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  1. I voted no but I've played at courses that tried to make me give up my cart when I got paired with other people with less than full carts and I didn't agree with that request.
  2. Aaaand speak of the devil, I go to play today after not playing for 9 days because of the heat and as a single I get stuck behind a fivesome for the entire front 9. I was so mad I almost left after #4 but since I haven't played in so long I stuck it out to see if I could get by them at the turn. I almost thought they weren't gonna let me through at the turn because 2 of them didn't stop for food or drinks and went to wait at #10. What a miserable front 9 though, all this did was reinforce my hatred for groups of 5+. In stranger news I actually hit another goose on the back 9. #17 is a par 4 with a pond along the fairway about 2/3 of the way to the hole and it's always crowded with geese. I hit one on the fly with my drive and it flipped over and was kinda twitching and spazzing out like it was gonna die. When I got close though it flipped back over and got up and walked away while ruffling its feathers. I've now officially hit more geese than scored eagles which is somewhat irritating.
  3. Hahaha I always wanted to play that course when I lived there but I could never find a cheap enough green fee to get me out there. I did play the other linked course a few times though, I lived a couple blocks away from it actually.
  4. Yeah I went to Jason Bourne yesterday and I can easily say I've seen that movie 50 times before; absolutely nothing original in it what-so-ever. It wasn't bad by any means though, I give it a par. Went to the new Ghostbusters today and it was as bad as I was expecting. Special effects were excellent but it was just not funny at all. Bogey.
  5. Nature has a knack for weeding out people who get tired of stuff like, you know, being alive.
  6. Not about a game in particular but game related anyway. I just got this e-mail from newegg about a GTX 970 I bought last August. I had no idea this was a problem and this is the first I've heard of the lawsuit. It appears there is a $30 settlement in the works. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/07/nvidia-offers-30-to-gtx-970-customers-in-class-action-lawsuit-over-ram/ $30 seems kinda puny considering how expensive the thing was but I suppose it's better than nothing. If anyone else happened to buy one of these cards you may want to look into filing a claim for the $30.
  7. Groups of 5 and 6 are the absolute worst and I didn't even encounter such a thing until I got to Idaho. They try to be accommodating for everyone out here so occasionally I end up behind one of these packs of people and it drives me nuts. I don't care how fast people think they are, groups of 5+ simply do not belong in this game imo.
  8. Most of last year I couldn't quite seem to hit the ball where I was aiming. I'd barely miss a green on the left and then make a tiny adjustment and then barely miss it on the right, or vice versa. Then I saw a random highlight of Bubba Watson and I was like damn this dude seems to have a steep swing... I thought maybe my swing was too flat and I was always pushing or pulling the ball so if I swung steeper maybe it would help. Sure enough trying to swing more like Watson made the ball start flying where I was aiming. I had to make some other adjustments like standing taller so I didn't clip the ground and teeing the ball up lower so I didn't hit a sky ball but overall it actually helped to copy a pro. And while I think I swing steeper now I'm pretty sure it's not as steep as Watson, it looks to me like he's got some mutant joints to do what he does.
  9. I voted double bogey. All it takes is a random penalty or a couple mediocre shots at an inopportune time and it's game over.
  10. I've played as a single for all but maybe a half a dozen rounds in the 4.5 years I've been playing. The only thing I don't like is not being able to schedule a tee time as a single and I've only encountered that in Idaho. I basically have to just roll out there and hope I can play. If the group ahead of me is playing in a timely manner I have no problem waiting on them but if they're slow I'll ride them close and cross arms, stare, etc. haha But normally I don't ask or expect to be asked to play through, I just take the position that if everyone plays in a timely manner then we'll all be happy and have a pleasant round.
  11. Why do you even ask if you're not willing to turn it off.
  12. I watched the initial series where he got cleared of the attempted rape. That was a pretty ridiculous shit show by the cops. I saw the first bit after the Hallbeck murder as well and find it hard to believe he left her burnt corpse in the open pit in his front yard and then stored her car on his property. I'm sure the guy isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but come on... The dude is either the dumbest criminal who ever lived or he's got he biggest balls of any murderer in America.
  13. Forecast Monday was for 95 and my place doesn't have AC so I figured if I was gonna roast I may as well roast outside. Played 18 (walk and carry) and it sucked a big bowl of ass. Clubhouse said I finished in 3 hours 20 minutes which surprised me because I was playing so poorly I hit a ton of extra shots. Anyway, the temp made it so miserable I won't be doing that again.
  14. The game has always been that way, you don't see any guys driving the ball 230 yards winning majors.
  15. Anyone know of any great online stores for buying golf stuff? I'm mostly just looking for balls or occasionally a new glove. I know about ebay and amazon but am curious if there are other options. Any tips would be appreciated!
  16. I look at it this way. If you're a veteran of the game you probably know what you're doing wrong and can fix it right there. If you're a newer player that doesn't have the experience to fall back on it's terrible advice because you're training yourself to incorporate this bad thing into your game. Either way I think there are better ways to handle the problem.
  17. When I first started playing I was trying to figure out how to swing properly on my own so naturally I was slicing the ball everywhere. Some of the first people I was grouped with said "Oh just play your slice". I assumed they were joking but at the same time they seemed kinda serious about it. I know now that's absolutely terrible advice. Same with swinging less than full power to minimize the damage of a slice. Anyway, maybe these guys had someone tell them the same stupid thing and they just never realized it was terrible advice.
  18. Strandly

    run the roughs?

    If I remember right I played a course where the entire thing was cart path only and it was one of the dumber things I've seen since starting the game. Some areas the path was nowhere near the fairway so even though you're riding it takes as long to play as if you were walking. And if you duffed the ball 30 yards you'd have to walk clear over to the cart to get a different club and then walk clear back to hit the ball.. again. Just dumb..
  19. I always marvel at how guys with the pregnant woman gut can swing a club. They almost gotta swing it like a baseball bat because their gut sticks out further than their arms. hahahahaaa
  20. All the courses I played at in Denver when I started seemed to want collared shirts so I went out and got some dri fit shirts with collars and some polyester/spandex golf shorts. They're pretty relaxed in Idaho and people sometimes play in blue jeans and tank tops. I roll out there in my outfit (shirt not even tucked in) people look at me like I'm a PGA player. Anyway, I don't mind a dress code but I'm probably not gonna go beyond the casual attire I currently have.
  21. Had a crazy round yesterday, 9 pars, 1 birdie, 4 bogey, 4 double bogey. It was like the old guy in caddy shack having the game of his life in the hurricane. Ha
  22. Are you trying to become a pro player? If not then entertainment and exercise isn't a waste of money imo.
  23. I've never heard anyone talk smack about the short courses. I think they're a real fun change of pace.
  24. Yeah like a course needs a dozen of these things roaring around.
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