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  1. Strandly

    Video Game Thread

    Nice. I would have went with a 2080 TI over the 1070s actually, but the rest looks solid. I'd try Deus Ex: Mankind Divided if you want to see a great looking game that takes some power to max out.
  2. Strandly

    Video Game Thread

    Yeah it is. I picked up a bundle for Darksiders 1 and 2 on Steam for like 5 bucks a few years ago and was amazed it was that cheap. Such a great all-around series.
  3. Strandly

    Your First Car

    1981 silver 2-door Dodge Champ hatchback. Grandparent's car but he never drove it so it was a loaner for my last couple years of highschool. Chick repellent car.
  4. Strandly

    Video Game Thread

    Picked up a couple games during the steam sale. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and Dragon's Dogma. Both games are a bit older now but are entertaining. Dragon's Dogma is what Skyrim should have been like.
  5. Strandly

    Is it too much height in my shot a good thing?

    Well, I'm obviously doing something wrong... Edit: Or maybe not, I guess it's hard for me to tell where a 4 iron peaks since it's a ways out there, or at least further than a wedge.
  6. Strandly

    Poll on Range Finders

    I almost impulse bought one shortly after I started playing but then I learned about the markers and flag colors and got around fine on those things. I wouldn't mind having one now for courses that are poorly marked and for checking yardages after I hit my shot but the cost is just too high for fluff things like that imo.
  7. Strandly

    Is it too much height in my shot a good thing?

    I'm not saying you're bragging, or lying, or anything like that. I simply think there are very few good ways of measuring yardages out there. I think a lot of people resort to eyeballing it or referring to simulators or don't fully account for weather or terrain or some other thing and all of that stuff adds up. Like I said though if you hit it that far then I would simply work on aiming.
  8. Strandly

    Is it too much height in my shot a good thing?

    I'm pretty skeptical of your distances. I mean... I remember a 210 yard hole Spieth hit a 5 iron on and it came up just short and you hit a shorter club 210-225? OoooooooooK. Maybe you're just a beast I guess? The thing that jumped out at me was the store simulator. I don't trust those things at all. When I got my clubs fitted I knew nothing about the game and the machine was telling me I was driving the ball 275 yards. There was simply no way. Anyway, I think hitting the ball high is almost never a problem. If it was costing you yards, which according to these herculean stats probably isn't the case, then I would maybe change some things but to me it looks like you just need to learn to aim better.
  9. Strandly

    Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    Sure, but what will that actually accomplish? Say I know the secret and the conspirators threaten the well-being of my family members. If I tell the world the secret I can say "Oh and they'll kill my family now" which will only make my story look more true if they do. And what would be the point of killing people at that point anyway since it won't put the cat back in the bag? It seems to me if the conspirators didn't trust me they'd be better off simply killing me as soon as they decided a threat was necessary. I didn't realize it until now but it's actually kind of amusing to talk about conspiracies this way because oddly the logistics of pulling off such a thing as a worldwide, 1500 year old secret society (for example) pales in comparison to the unpredictability of human nature. And lastly did you ever wonder about the Bond movies where the maniac billionaire builds a secret military base in the desert or on the bottom of the ocean and fills it with nameless henchmen? Does the janitor in that place really have an undying loyalty to Bond's nemesis? How much could they possibly be paying that guy? What's his motivation if not money? Does he share the same thirst for world domination as his boss? lol... The things people overlook for the sake of a story.
  10. Strandly

    Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    Actually though now that I think about it technically they are right. Ha.. I'm trying to think back to physics stuff and if I remember right even something that is rotating at a constant angular rate is accelerating because the vector is constantly changing. So according to the scientific definition we are indeed accelerating yet we don't feel it. It might be kinda fun to be part of this flat earth movement and troll scientists with their own ideas.
  11. Strandly

    Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    I don't remember a tree being in the way but you also can't quite get at the window because they've got a small piece of that corner walled off with glass panels to re-create the scene. You can stand several feet to the right of the spot and see down the street though. It's a fantastic spot to snipe from because the street goes dead straight away from the window and there would be no left or right movement to keep the crosshairs on someone in a car. But yeah I'm not sure what has changed in the area over the years so maybe it was more challenging back in the day. I agree completely. People can't even keep a secret between a handful of friends and I'm expected to believe a thousand or ten thousand or hundred thousand people are colluding on something and over the course of decades or centuries without a peep? Yeah right. What about the people who are about to die of old age or from disease? What do they have to lose by spilling the beans? I find it extremely hard to believe someone somewhere wouldn't send a package to a media company on the way out... Now that is funny. I would like to see them explain what moving feels like because last I knew the only thing humans can feel is acceleration.
  12. Strandly

    Conspiracy theories you believe in?

    Out of all the conspiracies the flat earth thing never made sense to me because you can see for yourself that it's not true several times a month for your entire life. The Oswald thing is pretty amusing too. I don't know how many documentaries I've seen where they say it was an impossible shot, he needed help, blah blah blah. I've been through that book depository twice and it really is a neat thing to tour but when you go up to the window and see the X on the street it's like pffffffffffffft. I'm hardly a marksman but I would give myself a 60% chance of being able to hit someone in the head with an open sight pellet gun at that angle and distance let alone a real gun with a scope. Anyway, I would encourage anyone interested in that event go tour the place because when you see how small it is between the window, the street, and the knoll it seems almost impossible to have the mass confusion and fairy tale that gets portrayed in books and TV shows.
  13. Strandly

    What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    I generally won't even consider a sports movie unless it's a comedy. Football: Water Boy Baseball: Major League Golf: Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack, both are great. Auto Racing: Does Mad Max count?
  14. Strandly

    "GolfNow" starting to run its course?

    I haven't used GN in 3 years. There is apparently just no course in Idaho that uses the service, but even before I stopped using it the great deals started getting much harder to find. I'm a little surprised it's still going actually because, yeah, it looked like they were getting greedy with the fees and like courses were having a change of heart about the prices they were putting out there.
  15. I disagree. This is Darwinism at work and ultimately it benefits humanity as a whole. Of course friends and family of this guy will say that's crude and mean and everything else but the truth is people have been coddled for so long they either forgot or became so arrogant they think nobody should have to pay a price for being stupid. Anyway, I'd be somewhat surprised if we don't see the end of that regime in 50 years or less. I think the people will either rise up and kill the fat kid or he'll pick a fight and get smoked by someone-- which again will be Darwinism at work.

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