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  1. What do you consider a respectable handicap? I ask because I walked 9 the other day and the course was sort of backed up and the fellow in front of me asked if I wanted to tee off with him. I declined because, frankly, I'm terrible. I'm perfectly comfortable with my game when it's just me. I'm working on it like most golfers, but I'm uncomfortable playing with others who I don't know. When did you feel like you were an average golfer who wasn't an abomination on the course? I know everybody wants to get better, but when did you feel like it was okay to talk golf with somebody?
  2. What a joke. Next they'll tell Michelle Wie when's she's bent over to putt, that it resembles the start position of twerking..... she'll have to change it. Their clothing is an issue? Classic example of somebody making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  3. People just need to regulate themselves. Spend a minute or 2 looking for your ball, if you can't find it, take the drop and MOVE OUT. Also, if you've 3 putted and STILL haven't holed it.... MOVE OUT. Seems like I get stuck behind the guys that spend 20 minutes on the green chasing their ball back and forth. I'm a super high handicapper who walks and I rarely feel like people are waiting on me.
  4. Is that the Oakley Fairway? I'm interested in that bag. Does it have the velcro glove spot? How do you like it?
  5. ckp160


    Hey everybody. My name is Chris and I'm glad to have found this site. I have been golfing for a couple summers, but I really enjoy it. I typically play 9 holes a couple times a week after work. I mostly enjoy being outside and the sunshine. I also try and hit the range once a week. Glad to be here and I look forward to what I find on this site!
  6. I am a technical inspector for a defense contractor on military aircraft.
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