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  1. LDAV

    Your Goals for 2007

    My goals for 2007? Letter in golf as a freshmen Do well in summer tournaments and go to state Improve my short game Importantly, have fun
  2. does anyone use hogan points when they play. like where you get one point for hitting a fairway and one point for getting a GIR and stuff. Iguess its really suppose to help just keep you focused and not always thinknig about your score..
  3. alright well i have a taylormade r580 xd 9.5 about a month ago, we had a highschool golf camp. We went on the launch monitor and stuff, and they said my launch angle was a bit low and that i should either buy a new shaft or a new driver. well my friend that is year older, bought the titleist 905t(which im planning on getting in the future) and was selling his taylormade r580 xd 10.5 so im thinking of trying it out and possibly buying it. what degree do you guys have? and what do you think, switching from a 9.5 to a 10.5
  4. so what are you saying? youll break up a doz, for people to buy a sleeve? please explain better
  5. Okay. I really want to try the TP Blacks. I mean REALLY bad. I dont want to go buy some tho, until i know if i like them. None of my friends play them so i cant try one that way. I called Taylormade, but they said samples arnt available yet If anyone has a sleeve they could send me, or even like a ball lol. I Know this sounds rediculous, but it would be of help. Thanks in Advance, Luke
  6. LDAV

    Logos Down?

    i am also a teen, but i do have my pet peeves on the course. 1) the people who just constantly use mulligans. like on every other shot.. 2) slow play. dear lord, this is so aggrivating. to me it really screws up my play. cuz what happens is that your sitting there at your ball, for like 5 mins, and all your doing is just thinking about the shot. taking practice swings, and thinking about thr shot some more. to much thinking isnt good! 3) Idiot Adults(no offense). if any teens are on this forum, maybe you know what i mean. ok so lets say me and my pal are playing one day and this really slow foursome is in front of us. all thru the first three holes we hint to them that theyre really slow, and that we are getting frusterated, but they wont let you pass. they like ignore you, all most like they just dont flat out respect you cuz your ''younger then them'' and a ''child''. But then whats really fun is when we do catch up with them big time and they HAVE to let us pass, we hit our drives and they stand in awe. cuz most of the guys out there we can beat. so yeah... thats my $0.02
  7. i play the nike one platinums, best ball ive found in awhile. but on the cheaper side. if you arnt a low handcapper, then you have the, Nike Mojo..not too bad of a ball for $20/ a doz. or the Nike Long and soft. ALSO ONE OF THE SOFTEST AND GREATEST BALLS IVE SEEN, WAS THE NOODLE LONG AND SOFT. THAT BALL IS KILLER..IM IMPRESSED THAT NOODLE CAME OUT WITH A GOOD BALL FOR ONCE
  8. yes, i have them very great feel, i love them! accurate as heck i did loose a couple yards tho but overall, great irons!
  9. wow. sorry about that. yeah i did mean an 80
  10. i shot an 84 today. i was pretty mad. the all together score isnt that bad for me, but it was real dissapointing because going into the 17 hole i was 4 over(par 34 back nine). all i needed to do was par the next two holes and id have an 81. well, that did not go so well. on the 17th, i hit a crappy drive. then a good 3 wood. i was shooting a sand wedge for birdie. and completely chunked it. not good. chipped on for par, two putted, and double bogeyed. this was a huge shock after playin the last couple holes par,par,bogey,par,par. on the final hole i was hoping for a turnaround. not gonna happen. it was a par 3 with an island green. i hadnt played this hole before so i didnt know what to hit. i hit a club short and SPLASH!. i dropped and chipped on for par..then two putted...double bogey...not happy. very sad ending to a good beginning. hopefully tommoroow will be better )
  11. LDAV

    Tavistock Cup 2K6

    so did i. i was pushing for isleworth the hole time. props to Mcdowell. i think he played real well. tiger friggen crushed the ball(340+) haha that was a site to see, but wow was it just me but it seemed like there was alot of sand play this time around..very interesting
  12. only had time for nine, but i shot a 40..with a chip in birdie
  13. i own them.. and they are sweet, especially when u hit it flush on the center...nothing feels better
  14. yes, i just went to the course today and played with the 3 wood i found earlier. its alright, i hit it about 185. to you guys that may seem like an 8 or seven iron but keep in mind im a teenager in 8th grade haha so yeah i hit my drives 210-230. the only thing that sucks about it is that the club head is soo small. but ill keep it in my bag till i get a new one probably
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