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  1. I'm happy with the shots that aren't chunky though. So I would say I'm happy with 85% of my iron/wedges. I thought there might be a possibility that if the only problem is hitting behind the ball, it's just maybe a lack of practice. But yeah, in the back of my mind I feel like it's probably a swing issue.
  2. I was luckily able to play 27 holes this past week (in MN)...that's a little over 4 months of not being on a golf course. I don't have an instructor, but I can tell you the swing feels good. Whether it looks good or is good mechanically, I don't know, but I like my distance, I like the flight.... ...When I don't chunk it. It was a nuisance this past week. It's hard to put an average on it, maybe five shots (iron/wedges) on each 9? So you're looking at 10 chunks per round of golf. Ridiculous. Some worse than others of course. So the question is In general, do you think that a chunk is more from a mechanical failure in the swing? Or lack of practice? My heart says lack of practice because my swing feels so good. My brain says, there has to be something going on mechanically. Also, the golf courses just shut back down because of Covid-19. Is there practice I can do to work on the chunk in my back-yard without a golf ball?
  3. Rory won the WGC-HSBC Championship last weekend. 27 professional wins. 18 of them being PGA Tour.
  4. Rory becomes the 2nd player (Tiger Woods is the other) to win multiple Fed Ex Cups with his win at the Tour Championship today. Biggest pay day in golf history ($15 million). 26 professional wins (17 PGA tour).
  5. Long time no talk! But I'm always lurking. Anywho, I'll cut to the chase. I've been improving a lot faster in the last couple years after learning the ball flight laws and just proper form and grip in general. I really don't have a big miss and should be heading toward a single digit handicap when I start recording my rounds more... except ... on occasion, maybe twice or three times a year (in MN that's a lot), I'll get the dreaded I've had them from swinging too much out to in, and from also too much in to out. Unfortunately when I get them it's mostly on the course and not on the range. So what I have to do after the round is head to the driving range and put an object on the other side of my ball and groove that path so I'm hitting the center of the club. Well, it happened to me again last week, got the shanks on the course and imagining an object on the other side of my ball only helped some of the time. So I went home and researched for, cripes, I probably watched videos for 2 hours and came across this (video below). It basically states, set-up with the heel or hosel aimed at the middle of the ball, rather than the middle of the club face. That may get you to re-route your club and body to swing and find the middle of the club face. Well I tried it, and my goodness it worked. For the last three rounds it's been like Angels in the Outfield, the angels have swooped in and saved my swing on every shot. Three excellent rounds, not sure if I've ever hit the ball better. And there lies the question. This is sort of a set-up band-aid right? At what point would I remove this band-aid, or if it continues to work...do I ever remove!?
  6. Fun fact: Rory holds the competitive course record at Royal Portrush with a 61, home of this years Open Championship in July. Great video to watch. Rory-McIlroy-61-at-Royal-Portrush As long as they play golf at Royal Portrush, it is unlikely anyone will go close to matching Rory McIlroy’s 61.
  7. Rory wins the RBC Canadian Open by 7 shots with a 61 in the final round. 25 professional wins, 16 of them being PGA tour wins. Still 4 majors though.
  8. Has it ever gone out? Mine goes out every 15 minutes, then takes 15 to come back. I've tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Avast.
  9. Omg, can anyone actually watch the live feed!? Mine won't work.
  10. Happy St. Paddy's Day! 15 PGA tour wins, 24 professional.
  11. Awesome! Thanks! Definitely looking at Cashen now and also looking at the more cost effective course in Enniscrone. We will also be near the Wicklow Mountains at some point in our journey and Druid's Glen looks amazing and I was surprised to see the fee was very reasonable.
  12. I'll be in Ireland in April, I want a course right off the Atlantic Ocean under $100 to play. So far these two fit my list nicely. Has anyone played these two? I want the course with the more Oceanic views. Also if you know of a better one, let me know :) Thanks!
  13. I guess what I should have said was both golfers at an equal spot in their game before the year starts. At the end of the year could be a different scenario.
  14. Two golfers playing off the same single digit handicap, one golfer uses ONLY the driving range and putting/chipping green for one year, one hour a day. The other plays your average golf course for one year, 2 hours a day (so mostly 9 holes) Both meet up and play a brand new course at the end of the year. Who Wins?
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