to do with it as anything. Not a good one for tv.
  5. I'm not a fan of his but he has every right to play. As has been stated, it's in his backyard so an easy tune up for him. I get it.
  6. I've had 2 old fashion fittings in my lifetime. Old fashion meaning no monitors or high tech equipment. Basic measurements and a pro watching me hit various clubs on the range. Both pros were at my club and very familiar with my swing. Both recommended standard lofts and lies. As I have aged I moved from stiff to regular shafts on my own. I'm sure it would behove me to get a proper fitting as things change over time but no head pro any longer where I play. I could drive a good distance to get it done but I have been satisfied how my equipment has performed over the years and how it performs to
  7. This tournament playing like a major. Tight fairways with tall rough. Plus cool air today with some wind. The distance debate dies down with tough conditions.
  8. Got to be more than just wore down from last year. Would be a shame if he couldn't defend at the Masters.
  9. Shot a 79 yesterday with 3 birdies. Played sloppy early but better as the day progressed. Had a gimmie birdie on the last hole which was nice as my team was down 1 stroke going into the hole and they bogeyed so we ended up winning the match(4 ball). Started to hit my irons better which is the best part of the day as that is one of my goals for the year....to be a better iron striker. Going to take some time but saw some positives.
  10. I watch a little on tv and have been to LPGA events. The only thing that puts me off sometimes are the overweight ones. I know......that sounds terrible but I want players to look like athletes. Same holds true for men. And I do think more Americans would be a plus for the tour, but you have to earn your way on tour. It's not going to be given to you.
  11. Like many, two years ago I couldn't see him winning again. Who would have thought he could have overcome his back issue? I voted a couple of wins this year but no majors. He certainly could win one tho. Just going with the odds.
  12. MSDOGS1976


  13. Same here. And seeing that i'm old(65) and all my golfing buddies are in the same age bracket, that usually means the short tees. Which is more than fine this time of the year when it's always wet and sloppy. But during the summer when it's hot and dry, I will back up to the next set of tees. We usually half 1/2 that will do that with the 70 and overs staying on the short ones.
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