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  1. Went to the range today and ended up positioning my phone in one of the pouches where I could get a shot of myself on camera.  It was indeed pretty interesting to watch.  I was bending my knees slightly before but on the video I still looked stiff as a board.  So I bent my knees much more like I had seen various instructional videos demonstrate.  It felt really, really weird at first and I thought for sure I'd chunk the ball non-stop but that never actually happened and I was hitting some nice slightly curving iron shots like the TV cameras trace during PGA events.  Anyway, there's more work to do with this new stance so I'll continue tinkering with that.  I'll try posting a video here when I hit the next wall that I can't figure out.

  2. Video would be nice I'm sure but all I have is a smartphone and no person or tripod to hold it.  I'm sure I'll tinker with it eventually.

    I think the decceleration thing is probably spot on.  I've gotten better at not steering the club and my distances for each club jumped about 10 yards.

  3. I really think the grip and stance thing can't be mentioned enough.  Every training video seems to start out with that stuff but I think a lot of people tend to gloss over it a little bit; I know I probably did at first.  I've got these things to a point now where I can swing hard as hell and the thought of a brutal hook or slice never even enters my mind.  That doesn't mean I'm hitting fairways and greens like a champ (not even close actually), but when you swing hard you hit the ball further and obviously the room for error shrinks.  What I've found is that even with minor misses my overall efficiency shot up just from closing the gap to the hole quicker.  So long story short I think I'd re-visit the grip and stance thing if you haven't and try to get into a position where you can take a full cuts throughout the round without being distracted by where the ball might go.

  4. Looking for a tip or two on hitting irons better.

    Basically what I've noticed is.. until recently I had been using my hands to help steer the clubhead into the ball on the downswing.  This seemed to be working, more or less, and I was generally able to brush the grass and make OK contact with the ball.  However, I ended up going to the range the other day to test some things and on a whim I re-visited something I saw in a youtube video years ago.  I remember in the video the guy said something along the lines of-- "at the top of your backswing, when the club is hinged... just pull the butt-end of the handle towards the ground".  I did this without trying to help steer the clubhead at all and the club REALLY whipped through the ball.  It would create a divot (like all the training videos say) and almost every contact this way had the awesome compressed/smash sensation with the ball, and of course the ball flew a bit further than it did the previous way.  So all of this made me think my previous technique is very off.  The immediate downside I've noticed is that accuracy went into the toilet, misses both left and right.  Again, this is without trying to steer the clubhead at all.  So this brings me to my question:

    I think I'm on the right track with not trying to steer the clubhead so much, but I wouldn't mind some confirmation on that.  And secondly, is a certain amount of steering with the hands required, or should I be able to just adopt the proper grip and stance and execute the swing in such a way that I don't have to help steer the club at all and still hit shots precisely where I'm aiming?

  5. Was playing with a buddy once and we were hitting our second shots on a par 4.  Some jackwads teed off thinking we were far enough ahead and hit my buddy on the ribcage right around where his elbow would be with arms at rest.  He was a stocky guy so he knelt down for a bit and then got up and walked it off.

    I got hit in the thigh by a bouncing shank from an an old lady a few years ago.  No warning and no apology in both cases.

    I've never hit someone but like I mentioned in another thread I hit a goose during 2 different rounds the same year the old woman hit me.

  6. On 2/22/2019 at 12:55 PM, Pretzel said:

    The recent SSD prices are fantastic, honestly. In 2011 when I built my first PC I paid $150 for a 128gb off-brand (Adata) SSD. When I upgraded some parts in late 2017 I paid $150 for a 512gb Crucual M.2 SSD. Today I could pay the same price, $150, for a Crucual 1TB M.2 SSD, $148 for a 1TB Samsung 860 Evo, $126 for a 1TB WD Blue M.2 SSD, or $100 for a 960GB Adata SSD. It's literally $50 cheaper than it was 8 years ago to receive 10x the storage, and the storage for the same price has doubled in just the last year or so. 

    Now if only we could get DDR4 RAM prices to start following the same trend...

    Yeah I've had the Samsung 4 TB SSD bookmarked for almost a year on newegg and Amazon.  It was $1500 or something ridiculous at first and now it's $600.  I'd be comfortable buying it at $600 but since I'm in no hurry I'll probably wait for for black friday and see if it drops some more.  I bought my current 500 GB SSD for about $400 6 years ago and it was one of the biggest SSDs at the time so I agree the trend with these things is nice.


    On 6/13/2019 at 8:52 AM, Zeph said:

    I might try Cyberpunk one day, but the theme is not my favorite.

    TLOU2 will probably be played some day. Just gotta play TLOU first...

    My highlight from E3 was Elden Ring, which will be a guaranteed buy. I just finished Sekiro, which was a fresh and different take on FROMs Soulsborne style. The combat was very fun and engaging, but once I got the hang of it, I still prefer the combat of Bloodborne.

    I'm not much of a fan of the cyberpunk theme either but I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually.  It's really the only AAA title game I've heard anything about for 2019 which seems odd.  Maybe that means there's a lot of good things lined up for 2020.

  7. 3 hours ago, klineka said:

    Well he got a rumored $60-80 million settlement, so yeah you're right he did get what was coming to him.


    Compared to a nice long career?  Plus, when he had the chance to stand behind his word he took the money and ran.  I don't know what the price of a reputation is but it's clearly less than whatever the NFL paid him.

  8. 3 hours ago, Nave said:

    I am planning to build my next gaming PC; do you recommend buying one of those pre-built Dell Alienware or is it still cheaper to build my own? I don't care about fancy cases and lights.

    My old AMD Crossfire dual-GPU was a waste of money and time.
    It was never really supported well by many games and system drivers constantly had issues.

    I've owned 2 Dells over the years and they were the only computers I've ever owned that had stuff break on them.  Absolute garbage machines, and ironically they were the most money I've ever spent on computers.  I will never, EVER buy a Dell again for the rest of my life.  Alienware I think has always been incredibly overpriced but simply being owned by Dell now is enough to ensure that I personally would never touch one of those machines either.

    Anyway, I built my current machine several years ago after buying all the parts off newegg.  It's the first time I've done it and I'll never go back to buying pre-built machines, so yeah I'd definitely recommend doing it yourself.  GPUs are a bit of a bugbear still because the stupid bitcoin miners buy them up and make the prices insane.  The dual GPU SLI/Crossfire stuff is kind of a fad I think but even if it wasn't I think the bitcoin nonsense would make it unaffordable anyway.  A top of the line card will probably run you $1000-$1400.

    Lastly, I do have the items I need wish-listed on newegg so I can watch the prices but I have a feeling I won't be buying anything until the black friday/cyber monday sales next fall.  It seems like the only time you can get things at decent prices.

  9. On 2/4/2019 at 6:31 AM, Eric C said:

    Polar - An adaptation of Victor Santos' graphic novel "Polar: Came From the Cold", staring nobody you probably know. The world's top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser, is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm (aka, doesn't want to pay him his retirement money). Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head-to-head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.  This is part Kill Bill, part John Wick ... but quirkier.  I really enjoyed it, but it may not be for everyone and did not score well with Rotten Tomatoes (a plus, in my book).  Also has an odd ending, as many Netflix movies seem to have.  Very very violent, with several fairly graphic sex scenes - would not recommend for children, but I give it a birdie.

    I watched this recently as well.  I thought it was a great movie but I'm a fan of Mads Mikkelson anyway and I'll watch just about any action movie I stumble across.  Ultra-violent though for sure so this definitely might not be for everyone.

  10. Picked up a pair of 43" 4K monitors for my desktop and tried to play some games on the new settings.  Like I figured I'll need to upgrade a couple other things to make things playable on max settings at 4K.  Ha

    Anyway, picked up a bunch of games during the holiday sale on Steam.

    Galactic Civilization 3 is as fun as I hoped.

    Stellaris is interesting.

    Divinity: Original Sin is a solid RPG.

    There are several more I haven't even touched because I know they'll be unplayable at 4K.

  11. 1 hour ago, Pretzel said:

    The only possible case he would have would be claiming it was a hostile work environment. That said, odds are he has little to no case for that and is just hoping for some kind of settlement because that's often cheaper than fighting the lawsuit would be.

    He was trying to catapult his career and put himself into a national spotlight. He got the spotlight, but it wasn't quite what he was hoping for and it backfired terribly. He can't sue potential employers for refusing to hire him on the basis of him being bad for business, that would be akin to Joe Schmoe suing Walmart for not hiring him again after he just trashed the stock room and cost Walmart a bunch of money. Refusing to hire someone for a reason other than them being a member of a protected class is perfectly legal.

    Exactly, which is why I couldn't understand how this case wouldn't be a walk in the park for the NFL.  There must have been something in the CBA/NFLPA that gave him just enough footing where the NFL couldn't tell him to pound sand.

  12. 1 hour ago, Jeremie Boop said:

    Now that I've completely rebuilt my PC to be pretty beastly, along with a 1440p 144hz monitor. I have been looking for something that will be fun to play but will also take advantage of the hardware I have, aka be graphically amazing. Destiny 2 at 1440p runs 120-144 fps basically all the time, but once I cap out my power level per expansion I get bored. I re-downloaded Skyrim SE, put a bunch of mods in place, but that game doesn't really support SLI so I have to cut back to 1 gpu. While it looks amazing it's not really as entertaining as it was when I played it before. I put so many hours into that game that it just doesn't hold my interest anymore. I have Fallout 4 that I never finished, I could mod that up to make it look really nice I suppose, but I really want to find a new game to play. Red Dead 2 won't be coming to PC for awhile, not sure I'm all that interested in Anthem, and even if I were it's not coming until late February from what I understand right now. So disappointing to put so much money and time into building my PC only to not have anything worthwhile to play.

    Just in case anyone's curious as to my build:

    i7 8700k @ 5ghz cooled by a 240mm AiO

    16gb DDR4 @ 3200mhz cs 16

    Dual MSI Duke 1070 Ti's in sli

    Samsung Evo 860 m.2 1 tb ssd

    Seagate 2 TB hd

    Corsair Gaming STRAFE silent mechanical keyboard

    Logitech Proteus Spectrum mouse

    AOC AGON 23.8" 1440p 144hz monitor


    Nice.  I would have went with a 2080 TI over the 1070s actually, but the rest looks solid.

    I'd try Deus Ex: Mankind Divided if you want to see a great looking game that takes some power to max out.

  13. 1 hour ago, Vinsk said:

    DarkSiders III coming in November! Such an underrated game. 

    Yeah it is.  I picked up a bundle for Darksiders 1 and 2 on Steam for like 5 bucks a few years ago and was amazed it was that cheap.  Such a great all-around series.

  14. 1981 silver 2-door Dodge Champ hatchback.  Grandparent's car but he never drove it so it was a loaner for my last couple years of highschool.  Chick repellent car.

  15. Picked up a couple games during the steam sale.  Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and Dragon's Dogma.  Both games are a bit older now but are entertaining.  Dragon's Dogma is what Skyrim should have been like.

  16. On 7/2/2017 at 7:25 PM, iacas said:

    Wedges don't go any higher than a 4-iron (or shouldn't).

    Well, I'm obviously doing something wrong...  :whistle:

    Edit:  Or maybe not, I guess it's hard for me to tell where a 4 iron peaks since it's a ways out there, or at least further than a wedge.

  17. I almost impulse bought one shortly after I started playing but then I learned about the markers and flag colors and got around fine on those things.  I wouldn't mind having one now for courses that are poorly marked and for checking yardages after I hit my shot but the cost is just too high for fluff things like that imo.

  18. I'm not saying you're bragging, or lying, or anything like that.  I simply think there are very few good ways of measuring yardages out there.  I think a lot of people resort to eyeballing it or referring to simulators or don't fully account for weather or terrain or some other thing and all of that stuff adds up.

    Like I said though if you hit it that far then I would simply work on aiming.

  19. I'm pretty skeptical of your distances.  I mean... I remember a 210 yard hole Spieth hit a 5 iron on and it came up just short and you hit a shorter club 210-225?  OoooooooooK.  :ninja:  Maybe you're just a beast I guess?

    The thing that jumped out at me was the store simulator.  I don't trust those things at all.  When I got my clubs fitted I knew nothing about the game and the machine was telling me I was driving the ball 275 yards.  There was simply no way.

    Anyway, I think hitting the ball high is almost never a problem.  If it was costing you yards, which according to these herculean stats probably isn't the case, then I would maybe change some things but to me it looks like you just need to learn to aim better.

  20. 20 minutes ago, Valleygolfer said:

    I'll be devil's advocate and say threats towards their families?

    Sure, but what will that actually accomplish?  Say I know the secret and the conspirators threaten the well-being of my family members.  If I tell the world the secret I can say "Oh and they'll kill my family now" which will only make my story look more true if they do.  And what would be the point of killing people at that point anyway since it won't put the cat back in the bag?  It seems to me if the conspirators didn't trust me they'd be better off simply killing me as soon as they decided a threat was necessary.

    I didn't realize it until now but it's actually kind of amusing to talk about conspiracies this way because oddly the logistics of pulling off such a thing as a worldwide, 1500 year old secret society (for example) pales in comparison to the unpredictability of human nature.

    And lastly did you ever wonder about the Bond movies where the maniac billionaire builds a secret military base in the desert or on the bottom of the ocean and fills it with nameless henchmen?  Does the janitor in that place really have an undying loyalty to Bond's nemesis?  How much could they possibly be paying that guy?  What's his motivation if not money?  Does he share the same thirst for world domination as his boss?  lol...  The things people overlook for the sake of a story.

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