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  1. Back on tracman i went and we indeed noticed some inconsistencies in strikes with my Sim and i was struggling. I still hit a couple bombs (for me) 252 carry with 275 roll out but it was tremendously inconsistent. We tried different shafts and lofts and draw bias but eventually started trying different drivers. Long story short, i found something i really liked in the Callaway Mavrik with a stiff shaft. Almost every shot was flying down the middle with a 243 carry and roll out around 260-ish. So not exactly what i wanted but an increase in distance and consistency. I also got a $75 in store cre
  2. I just sent an email to the fitter, i dont know if he'll look at it or if it even helps at all but we'll see... Just trying to help the process, but if you rather all the information in person you can just ignore this email. I was fitted into the TaylorMade Sim driver a couple of weeks ago and after 5 rounds and quite a few range sessions i just cant dial it in and when i do find the sweet spot, it goes the same distance as my old driver. My main hope is focusing on carry distance, i dont care as much about maxing the roll out. So im wondering if maybe i should go back to a hig
  3. Thats good to know, hopefully they'll allow me to do the same. My "refitting" is tomorrow. The one thing i didnt like last time is we focused on overall yardage and roll out quite a bit. I think im going to ask if we can just focus on carry this time, i just want to be confident in my carry yardage...hoping for consistent 250 yd carry. Roll out i dont care as much anymore. I don't know, they're the experts.
  4. Understood, but it's not $500 more comfortable, and my old driver with a standard shaft would be just as comfortable and i actually like the look and feel of the old driver better. My main purpose was to try and gain more distance, easier on the back was secondary, and that seems like a shaft issue. Either way i dont think they'll let me return, but maybe we can tweak a few things.
  5. I'm not going to lie...I thought about that, haha. Yeah I even had a few in the hitting bay roll out to 282 through 285 yards. Did he throw a 20 mph artificial wind behind me?! haha. Nah we had a couple drivers going in the 270's not just the Sim, but the Sim felt the most comfortable, so I'll just have to go back in get some answers.
  6. Update: I've been playing the same courses I normally do and going to the driving range and I have not seen the distances I achieved on the launch monitor apply to the course at all. I'm hitting the Sim Max about exactly the same distance as I was my TM Burner. A bit frustrating to say the least, however the standard shaft does seem to be quite a bit easier on my back, I can do a full range session with the standard shaft as I was dialing in the Sim Max driver whereas the stiff shaft on the burner would wear me out with just half a bucket of balls. The person who fitted me said I can bri
  7. Indeed, i swung about 80% ever since my back injury last month and i have better control. I swung about 80% to 90% in the fitting today and still got a bit sore. But yeah when i threw my back out last month i was definitely swinging close to 100% Yeah i dig it. It come out to $499 exactly but the way i look at it, ive played the same clubs for the last 5 years for $20 at a garage sale and i play quite a bit of golf (about 3 times a week). I felt it was time to test out a fitting of a brand new club.
  8. Well i got fit for the first time this morning (just driver) and it went great, although a bit tiring for my back and we were seeing me lose a little bit of distance by the end as i was feeling tired. As i suspected, my old driver was carrying around 230 and rolling to around 250. I forgot to take notes on swing speed and ball speed but im pretty sure my swing speed with the old driver was around 102. One thing he noticed is that i have a very high ball spin rate and so we tried a bunch of different drivers and adjustments to get the spin down. He also had me switch from a stiff shaft to stand
  9. Nice. Sometimes you get lucky. My entire set of TM burners were $20 at a garage sale, divorced wife that wanted to get rid of them asap. It's a great set and i actually hit a high percentage of fairways with the driver. But driver is my favorite club and i just feel i should be carrying quite a bit more. Im not looking forward to paying a boatload of money, but i think the process will be fun, and a bit of an education for me.
  10. I assume the first one was years ago, however the "after" was posted on his Instagram story less than a month ago.
  11. I have a fitting for early next week. I can only buy brand new right now. Because of Covid, they are not allowing the fitting of used clubs apparently. My fitter is supposed to be Larry Bobka, seems like pretty good credentials to me. Larry’s resume is perhaps one of the most impressive and versatile in the entire golf industry. In his 35 years of experience, he has worked as a golf professional, golf equipment designer, and club fitter. He spent 30 of those years working for Wilson and Titleist, where he had the opportunity to work closely with the best Tour professionals in the w
  12. Man, I really don't think it's much of a beer belly. The transformation has been pretty crazy to say the least. Here's a before and after. (FYI I don't know when the before was taken, but I do know the after was taken off his Instagram less than a month ago.)
  13. Gotcha, yeah it baffles me, I wonder if it's possible I just hit irons better than woods and driver. Well, I'll find out soon. I'll try to get a fitting appointment this week.
  14. Thanks Bill, That's what I figured. The driver and 7i are from the same set. Both Taylormade Burners. I have hit a couple other 7 irons to make sure mine isn't delofted, the couple others were in between a 160 to 170 carry as well. I probably should have mentioned my 5w and 3w carry which is from the same set. 5w carries right around 205, 3w carries around 215 to 220. I feel like my driver should then be carrying around 250? Thanks, Vinsk! Thanks, Chet. What is a reasonable price for getting fit for a driver do you think? Haha, the fam and I just went to Lak
  15. I would love to get a full set of custom fit clubs, but I just don't have the finances right now. I've been getting a lot of advice lately about at least getting my driver fit. I have a couple questions. For reference, my 7 iron carries around 165 yards. My driver carries around 230. I always thought the driver should be carrying a bit more at this point, or is this pretty equal? Next, i have a bad back, I've injured it once this year already because of over-swinging driver, is there a certain weight or shaft I should be looking at that may put more ease on my spine? Last
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