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  1. Find them every once in a while and know they are older.
  2. 49 at Furnace Brook golf course
  3. Im going out but its supposed to be around 14 degrees today
  4. I didnt think it was that big of an issue. I just wanted an answer to the question and didnt know why it had been deleted. My computer is messed up and i thought it could have been the computer not posting the question.
  5. This is the only way i feel comfortable gripping the club.. everything else feels so unnatural and has the ball going everywhere. My club face is closed at the start of the swing, it also doesn't feel right not having the face closed. But i never feel comfortable during my golf swing, i had a lesson from a pro a few months back and the grip he showed me/club position just doesnt work. I have been golfing for about 4 months and when im concertrating and trying to do my best my score for 9 holes will be in the high 40's, and if im fooling around and kinda just hitting the ball. high 50's. Am i eventually going to feel comfortable with my golf swing?
  6. played 11 holes. 45 on front 9 and parred the 10th and 11th
  7. 47 yesterday at presidents golf course http://www.oobgolf.com/golfers/score.php?id=2753473
  8. So i have been golfing for about 4 months and went to see a pro, and he corrected my grip, and told me to stand straighter. I just dont feel at all comfortable with the grip he showed me and i stand straighter now but still not as straight as he said to. If i hit the ball better with the swing i have now, is it bad to keep doing what i am doing? i shoot in the high 40's to early 50's for 9 holes. I saw a commercial today on the golf channel that said "swing your swing" dont try to have the exact swing as a pro, make your swing work... then Arnold Palmer said "i know i did" (cause his swing wasnt like the others). iron swing Driver swing:
  9. A. Plays the ball that is supposed to be designed for your handicap/swing-speed. B. Only plays a Pro V1.. will not touch any other ball. C. Plays any ball found on the course/hunts for lost golf balls all the time. D. Buys any ball that is on sale. E. Buys recycled golf balls.
  10. 48 for 9 holes (good for me) took the driver out of the bag and am happy with the results
  11. I only carry 12 clubs so it doesn't really make sense for me to answer this, but probably another hybrid or 5 wood
  12. A recommended ball for a slow swing speed is the Bridgestone e6.. but how much of a difference would playing a lets say pro v have on a score. Do these anti slice or low compression balls really make a difference? I feel better when playing a name brand ball rather than a top flite or pinnace, so it seems i would be doing better hitting a ball i like. (btw i dont go out and buy brand new expensive golf balls, i find them or buy used ones)
  13. 9 hole par 32 - shot a 48; Had 3 pars.
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