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  1. Greenside bunker shots are killing me - I feel like I can never get out of them! Spent some time practising, but I realize I am probably doing something wrong. I have looked up videos on youtube, but eveyrone is a little different. So wanted to ask if any of you guys have some tips to share or recommendations on what videos, drills or instructions have been helpful.
  2. When at the range, I used to do this drill where I place a ball behind my club at setup. Now the key is on the takeaway to push the ball back in a straight line as you lift the club in your take away. You don't want to exaggerate the push but for the first few inches on the takeaway it will help keep your wrists and arms silent and just rotate with your torso, and then begin to point your hands backwads, after which point you can hinge your wrists.
  3. Hi folks....I realize there are numerous threads on this site regarding hard cases, soft cases, etc. However, I was wondering if anyone has tried using a hybrid travel bag and stored this within a soft case for travel? Probably a bit of overkill, but why not protect the investment. I have generally heard good things about hybrid travel bags (Cargo golf, Caddy Daddy, etc.), but have heard that the pockets and exterior fabric may not be of the highest quality. However, I do like the idea of hard protective shell throughout the golf bag and the fact that they are crush resistant. Putting the hybrid bag into a soft case (such as Club Gove, or even something relatively cheaper), will protect the exterior fabric of the hybrid bag. Plus I would not have to use a stiff arm, since the hybrid's helmet should do the trick. I realize many say that the Club Glove + Stiff arm is an excellent travel bag and I don't doubt it, but I wonder how crush resistant the soft cover over my normal golf bag will be. Some reservations in my thinking are: 1) The hybrid golf bag be a of a relatively lightweight, considering airline baggage restrictions. I think most are around the 10 pound mark. 2) Another catch in my thinking is the overall cost, buying a club glove and a hybrid might quickly add up to more than just getting a club glove! So given that I would be using a hybrid travel bag anyways within the soft case, I was considering maybe going cheaper on the soft case (Golf Travel Bag Chaffeur, Caddy Daddy, etc) - that way the scheme does not cost more than arguable the best bag around, i.e. Club Glove + Stiff Arm. 3) Hybrids like the Cargo Golf or Caddy Daddy, can easily hold 14 clubs 4) Hybrid fits within the soft case - looking at most product dimensions seems that this would be possible Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated? Also, anyone tried this? Thanks a lot in advance for the thoughts and insights.