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  1. Att iPhone 5. I went in settings and deactivated my score card hopefully next time it will skip right to the next hole. It may have to do with my iOS update I just did
  2. ^ that's what really throws me off, I'd think the average would be skewed higher. Obviously the pros aren't chunking any shots, topping any, or shanking any shots to drag the numbers down .
  3. Today while watching golf I noticed everyone on the 197 yard par 3 sixth hole hit 7 iron with the occasional 6. Again that chart may true but I can't see how
  4. Anyone else have golf logix freezing after their first hole. I click the top right tab that says next hole then it goes to the scorecard for that hole and freezes. I have to reset my phone then go back in and when it says if I want to continue round I have to click cancel round
  5. ^ I agree it has a lot to do with form, but for me (I'm 6'1) I'd rather just not risk it. Especially since I already have an Injury, one small misfire or one rep with bad form and I could be out for a long time. I absolutely love rack pulls. They has completely transformed my upper back
  6. HRT, especially with injectables is a very serious step and shouldn't be taken lightly. It completely shuts Down your natural production and can be very hard to come off of. If you decide you want to go ahead and do it you should know your getting yourself into a life long endeavor. All That being said when done correctly its very safe and effective, problem is many dr's have no idea how to administer it properly. Make sure your Dr. Tests your estrogen and monitors it. When on HRT/testosterone you should also be on an estrogen blocker (AI). Your test and estrogen are meant to be kept in balance, if you raise your test your body will raise estrogen production becuase it wants to keep the proper ratio. Steroid forums are great places for hormone replacement therapy info. Most have sub sections just for it. I'm 28 and have a test level of 238, I have good energy and recovery Ability but am still concidering it. Again its a very serious decison, and if u want to have Children in the future it's even more complicated. I workout and eat great but still hold a lot of body fat and little muscle. I also have high estrogen so that could be part of the problem. Anyone here injecting and what has your proces been like? Do u inject hcg as well?
  7. I used to do some PLing but was more focused on BBing, I was training to compete in natural shows. My best was B-315x5 S-385x5 D-450x5. I then had some back/disk problems and stopped going for crazy weights. My routine now is push/pull/legs/off. On my off days I do 30 mins Of cardio and tons of stretching. I will say RDL's have done wonders for my lower back problems and posterior chain tightness. On my leg days I do lignt 15 rep deep low bar squats and 15 rep RDLs, this really stretches out my posterior chain and keeps it strong. On my pull days I do heavy rack pulls which seems to be fine for my lower back. I really believe its the bottom 4-5 inches of the deadlift that end up hurting so many people
  8. The point is he kept changing his story, and again its my opinion but if he saw the ball oscillate I would imagine he thought There's a good chance it moved. In the end everything worked out and he got an extra shot added on then if he would have said something initially and maybe even got no strokes taken away. I'm not a rules guru but if he said something initially and they ruled no penalty, after further review could they change it and penalize him a shot?
  9. The 18th hole is a 235 yard par 3 this week. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of 4 irons
  10. Again we are trying to get inside of tigers head and its impossible. I would think if he thought the ball oscillated and possibly moved he knew the correct thing was to alert an official. First he said it didn't move, then he said it oscillated , just seems a bit fishy. Listen if you think guys do stuff like this all the time and tiger is just being targeted that's fine. It's my opinion this type of negligence and blatant disregard for the rules doesn't happen that often. Even if it did it doesn't make it right. Everyone needs to be held to the same stsndard, obviously tiger is on cmsera more but that doesn't mean he gets a few gimmes on rules violations. I honestly sympathize with tiger because no matter what he does it seems he won't make people happy. Maybe he didn't see the ball move and he feels targeted and if that's the case it's a really sh*tty situation for him. That being said he has a history and eventually you have to realize he is who he is and I think that's where people are at. He no longer hets the benefit of the doubt from name
  11. This isn't about a rule we don't like or a rule tnat should be changed. In your example the player doesn't think he did anything wrong and isn't hiding anything. To me it seems tne argument is about tiger knowing he may have broken a rule tnat would give him a penalty and chose to ignore it and play on instead of do the right thing. It's not about the rule , it's not even about If the ball actually mkved(which it seems it did) its about people's thinking tiger thought he may have broken a rule and ignored it
  12. Fair enough. So your stance is he didn't see the ball move/didn't think he had any reason to alert an official. While removing debris he saw the ball oscillate and he continued tninking i did nothing wrong?
  13. Very true but I think people are foolish to think otherwise.
  14. After watching the video numerous times I think its pretty obvious TIGER THOUGHT THE BALL MOVED. He went to try and move the stick, the second the ball appears to move he freezes then puts the stick back down. If he didnt think it moved he would have comtinued pulling the stick away. At this point as a pga professional its his responsibility to notify someone he believes his ball moved. At the very least I believe he thought the ball may have moved, which he would still have to notify someone. All this talk about it oscillated, moved, blah blah is irrelevant. IT appears pretty obvious tiger knows something happened and he decided to just play on. He got his penalty and life goes on but it def says something about tiger. I like tiger and think sometimes be gets the shrt end of the stick(no pun intended) but I think this situation says a lot about him. He's hidden In the trees, seemingly no one around or looking and this is what he chose to do. I would imagine If this happened out In the open he would have said something. Edit: funny I was gonna use the pickup Stix analogy and just saw the pic. We all know you test out the other sticks by slowly pulling them away and seeing if anything moves. This is exactly what tiger did. The ball moved so he put back the stick. This seems pretty black and white I'm surprised people are taking the "maybe is oscillated, maybe he didn't notice defense etc.
  15. I have a set of callaway x20s. PW=45 A=50 And SW=55. Works for me for now I'm still learning and only in my first season
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