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  1. Pretzel

    Funny/Bizarre Internet Stuff

    Surprisingly good accents.
  2. Pretzel

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    You could've stopped right here. You literally just admitted that Tiger Woods was a better golfer than Jack Nicklaus. What else is left to debate? It's almost like you understand who the better golfer was, but can't bear to actually write it down. Who was the best golfer? Perhaps it's time you just admit it was the golfer who played at an unheard of level for more than half a decade, rather than the guy whose best season (against a worse competition) was only as good as the 7th best season of the true GoaT. You and I both know that circumstances beyond a golfer's control, such as shattered legs and a seriously messed up back, are a factor to consider when it comes to career longevity. Incidentally, you keep talking about Tiger Woods like his career is over despite the fact that he's had 3 top 5's this season already, his first season back from yet another back injury.
  3. Pretzel

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @Fidelio, I notice you are conveniently forgetting about the injury Tiger had during that stretch of time. Specifically an injury that would be considered by most to be a career ender. That said, from the way Tiger has played recently his career appears to now be far from over.
  4. Pretzel

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    If we want to bring up stats like that, can you tell me how many times Jack Nicklaus missed the cut playing against club pros? You also might not like the end result that comes from mentioning that stat, because it actually doesn't favor Jack at all. Jack Nicklaus missed 79 cuts against fields we all agree were much weaker. Tiger Woods has missed only 18 cuts. Jack played in 576 tournaments, and Tiger has played in 336. Tiger has a missed cut percentage of only 5.36%, compared to Jack's 13.72%. Jack had 47 top 3's in majors in 164 attempts, and Tiger has had 23 top 3's in only 77 starts. Jack has a top 3 percentage of 28.66% compared to Tiger's 29.87% Jack is actually WORSE at placing in top 3's in the majors than Tiger, even playing against his weaker fields, while Tiger is less than half as likely to miss a cut compared to Jack (again, Tiger playing stronger fields than Jack ever did).
  5. Pretzel

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    You're correct, it clearly doesn't apply. Jack Nicklaus never held a 1.46 stroke scoring advantage over the second place competition over an entire season, and Jack also never led the tour in scoring average for 5 years in a row in his prime. Clearly he was significantly less dominant, even though he did have a longer career against weaker opponents. I'll let us make this comparison though, considering the fact that it is only being generous to Jack to say he held the same level of dominance during his prime as Tiger did. Jack never had a statistically significant effect on the score of the field, as Tiger was proven to have. Jack also lost significantly more playoffs, with a record of 12-10 compared to Tiger's 11-1 in PGA Tour Playoffs and 15-2 worldwide. Jack never won all 4 majors in a row, and he also never won majors at the same pace that Tiger did. To even suggest that Jack was ever as dominant in any stretch of years as Tiger was is foolhardy, even in a debate about who had the greater overall career, because literally every fact points to Tiger being far more dominant.
  6. Pretzel

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    My example removes names so you can try to look past your emotion and see how ridiculous the statement you made (that the better equipment hurts Tiger's case instead of helping it) is. Regardless of whether it's hypothetical or not, it shouldn't change your answer to the question. Unless, of course, you have an incredible bias that you cannot allow yourself to see past. Also, since you want names of players who are better than the players of the time of Nicklaus, how about I start listing some out for you? Davis Love III Sergio Garcia Phil Mickelson Vijay Singh Nick Price David Duval Bob Estes Scott Hoch Chris DiMarco Scott Verplank Bernhard Langer Charles Howell III Jim Furyk David Toms Tom Lehman Scott McCarron Mike Weir Jesper Parnevik Jeff Sluman Paul Azinger Rocco Mediate Kevin Sutherland Kenny Perry Stweart Cink Frank Lickliter II Ernie Els Brett Quigley Kirk Triplett Billy Mayfair Dudley Hart Mark Calcavecchia Fred Funk Jay Haas Bob Tway Jose Coceres Shigeki Maruyama Brian Gay Joe Durant Hal Sutton Jerry Kelly Robert Allenby Corey Pavin Brad Faxon Olin Browne Brian watts K.J. Choi Every last one of those players had a better scoring average in 2001 than Lee Trevino, the Vardon Trophy winner, did in 1970. That's 46 players, not counting Tiger, that scored better than the best in 1970.
  7. Pretzel

    Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    And thus you've proved the point we're all making. Player A and player B are both equally dominant in the same sport during their respective eras. Player B, however, played during an era where the playing field between all of the best players was more even than it was during Player A's era. This is due to a technological advance that makes it harder for Player B to set himself or herself above the rest. Player B, despite this disadvantage compared to Player A, was every bit as dominant as Player A. Tell me, which of those two player (Player A or Player B) had more skill even though they both were equally dominant during their respective times?
  8. Pretzel

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    I'm of the opinion that while the rules shouldn't be written to give someone a potential advantage by "gaming" them, you should also make sure to utilize the rules to your full advantage in a tournament if there are rules written poorly. Reason being that poorly written rules will be written better if people start to take advantage of it, and you're only doing both yourself and your fellow competitors a disservice by intentionally and knowingly raising your score from what it could or should have been under the rules as written.
  9. Pretzel

    How to get a Lean Body?

    The science behind a lean body is the same as it always has been and always will be, despite what many fad diets try to tell you it will be. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The amount of energy that you put into your body, in the form of Calories, compared to the amount of energy you burn in the day will determine whether you gain or lose weight. There are minor exceptions depending on how efficiently your body processes the food (for example someone who's lactose intolerant barfs or shits the Calories from ice cream out before they can process them), but in the end you know you will not consume more Calories than what is present in the food you ate. There's a professor who proved this fact to his class by losing weight eating nothing but Oreos, Twinkies, doughnuts, chocolates with peanut butter, and other foods considered to be incredibly "fattening". He lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks by counting calories and 27 pounds in 10 weeks overall. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/207071.php He took supplements for his other necessary nutrients, obviously, but it just goes to show that your waistline doesn't care if you eat nothing but shit - you'll still lose weight if you effectively count calories.
  10. The good news is that with my french fry intake I never have to worry about low sodium! 🍟 The big problem I see most people doing that makes them think they hate water or not drink enough is that they drink it room temperature. Put some ice in there! It becomes 10x more appetizing when cold.
  11. I, too, am certain he has taken drugs to help him get back to 100% - legally prescribed drugs from his orthopedic surgeon that he was recommended to take to aid in his recovery such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Generally speaking the "best" tee times for scoring aren't the tee times that Tiger plays. Almost always scoring will favor those who tee off at the crack of dawn if there are weather troubles. The number of times I've heard, "If I had only teed off a little later that wind wouldn't have been a problem for me" is precisely zero, but I can't count how many times I've heard people wish they had an earlier tee time to beat the weather. Tiger gets the "cushy" tee times with high quality playing partners because the PGA puts groups together of the top players for TV and places them at the best time for TV (not too early, not too late) so that the people watching at home can see the most of their favorite players.
  12. The problem with the show is not that they give bad advice, but that people pick up the advice and somehow think it will fix all their swing troubles regardless of what the original problem with their swing actually was. People can end up hurting their swing with the advice because they're getting the wrong feel or trying something that doesn't really even apply to them.
  13. Pretzel

    Please tell me what I’m doing wrong

    That's exactly what drew me to golf. I was pretty decent pretty quick at most sports when growing up, but golf was a lot harder. It kind of pissed me off and I kept at it while thinking, "There's no way I'm going to let this stupid game beat me" and eventually Stockholm Syndrome must have set in along the way.
  14. Fair enough, I read too far into it I suppose. But yeah, even just using lead tape it isn't hard to get whatever swingweight you want.
  15. Pretzel

    Please tell me what I’m doing wrong

    If that was the second time you've ever gone to the range, you should adjust your expectations. Golf is hard. It will take you probably at least a month before you hit even half of your drives well. That's if you're practicing 2-3 times a week. From the time it took me to get serious about golf (playing every day over the summer, taking regular lessons, etc.) it took me almost 3 years to go from shooting about 100 to shooting in the 70's regularly. That was after I had already gotten the basics. The basics will come a bit faster, and you'll likely be able to shoot around 100 after a year or a bit sooner with regular practice, but it still takes a lot of work. Sorry, but golf is hard.

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