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  1. Totally. Feels totally weird. But also awesome how just improving that one position has changed my contact with the ball so much.
  2. Just checking in here with some progress and notes. I'm not going to post a video yet, but I've been working diligently on the feedback received from my first evolvr submission. I don't want to reveal their secret sauce but my main priority is working to get to a better position when the shaft is parallel to the ground. If you look at my video above, you can see that my hands are high and outside and the clubface is inside of my hands and I've rolled over. Here's a photo taken while I video'd my practice at the range. While not perfect, seems to me I've gotten closer to where I should be. And the results are obvious to me in much better contact with added distance. After practicing for a week I played this weekend and broke 90 for the first time in 2 years while having much improved contact with my irons. I plan to work on it more this week and video again this weekend for a submission to evolvr again.
  3. Was able to video my swing from both positions and sent them through evolvr but again want to document my progress as I go along. I tried to change my setup a bit as recommended though I’m still working on it and will work to implement whatever comes from evolvr.
  4. Ah, the appeal to authority logical fallacy. I'm not the best golfer in the world. Not by a longshot. But I almost always hit outside to in because I stink so much. And my ball often starts right. Which is not possible based on what you're saying.
  5. Today will be my first day doing this challenge. I video'd my swing Sunday, got some feedback yesterday and thus my top priority for the next couple weeks is to change my address/swing posture. I'll be practicing my set up in the mirror every day. This morning I practiced getting into my setup in the mirror, specifically ensuring my feet were shoulder width and my feet were slightly flared outward allowing my knees to "point" out rather than in. I plan to practice this each day this week at home and possibly hit the indoor range to practice getting into it and swinging a bit later in the week.
  6. Thanks, I'll make this my first priority and work on it this week. Appreciate the help.
  7. I get what you're saying, is the solution to have some flex (is that the right word) in my knees? Also I saw in another swing thread the post about having knees turned out vs turned in (and feet flared as well). Is that where I should be starting you think?
  8. Been going through other member swings to learn. Amongst other things, looks like I'm not getting nearly enough turn from my hips/shoulders on the backswing? I definitely don't have a good impact position, even without a good face on shot. Clearly my head is not steady and I'm standing at impact.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 9 years My current handicap index or average score is: 21 My typical ball flight is: I wish there was typical? My usual miss is either a very strong pull or a weak push. I am hitting a 7 iron, it typically flies 155ish and when I pull it goes 170 and when I push it goes 140 The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'd love a consistent miss rather than being all over the place I bit more: I started playing 9 years ago, played a decent amount until having kids and was "ok" in that I'd shoot high 80s regularly and my handicap was 16. Barely played after having 2 kids quickly and then last spring got back to swinging and playing more and now I find myself with the time to be able to concentrate fully. I want to build a good swing from the ground up, so I'm willing to start with the most basic of things to get to a good repeatable swing. I plan on creating an evovlr account soon and going that route, but I want a place to publicly document my progression and to hear what others have to say. Sorry that this angle isn't the best, I plan on going to a different range this week to get a better DTL view and a good face on. Please be brutally honest, I can take it. Videos:
  10. My take away from this thread: On Friday last week I played a round. Hole number 1 I birdied after a perfectly drawn drive that cut the dogleg, then an approach to within 6 feet and a 1 putt. So that is my true talent not the other 17 holes that I played 20 over par.
  11. 90 even (par 71). Overall an encouraging round. I scored 43/47. The back nine had me at 1 over after 4 holes (bogey, birdie, bogey, par) and then I just lost my swing a bit, which I still do from time to time as I'm in the midst of making a pretty major swing change. I played +11 on the last 5 holes with 2 in the water and 1OB. That said, I haven't broken 90 since 2013, and I was right on track to before holes 14-17 derailed me. I'm making progress and am trending the right direction.
  12. I'm currently in a similar place as the OP. In my lessons we worked a ton on keeping my head steady. That got all my contact to be much better, and we've transitioned to getting my weight forward and turning properly in the backswing. My driver distance has gone from 215 to 250 regularly and sometimes I can bomb in out there (relative) 270. It didn't immediately translate to my irons until we worked on it. Irons are different that the driver, and I wasn't getting my weight forward correctly. I've been "feeling" like I'm doing 3/4 swings with the irons where I concentrate on weight forward. It's working. My 5 iron is going 190 right now.
  13. I shot the best 105 that anyone has ever shot. Let me explain. I've been working on key 1 A LOT. And my head has gotten much more steady. Last month on 2 difficult courses I shot a 91 and 93 which for me is very good. In my last lesson we started to move on to getting my weight forward, and we started by looking at video that had me really on my front foot even at the top of the swing. So we corrected that and I worked a few times this week on that. And the results were VERY noticeable. My driver distance increased this round from 220 if i really connected (rarely) to 260 average this round. All of my clubs were longer. And that is why I shot a 105. 1 sample hole will give you the idea: 385 yard par four. I drive it and my GPS says I have 123 yards to the front of the green. Normally that is a 9 iron for me, but in an attempt to adjust to the distance I play PW. I still hit it over the green by about 10 yards. Ended up being about 145 yards with my pitching wedge. That happened all day long to me. I never once came up short today, and only once did I judge my irons correctly. I was constantly hitting over. I hit long on a layup into a creek. I hit over greens, I hit long into bunkers. It was awesome and I can't wait for my next round so I can play used to everything going so much further. Best 105 ever.
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