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  1. I went for several years of five+ rounds a week and at least that many practice shots without problems, though I was (and am) pretty young, and I can't imagine a single PGA pro who doesn't cross those thresholds on a weekly basis. I can understand that there's probably an increased chance at injury, but if the increase was that great why don't we hear more stories about the big name pros being hurt and unable to play? Besides DJ (who fell down stairs, not a golf-related injury) and Tiger, I can't think of the last time that I heard of a top golfer (who would receive press coverage) hurting themselves while golfing and being unable to play as a result.
  2. We'll see how it goes, but I give this guy a much better chance at getting to scratch than Dan simply because Dan lacked the funding to keep going. Computer programming is easier late at night (must be a strange behavior within C and Java, I dunno), so he'll still be able to maintain the income to afford it all without it getting in the way of his golf. At the very least, it doesn't appear as though this guy is shooting for the tour and that's good. It might hurt him with his second goal of creating a golf business slightly since it doesn't seem like as grand of a plan, but I like that it's realistic.
  3. Winning Not winning by a large enough margin What happens if the win isn't convincing? I think it'll be a fun trip overall, since I've never gone on any type of golf vacation or trip before. Going somewhere for the sole purpose of golf will be pretty fun, since it means I'll get to play a lot of golf with my own clubs (instead of one round with a crummy rental set like on other vacations) and that I will be able to play some pretty nice courses. My only potential concerns are classes that I'll end up missing, but I doubt I will have problems with that. My freshman year I may have had a class that I attended only two lectures in that I still did fine with, so missing one set of classes on Thursday and one on Friday shouldn't be an issue for me so long as a test isn't scheduled for either of those days. What drink will be chosen to fill the Newport Cup after the West team rolls to victory?
  4. I have no idea what caused it. It stopped happening after a month or two of my thumb going numb every time I picked up a club. Still not sure what exactly it was, but my thumb appears to be fine now.
  5. That's true, but after a point there will no longer be anyone to carry the bag for her. That will definitely hinder the making money part. If she can't get along with caddies, that also would hinder the money making. It seems as though she's had no chemistry with the 9 previous caddies, and I'm of the opinion that the problem most likely lies with her if she couldn't get along with 9 different caddies in 3 years or so.
  6. Yeah, but at a certain point it gets to be absurd. There's the saying about if you go through life seeing everyone else as an ass... While whatever Lydia Ko is doing is working pretty well, I think she probably needs to settle down with all the firing and hiring of caddies. If it was a couple of caddies I could see that maybe they just didn't click together, but it seems pretty clear by this point that Lydia is impossible to get along with.
  7. We'll see how it goes, but hopefully it will be the end of hearing about his back regardless of whether or not he plays again.
  8. Alright, I'll do that. I practiced more today with video, but it was more of the same over the top and just felt wrong. I can post it, but I don't know how beneficial it would be. Thank you.
  9. So put it in the ground just outside the golf ball and angle it to over my right shoulder?
  10. I honestly don't know why blue guitars seem to be only an occasional thing from Gibson and Fender (haven't had one from Gibson since the 2013 Manhattan Midnight). I personally like blue the best for a guitar, and I know I'm not alone since the HP version in Blueberry Burst was backordered until almost May when I bought my guitar in February. Soft finger tips don't make it harder to keep the strings from buzzing, I don't think, since your fingertips will always have some give to them. I think the hard part is just that you don't want to push as hard when they're sore, which then leads to buzzing. The site you probably heard about is justinguitar.com, which is definitely a solid resource for people looking to start guitar.
  11. I took some lessons when I first picked it up in middle school, but only 5-6 and that covered the basics of strumming and chord progressions etc. I played for about six months, the saddle and pickup on my Walmart guitar broke, and I didn't touch a guitar again until only recently. I would say that a majority of what I know now has come from watching tutorial videos and playing along. For example, I'm currently working my way though the final solo in Sweet Child O' Mine, and it's nice to have a video and tab to reference instead of playing it all by ear. Just looking at a tab can be hard since you can't hear it, and just looking at a video can be hard if you can't see exactly which fret they're on or they move on too fast. Both together works pretty well, at least for me. The primary reason fluid movement is easier with calluses is because you can play for longer (and get more practice in) when it doesn't hurt to play. Picking the guitar back up I had about a week where my fingertips were absolutely destroyed, peeling and cracking, and pretty sore before I noticed it just stopped hurting. Now my fingertips are just fine, even if I go a week or two without touching the guitar due to a busy schedule.
  12. If you do that you hit a snap hook unless you made some crazy OTT move to get there and the face is somehow square to your path. The problem is, nobody does that ("squares" the face too early). Try it for yourself and you'll see why it doesn't happen. Try to make an entire swing with the clubface hooded and you'll realize how unnatural feeling it is and why no golfer would be doing that. You'll find that it's incredibly uncomfortable on your wrists to do.
  13. Take a look at the spin loft stuff that was linked earlier. You may find it enlightening. Spin is simply a factor of the difference between the loft of your club and your angle of attack. Bigger difference = more spin Smaller difference = less spin Shallow sweeps will create less spin than a steeper angle of attack when the loft on the two clubs are equal at impact.
  14. It also is the same golf ball used by masses of amateur golfers across the globe. Hence the reason the statement, "They use a very different golf ball" is pretty asinine.
  15. I mean, I guess if you hit it a bit long or a bit short it isn't a terribly difficult two-putt, but the putts are going to slide a good amount still so it's not exactly easy either. I just really enjoy watching that hole more than most of the others because of that slope to the green.