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  1. Disagree, I know what a "toe shank" feels like from a bunker because I used to miss them like that. Doesn't feel anything like a hosel shank which I struggled with for an entire year several years ago. Definitely looks like a hosel rocket IMO based off the ball velocity and the placement of his strike in the sand.
  2. Yes, and so did 3 out of 3 other people that I asked. It's sounding like they weren't hard to get.
  3. For only the second time, I avoided making anything more than a 5 on Saturday. I had a great up and down on 16 which was looking like it might be a bogey six after getting myself into trouble off the tee. Scored really well and tied my all time low which I had just set the weekend before, 73. Playing my best golf right now.
  4. Loving the Originals, plenty of room for the toes to move freely and absolutely zero heel slip. Also couldn't be happier with the comfort. My Eccos are gonna collect dust. These are the best golf shoes I have worn.
  5. I bought the Originals in black. Looking forward to trying them. My Eccos are size 44, this was the size they recommended for someone who normally wears an 11. My beloved Nike TW 13s are size 11 but I noticed it shows 45 in Euro size. So with that in mind, I chose to order the True Originals in size 45.
  6. @iacas how would you say the fit and comfort is on the TRUE Major as compared to Ecco? I like the Eccos but the toe box is a little small.
  7. I will keep the headcover on the driver all day if I don't feel comfortable with it. Tournament earlier this year I shot 84 and got myself into trouble with the driver. Had it in the bag the next day but didn't pull it once. Hit 3 wood on every non Par 3 hole, shot 76.
  8. shortstop20


  9. Path control is more consistent than face control. Sounds like your path is in to out.
  10. A 60* wedge is very unforgiving if the proper action isn't used. Most struggle with them because they're steep and/or flipping. If the 60 digs and you don't make perfect contact, you're screwed. I use mine alot within 100 yards of the hole, but I also use my 54, it just depends on the lie, pin location, wind, etc. Being able to hit a 60 properly makes it alot easier to get at those front pins.
  11. I have not played the PSI irons but I have the RSi2 irons which are pretty similar. I find them to be pretty forgiving on mishits.
  12. Good post. Personally, when I'm swinging my best, the biggest difference I feel is that my arm speed feels faster and more in sync.
  13. Don't take this personally as I too am a bad putter but if your putting is truly as bad as you describe it then I would go get fit for a putter and then get some putting lessons. Four 3 putts every 6 holes is very bad. Almost everyone has the ability to putt well, it doesn't take athleticism. That said, I would still be a little more aggressive with approaches as well and see how it impacts your score.
  14. Yes, I wasn't trying to create a strawman or anything, just giving my own experiences. The short and quick of it is that not going for pins and making birdies just doesn't jive. A player should consider themselves lucky if they make one 20+ footer per round, let alone more than that. So if you want to make birdies, that means getting it closer.
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