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  1. The best advise I got when first starting out was to get my tempo. Distance off the tee will follow providing you make a good connection with the ball. Take your time with your swing and even take a 3/4 back swing to start.
  2. Hey Shae. Would be a good idea for you to start is to look on gumtree for a good second hand set. Heaps on there and you can get them so much cheeper.
  3. 3rd hole. 131 y , par 3. Stuck my pw about 3 f from the pin to win closest to the whole.
  4. Keep going. Wont be long and your handicap will start to tumble. Mine has dropped 6 strokes in 4 months
  5. Dont you just love coming home to find presents on your door step like that? I always get mine delivered to work. Cheating I know but I cant wait till I get Home.
  6. I played a set of Lind Sniper irons which were a copy of the Callaway X18 I think. I used them for about 6 years with no complaints at all. I thought for how good I was at the time and the price I was willing to pay that they were pretty good. I have upgraded my irons to the Wilson CI11 now.
  7. You have to play the new ones don't you? I had the same problem earlier in the year and I chose to go with the new ones. Best move for me. I ended up winning the day.
  8. Just picked up a Cleveland 588 Satin 50/2 Wedge from Golfbox. They have their half yearly sale and I got it for $69 aus. Bloody rippa if you ask me.
  9. Driver 3 months Wood and hybrid 10 Months Irons 6 months ( last ones I have for 6 years) Putter for about 8 years.
  10. When you daughter comes up to you and says that she has been hooking for a couple of years and you tell her that is ok, but she should really keep her head still and that should help
  11. When you can recount every shot you did over your last 5 games but can't remember what you had for dinner two nights ago
  12. PerthLefty

    Dick Fowler PI

    What more can be said?? FORE!!!!
  13. I had my brother in-law staying with me and my family a little while back. He showed a bit of interest when I was talking about golf (self confessed golf nut I am). I took him out to the range a few times to have a hit and on one of these occasions I took my whole family (wife, daughter 10, son 7). Daughter was neither here or there. Son started getting into it. Brought him a second hand set for $50 and down the range we went. He loved it. Next time I was going to the range I said I was going to hit a few and before I could finish saying it my son was out of his set, shoes on and grabbing his clubs from the garage. I say the best way to get them into it would be keep it fun and enjoyable. Don't push them into it. If it is meant to happen then it will.
  14. Won the finals of match play in my local club comp. Went to an extra hole. Trust me to pull my drive out of bounds. Lucky for me the guy I was against smashed his into a metal pole used for a safety net. The ball then screwed off sideways and I smashed my 3rd 250 yards up the left side to be 50 yards short. I ended up down for a 5 and up for the win.
  15. For the last few years I have been using Srixon. I am liking the Q Star at the moment. Seem to be working for me
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