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  1. Well I think there could be a few reasons that cause a pull, but for me when I do it, it usually happens when I don't allow my hands to be in front of the ball on contact and I release the clubhead a bit too early so the clubface is facing left on impact. That could be what's happening to you or it may not..
  2. I see Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Elk, Deer, Coyote. woodpeckers, Ground Squirrels and of course lots of Geese
  3. go to walmart pick one up for 19.95. and play a pro V1. it'll spin and save yourself 100 bucks
  4. Hardest thing to get for me for sure. Having a really hard time with it this year. My last round I was 2 under after 3 holes and then my iron game went to crap...really couldnt hit an iron shot it was either thin or fat or even the dreaded "S#$%k" I tell you I was so upset that I backed out of the opening members tourney I was in the next next day. I really wish I could understand what I was doing wrong. Once I have a couple bad shots I start to try and adjust to fix it and then it all goes to hell for the rest of the round. Really think I will be taking lessons this year just for the r
  5. Ya sure he has put on some muscle no doulbt about it, and so he should have working out like he does year after year. A few pounds a year seems about right. I don't think it has effected his game, I think the time off has affected his game a bit I guess, but hasn't he been in 3 tournys since he has been back and been in the top 10 and won one of them? So I think he's doing pretty well and when it all comes together he will be even more amazing then he already is. Think the majority of the problem is his timing but what the hell do I know
  6. Just curious, your profile is in California? Why would you spend like 3K to hits balls when you can golf and hit balls at the range year round down there? I can maybe see it if you live where Im from and have winter and no golf from Nov to May. Just curious.
  7. Have to say I love my SG 2.5. It has all the features of the SG 5 except the color screen. Marks distances to all hazards and how much to clear them. best lay up spots, and distances to front, back and pin spots on greens. and the hole rotates to show proper angle of attack. you can mark your ball and check to see how far your hitting your shots "use it off the tee for driver distances mostly" and now it also has a scorecard and a clock. Really has everything I could ever use! Great product and smaller than the SG 5 and can click it onto my bag or on my belt and it never bothers me. The
  8. Do you think these new adjustable drivers are going to be around awhile or are they just a faze? I just have this feeling that they will only be around a couple of years then they will stop making them, not that it isnt a neat idea but it is kind of a weird situation in my opinion. If you can't shape your shots then you would want one of these but then you arent good enough to have a consistant swing so even if you change the setting on the driver that doesnt mean you will get the ball to do what you want. And if you have a consistant swing that you can control the club enough to allow the
  9. Too tell you the truth I guess I am a lucky golfer cause I can't really say I have anyone I play with that has any habits that are anoying to me. I have one I used to play with that does a little dance while addressing the ball and then stands there ready to hit his shot for about 15 seconds before swinging. Really can't see how he does that without loosing his concentration, but it is funny. Other than that anyone else can cheat on their score or whatever it doesn't effect my game at all. Guess Im lucky....but if I can't complain about anyone, does that mean Im the guy that is bugging my
  10. I carry 4 to 5 times per week and some of those are 2 rounds per day. I dont have any effects on my back or anything else that I have noticed but It just has to be simple knowledge that walking that much with a full bag of clubs and gear would put more wear and tear on the body than not carrying it would? Don't you think? I dont plan on buying a push cart any time soon, but have found myself using a pullcart sometimes if I'm tired or just feel I need a break from the weight of a bag. I think for me there are two reasons I don't use a push cart. 1 - I like the extra excercise and don't fee
  11. Well I demo'd the Skycaddie SG5 and the SG2.5 this year and I liked using them so much that I bought my own Skycaddie SG2.5. I like being able to just look at the numbers of where the pin is on the green and where the front and back is and just pull out my club and put it pin high! It's also great to be able to put it in certain places on the fairway to lay up and know which club to use to do it and how far you will have left. Great features, small and all the info you will ever need on the course. And so what if I have to pay some money per year. Whatever...Dont have that one dinner ou
  12. I think you have the right idea for sure. For me I think the perfect day is when my drives and iron shots do what I want them to and I'm not having any terrible shots. and if at the end of the day I dont have my best score but feel like I had control over my shots then I am happy.
  13. Why would you waste time in the lesson to write notes? I think that is pretty silly. In the lesson concentrate on the feeling of the proper form then after maybe jot down some notes for a reference to come back to.
  14. Sounds like to me you have to work on strengthening and stretching. you can help it along by working on your core at home and stretching every day for starters
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