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  1. The irony of my comment 2 years ago...I traded that Yes! for a SC. Then I bought another SC...and then another. I love my SC Bullseye Blade the most. However, the Studio Stainless and Studio Select Newport 2 putters were excellent.
  2. 3 months ago: Bag Boy Revolver, Driver, 3 Wood 1 month ago: irons last week: new SW, LW
  3. I love the feel of Mizuno irons. The only other clubmaker's irons that I like are Ben Hogan.
  4. I am a fan of his swing, also. Fred Couples has a great swing, too.
  5. I improved when I switched to the Scotty Cameron Bullseye. The feedback and feel are what helped improved my stroke. I have 2 other Scotty Cameron Putters (Studio Stainless and Studio Select Newport 2) but the feel is muted when compared to the blade.
  6. I have the Mizuno Mx-900s, and although they are very easy to hit, I find the lack of feedback to be a big negative. I switched to Musclebacks and I have been improving a lot faster. Just like putting (from mallet to a blade - Scotty Cameron Bullseye Blade), I have improved from going from a forgiving putter to a basic non-forgiving putter. I have just bought a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 but with the Bullseye, I can putt with anything nowadays.
  7. I opted for the Musclebacks for the same reason, as the OP. I actually went from Super Game Improvement to Player's Clubs (the MX-900 was replaced with the MP-33s). Once I begin to improve, if ever, I may consider tossing the hybrids for my 3 and 4 irons.
  8. Airvue is the best compromise of accuracy, ease of use, battery life and availability of courses. I also have ViewTi2010 but it is not user friendly (too many button pushes for scoring).
  9. I still use my SC Bullseye blade putter. Nothing gives me the same feel and feedback. I have a SC Newport and it is not the same to me.
  10. I address mine with the face "Closed". The club is light and the sound is great. It looks like a square driver but has rounded corners. I like the club. It has given me confidence on the driver.
  11. The biggest limitation for me, is the quality of cellular phone signal on the golf course. If your signal is no good, your 'rangefinder' is out of commission. Depending upon the hole, I may have 3 G or Edge or be completely out of any functional bars. I do like Golf Card and MyCaddie
  12. Check with your credit card company, regarding fraud protection. I called them since I was trying to get an item repaired, and they could not help me. They are a worthless company. That is why I refer people to either Momentus or Refiner Golf.
  13. I saw on the iTunes store that there are a few apps that allow you to map your course. ViewTi YouCaddie Golf GPS AirVue ProCreative Golf 09 GreenFinder GolfSuite GolfCard Have any of you tried this?
  14. I bought a 1 GB MP3 player just to listen to it while practicing. 24/7, Swing, Set, Through...
  15. I frequently practice chipping or sand shots onto the chipping green. However, I also try to putt out after I have hit my 2-3 shots. Sometimes, I see people get irritated when I am putting, though, so I only do it if no one is around. My goal is to one putt from my shot to get up and down in 2, versus 3 or 4, to lower my handicap. Yesterday, I was glad that I only had 1 3-putt. Is it a faux paus to putt on the chipping green?
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