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  1. shortstop20

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I will keep the headcover on the driver all day if I don't feel comfortable with it. Tournament earlier this year I shot 84 and got myself into trouble with the driver. Had it in the bag the next day but didn't pull it once. Hit 3 wood on every non Par 3 hole, shot 76.
  2. shortstop20


  3. Path control is more consistent than face control. Sounds like your path is in to out.
  4. A 60* wedge is very unforgiving if the proper action isn't used. Most struggle with them because they're steep and/or flipping. If the 60 digs and you don't make perfect contact, you're screwed. I use mine alot within 100 yards of the hole, but I also use my 54, it just depends on the lie, pin location, wind, etc. Being able to hit a 60 properly makes it alot easier to get at those front pins.
  5. shortstop20

    Taylormade PSI Irons

    I have not played the PSI irons but I have the RSi2 irons which are pretty similar. I find them to be pretty forgiving on mishits.
  6. shortstop20

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Good post. Personally, when I'm swinging my best, the biggest difference I feel is that my arm speed feels faster and more in sync.
  7. shortstop20

    More birdies

    Don't take this personally as I too am a bad putter but if your putting is truly as bad as you describe it then I would go get fit for a putter and then get some putting lessons. Four 3 putts every 6 holes is very bad. Almost everyone has the ability to putt well, it doesn't take athleticism. That said, I would still be a little more aggressive with approaches as well and see how it impacts your score.
  8. shortstop20

    More birdies

    Yes, I wasn't trying to create a strawman or anything, just giving my own experiences. The short and quick of it is that not going for pins and making birdies just doesn't jive. A player should consider themselves lucky if they make one 20+ footer per round, let alone more than that. So if you want to make birdies, that means getting it closer.
  9. shortstop20

    More birdies

    I think his strategy is indeed ultra conservative for his handicap index. It'd be rare for me not to go right at the flag on anything inside 100 yards. Obviously water hazards and such change that. Even then, I'm unlikely to go center of the green, I'll go 15-20 feet away from the flag in whatever direction is safe. Even from 100-150, I am aiming right at the flag or at a safe zone near the flag, certainly not at center of the green if that's 40 feet away from the flag. He may actually be making it more likely for himself to make bogies with his strategy. Center of the green could possibly leave some very long putts depending on the course. People of our handicap indexes have a decent chance of 3 putting on a 40 or 50 footer. Taking the "gamble" of going closer to the flag makes sense there, IMO. @Jacktgolf, how many 3 putts do you have a round? Do they usually come from being a long ways from the flag?
  10. shortstop20

    More birdies

    You're looking at this from the wrong angle. If you are making twelve bogeys per round then you need to make less bogeys, not make more birdies. Making 3-4 birdies per round with 12 bogies just isn't realistic. Those bogies show that you have inconsistencies in your game with are going to prevent you from making that many birdies. Just looking at my own stats I average 1 birdie, 9 pars and 8 bogies or worse per round. I also need to make less bogies.
  11. shortstop20

    Just Can't Pitch/Chip Inside 60 Yards

    If a person is that terrible at a 50 or 60 yard shot then they need to work on their technique and practice. Blows my mind how scared of these shots people are. I lick my chops on a 50 yard wedge.
  12. shortstop20

    This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    I was at the 2015 PGA Championship, 2016 Ryder Cup and 2017 US Open. I have still yet to see a single PGA Tour golfer that is built like a NFL Linebacker or Safety. I'm gonna say they don't exist. I know a guy that was 2nd string TE for an NFL team a half dozen years ago and he's still much, much bigger in the upper body than any golfer I have seen at these three tournaments. Ernie Els is one of the guys i might call "big" but he's really just tall and sort of stocky. He doesn't have a thinner build like Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson. I'm almost 6' 2", but DJ and Bubba's height still stood out to me. DJ is very lean, very athletic build. Bubba is tall of course but he doesn't have the athletic build that DJ does. When it comes to Rory, his lack of size is what stood out to me. There is literally no part of Rory that is big(correct me Erica Stoll, LOL), I don't know what these people are talking about when they say he's big. We had Defensive Backs and Linebackers that were bigger than Rory on my high school football team, let alone any discussions about NFL. These guys are almost all fit, and some of them are tall, but none of them are "big" in a fitness sense.
  13. shortstop20

    scramble strategy

    Yep, this is it in a nutshell. It really does help too if you keep it light and everyone has fun! No "I'm sorry" for bad shots, everyone will hit bad shots so no need for apologies. Lots of talk on the putting green is helpful to get the read. If it's a windy day be sure to talk about club selection but talk about it in terms of yards since everyone has different club distances. "Hey, it's playing at least 150, I hit my 8 iron good and came up short". That sort of stuff.
  14. shortstop20

    Strangest person you've played with

    The "nice shot" stuff right after impact is annoying, I agree. I mean, maybe at least wait until the ball is up at it's apex so you can make a guess on where it will end up based on the distance and curve of the shot?
  15. shortstop20

    Strangest person you've played with

    Golfers should check out the PGA Tour stats on various things, especially proximity to the hole from various yardages, it's really humbling. You don't have to hit it 15 feet from the hole to score well, not even close.

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