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  1. Nothing new. Ohio is a swing state and Jack always publicly endorses the Republican nominee. And it's front and center at high profile events. I respect him for it even though I'm on the other side. There are countless pros who make snide disgusting comments behind the scenes, according to golf reporters, but seldom if ever are willing to state them for the record. Tom Lehman comes to mind.
  2. Van de Velde got the worst break in modern sports history on his second shot. Otherwise he can chump it around and still win. Only because Mike Tirico and Curtis Strange described the series of shots so ineptly on ABC, and never remotely began to hint at the odds against that second shot ricocheting off the grandstand rail and bounding back in front of the bern into heavy rough, is Van de Velde's collapse remembered as idiocy instead of incomparable bad luck. You can sense Tirico realizes his error. Nowadays whenever the Van de Velde situation comes up, including on the air last
  3. The version with the late comma. Definitely a slight pause. My impression was identical to others who posted earlier in the thread, that the comment probably didn't have anything to do with Michelle Wie. The person making the rant was startled upon realizing they were back on the air...instinctively used Michelle's name since she happened to be on camera, then realized the situation was hopeless and shut up. I still can't place the voice. Doesn't sound anything like Crafter. This morning I replayed the incident many times followed by Crafter's description of a shot several minutes later
  4. I've listened to the original broadcast many times, which is less tinny than the YouTube versions. It certainly doesn't sound like Jane Crafter. More of a man's voice. And Crafter didn't seem even slightly embarrassed or hesitant for the remainder of the broadcast. Definitely a hint of a foreign accent, particularly when saying the name, "Michelle." I thought it was Tom Abbott initially. But during his apology 15 minutes later Abbott seemed to distance himself from it, saying, "I don't think it was (the F word)." If it was his work, he obviously would have known, and couldn't use
  5. Uh, not exactly. This was an absolute silver platter for Tim Finchem. It's been quite hilarious to sample various sites, with proponents of slow play penalization positively giddy at the LPGA incident. Classic case of no clue what you're looking at, situational impact flying over heads like Tiger's yanked second shot at Wells Fargo a few weeks ago. The LPGA incident remarkably combined four aspects that the PGA wants no part of, and manages to avoid with its quiet after-the-fact policy...fines only: * Questionable on the spot interpretation, considering the variables at hand
  6. Yeah, I think they have limited availability in terms of exemptions. Particularly the PGA exemptions, which are invariably lower profile events. Take what you can get. Kingsmill was a natural fit for the exemption to this Big Break. That event previously was very popular with the LPGA players, and the Kingsmill resort hosted the first ever all-female Big Break (III). The Kingsmill LPGA event was discontinued 5 or 6 years ago and it was a big surprise when a revived version was a late addition to the 2012 schedule. I haven't looked at the schedule closely but it's possible the Big
  7. The barefoot girl was Cirbie Sheppard, first eliminated at Ka'anapali, which aired in 2008. It was obvious from the outset that Cirbie was overmatched. She shanked one into the bushes in a challenge where the contestants had to hit two shots on a par 4, with the two worst results going to elimination. Others were 20 or 30 feet away while Cirbie was something like 150 yards. She didn't play terribly in the short game elimination challenge against Tina Miller but it was hilarious when Cirbie literally took 5 minutes to hit a shot from just off the green. She couldn't decide whether to chi
  8. I noticed the same thing early in the week, that Tiger's hands at address seemed to be further from his legs than normal.
  9. I'd love to wager the ball got stuck in a tree or debris. The reports of spectators seeing the ball land are not convincing. I've read comments under the related articles on GolfChannel.com from people who were on the scene and heard everything. Apparently two people claimed the ball landed but one of them changed his story to fit Russell's question -- 'Did you see the ball come to rest?" -- then a third guy belatedly agreed with their version. The guy who wrote the post is adamant that nobody saw anything definitive and it was the most outrageous decision he's ever seen. From th
  10. Just twice. Carling Coffing received two exemptions. The first was a no-cut limited field event, the Lorena Ochoa Invitational. Carling finished last. But she made the cut weeks earlier in the LPGA CVS Pharmacy event. She got into that event via sponsors exemption, one that obviously would not have been granted minus her Big Break victory. Carling's second exemption was the Dubai Ladies Masters on the Ladies European Tour. Carling made the cut and was actually tied for 7th after two rounds. Ironically, she never would have been in that event if she had advanced at Q School, since Q School fina
  11. Thanks for mentioning that. I read the Live Chat transcript today. Looks like Nicole may have bent the rules a little bit prior to filming. The Morning Drive crew asked if friend Ryann O'Toole had given her any advice on what to expect on Big Break. Nicole said Ryann told her to be prepared for anything and to get plenty of sleep. During the Live Chat the same question was posed and suddenly Nicole's version was a bit different. She said the players weren't allowed to seek advice from anyone who had been on the show but that her advice to anyone would be to prepare for anything and get plenty
  12. I feel the same way. It's been standard golf throughout, or as close as Big Break can make it. Indian Wells was too slanted toward the short game. No circle chalk. No 1/2 stroke advantage in elimination. Nobody has been eliminated simply via hitting it closer to the hole. You have to hole out. I didn't even mind the larger cup because it was introduced early and there was an obvious reason for it -- feasibility of chipping into the hole in a low number of attempts. They might have been filming all day with a standard sized cup.
  13. If nothing else, the timing worked out well for Anthony, like a high level warm up. I'd guess he will be in PGA Q School first stage in a few weeks. Last year he made it to second stage. I looked at his Timberlake stats and one of them was shocking: He averaged 338.5 yards on the first day, 2nd longest in the entire field. I don't remember anything resembling that type of distance during his two Big Break appearances at Mesquite and Dominican Republic. Otherwise, his ball striking was poor, a low percentage of greens in regulation. And he made far too many mistakes. That seems to
  14. That was classic. You try to make a point to downplay O'Toole's contribution, yet you botch the bottom line. O'Toole indeed earned 3 points -- halve with Christina Kim in Friday four ball, full point with Morgan Pressel in Saturday foursomes, full point with Stacy Lewis in Saturday four ball, and halve against Caroline Hedwall in Sunday singles. Pressel was mostly responsible for the foursome victory but O'Toole carried the pairings with Kim and Lewis. And Pressel emphasized that she was able to hit comfortable irons into the greens based on O'Toole's drives, and not the typical hybrid or fair
  15. That tournament is next week. Anthony Rodriguez got the exemption.
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