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  1. Crim

    Range Golfer vs Course Golfer: Who Wins?

    I guess what I should have said was both golfers at an equal spot in their game before the year starts. At the end of the year could be a different scenario.
  2. Two golfers playing off the same single digit handicap, one golfer uses ONLY the driving range and putting/chipping green for one year, one hour a day. The other plays your average golf course for one year, 2 hours a day (so mostly 9 holes) Both meet up and play a brand new course at the end of the year. Who Wins?
  3. I dig this, big time, and wish it was.
  4. Crim

    Suffer from Back Pain? Try this.

    I've had severe lower back pain issues for last couple years, may look into getting this table. The one thing that has helped me incredibly is yoga. Yoga by Adriene on YouTube has a ton of good routines specifically for the back. She also has a yoga for golf routine.
  5. Crim

    Chiropractor Kills Playmate

    I've actually had work on both the neck and lower back done after fairly serious injuries. The only thing that helped put the lower back in place was called the gonstead technique. In my opinion, if you have lower back problems, only go to a chiropractor that is reputable and can do the gonstead. More recently I had a neck issue that was resolved after one normal chiropractor visit by a young, I would almost say inexperienced chiropractor, based off his questions. Why didn't I go back to the gonstead chiropractor? Because she was super expensive and not one cent was covered by insurance, whereas the young dude was. I do not swear by chiropractors, and don't like going but I was in severe pain and willing to try. After reading the article, I'm not sure I'd go back for the neck. Like you said, you're probably safe with the lower back.
  6. Crim

    Wrist/hand injury

    NECRO THREAD! I hurt my right wrist the other day taking too big of a divot. I'm going to take a look at that youtube video. The problem is, I'm actually taking bigger divots the more I shallow out my swing. Every instruction for "taking too big of divots" is to shallow out the swing because they assume you are coming in too steep. But mine seems to be the opposite, I listened to them, shallowed out the swing more and hurt my wrist more. So I purposely put the club in steeper and got cleaner baby divots. Pretty strange... I hope it stops soon because my right wrist is taking a beating. Any other tips on making a less deep divot?
  7. To be fair, the thread is called "is Phil going nuts." The fact that he lied to his fans and then said "toughen up" about it is a pretty big story IMO. I like sports personality stories, I don't know why the discussion has to simply be about the rules.
  8. Except that's the thing, he DIDN'T know what he did because according to Beef he had to ask the rules officials what the rule was. Then he blatantly lied about knowing it all along and told the world to toughen up. He's got a screw loose, he can't admit that he didn't know something in the game of golf and the fact that he's getting praise about it from slugs around the world because they "do it all the time" is absurd.
  9. I like Phil, but you know what rubbed me the wrong way is the fact that he made all of this seem calculated, yet check this out... Here's a quote from Beef, his playing partner. "He said, 'I don't know what that is. I don't know what score that is or what happens now.' And he started speaking to the rules official. It was one strange moment." Clearly not premeditated, which like you said, he probably just let frustration get the better of him. And if that's the case (which based off what Beef heard, it clearly is) then why'd he have to lie to all of us about it? Of course probably because Phil ALWAYS has to be right. He sort of lost me as a fan, I still like watching him play, kind of like Bubba. Not a fan of the personality, more of the play. I don't dig liars and cheats.
  10. Crim

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Ummm, yes you do. It happens all the time in high school and certain colleges.
  11. Crim

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I was down the middle with Patrick Reed, but after his comments about his back hurting from carrying Jordan in the Ryder Cup... I became a big fan :) With that said, ill always be a bigger fan of Rory. Hopeing for the slam today.
  12. Crim

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    This has probably been mentioned already, but how in the check do we watch Tiger tomorrow? You'd think he'd be in a featured group online at the very least. I'm seeing 3pm est on ESPN and then some special cameras on CBS sports.com
  13. Crim

    Official: Irish Pro Golfing Thread

    Ugh, Paul Dunne was looking good at -14, he then sliced it into the water on the easiest par 5. And then he flop shot it back in the water. Effectively taking himself out of the winners circle unless he goes absolutely berserk on the back 9. Tough to watch.
  14. Crim

    Official: Irish Pro Golfing Thread

    Updates! Rory didn't fare very well at the WGC Match Play, didn't make it past the round robin. Today we have to keep a good eye on County Wicklow's own PAUL DUNNE! This 25 year old does not have a Masters invite despite besting Rory and winning the British Masters last October to notch a spot in the top 75 in the world. He'll need a win today (two strokes back of the leaders) at the Houston Open. Paul has played the US OPEN and the OPEN Championship, but never the Masters. County Offaly's Shane Lowry needs to go REALLY low today as he's 5 strokes back of the leaders, he also does not have a Masters invite, will need a win. Seamus Power made the cut but is 8 strokes back, and Paddy Harrington missed the 54 hole cut.
  15. Crim

    Patrick Reed relief comment

    Not a huge P. Reed fan, not a hater either. I chuckled at his comment wholeheartedly.

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