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  1. I see the idea behind moving the PGA Championship to May, it makes sense. On a personal level, I'm opposed to it for selfish reasons, because moving it to May means MN and WI are much less likely to hold a PGA Championship again. But then maybe that means that the US Open will come to Hazeltine and Whistling Straits instead?
  2. I'll be there on Thursday. Really looking forward to walking the course.
  3. It looks like you're one of those rare slicers who hits the ball with a square path and an open face. Your clubface appears open at the top and appears to be quite open at impact.
  4. Nothing more than a "feel".
  5. Missed this earlier. Think about just how hard it would be to hit a hook with an outside-in path. To hit a hook, the path has to be right of the clubface. If the path is left of target(outside-in), let's say just ONE degree, you'd have to have the clubface 6 degrees or more left of that to hit what I would call a "hook". The face would be pointing 7 degrees left, that's HUGE. That ball would start so far left it would be quite ridiculous. Like that's one of the shots that makes us golfers go, "What was that!". I've hit that shot that starts ridiculously far left and goes further left, not saying I haven't, but it's rare. Almost no golfer hits that shot very often.
  6. Most people's hooks start fairly straight and then hook. Just like most people's slices start fairly straight and then slice.
  7. Common misconception among golfers.
  8. People who hook the ball alot have large face to path differentials, 4 degrees isn't causing a big hook unless you toe the ball. Having a person with a large differential(6+ degrees) open the face is just going to lead to misses turning into pushes and push fades. But I agree, if the person is swinging 4 degrees inside-out, just get the face 2 degrees left of the path(2 degrees right of target).
  9. There are plenty of people who come too far from the inside. The vast majority of people who hook the ball, for example.
  10. Submitted mine once I heard that it was open.
  11. Get fit for a putter. Best thing I have ever done for my game. Upon getting fit, I found out that I couldn't aim my putter at the time inside the hole from 12 feet and according to my fitter, that's not very uncommon. I tried probably 20 different putters until we found one that I could consistently aim at the center of the hole. Then we worked on lag putting and found that a weight in the grip to counterbalance made my lag putting alot better. My percentage probably used to be 30% from 3-5 feet, no joke. I'd practice, be better for a day or two and then be back to putting crappy again. I rarely practice putting anymore and I putt much better now.
  12. Most hooks come from a swing path that is too far inside-out, pull hooks included. Face left of target, path anywhere right of face = Pull hook.
  13. None of my wedges roll out anywhere near as far as they're suggesting that they should. My 54 has well over 100 rounds on it and it doesn't roll out nearly that far. Heck, it might have 200 rounds on it. That being said, I am planning on replacing my wedges this year.
  14. Hot start but gave them all back.
  15. Thank you sir!