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  1. Pretzel

    Official Fast Food Fry Rankings

    The only issue I have with these rankings are where they put Chick Fil A. I enjoy the texture and the taste of them quite a bit, so I was surprised to see them ranked so low. That said, McDonald's fries are clearly king.
  2. Pretzel

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    How did he short the caddy? He paid more than the agreed upon amount, what part of that equates to shorting the caddy on his pay? The caddy was paid less than traveling caddies who stay with their players week in and week out, but the caddy was paid more than the agreed upon amount between the caddy and Kuchar. How can you lose respect for a guy who not only pays his debts, but overpays them?
  3. It really depends on where you live. In the Austin and Dallas area housing costs are rising rapidly to match California with all of the tech companies moving out there recently (they know tech companies pay $$$ and that the people moving with their companies are a captive market). That said, Texas is a good location if you choose an area with golf courses nearby. Some areas won't have one for miles, but near the city hubs there are plenty of options. The Carolinas also have tons of golf courses, though they can be on the more expensive side if you're near the Mytle Beach/Pinehurst areas.
  4. Pretzel

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    Kuchar doesn't need to apologize for paying above and beyond what was contracted with his caddy. They agreed to $4,000 for a top 10 finish and Kuchar gave him additional money beyond that thanks to the win. A percentage of winnings for a win was not in the contract.
  5. Pretzel

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    In general I'd say underrated, but not for the reasons one might think initially. It's easy to add or remove weight to a putter you already have to help with your distance control if you prefer something lighter or heavier, but you're never going to properly aim a putter that doesn't have the correct characteristics for you. I cannot aim a 2-ball style putter for the life of me, and most mallets I also aim a bit off. My old Newport mid-slant was a putter that I aimed well, but I ended up "outgrowing it" since it was only a 32" shaft (cut down for when I was a junior) and it would require re-shafting for me. What I found that I can aim the best, actually, and I appreciate the heavier weight of is something like the Newport Notchback. Something about the notches helps me really bracket the ball in the center of the face and line the face up where I want the putt to roll. If you can align your putter correctly you can learn proper fundamentals for putting even if the weight and length is a little bit off on the putter. If you can't align the face properly and consistently you'll find it near impossible.
  6. Pretzel

    Should I Upgrade My Driver?

    The largest improvement you could stand to find would be if your Superfast wasn't fit to your swing. That said, swing fitting works best if your swing is relatively consistent and won't be dramatically changed in the near future. The new driver could offer you a higher loft and more suitable shaft that could provide benefits in the meantime though. It never hurts to go out to try it at the shops and compare to your driver. For reference, I used to pretty much religiously test drivers annually to see if I could find any improvement over the G10 I started out with (and upgraded the shaft in once my swing got faster). I didn't really see any noticeable increase in both distance an accuracy until the G30, though newer models were slightly more forgiving. I still currently have my G30 and have tested drivers several times since but never found anything with a large enough difference to make me want to drop several hundred dollars down.
  7. Pretzel

    Flat Swing vs. Steep Swing

    I had the opposite issue with my swing where I used to be too flat up at the top of the backswing, with my arms below the angle of my shoulders (https://youtu.be/xcaPHYA3MCg and https://youtu.be/k5xBkAphn40). I've fixed that since, but haven't posted video in my thread for a while to really show the improvements/changes. The best way to tell if you're really that far off the form is if you post a my swing thread. Beyond that, a good instructor can help you make changes that will be beneficial rather than simply cosmetic.
  8. Pretzel

    TIL: Cold Weather Effect on Old Phone Batteries

    Cool temperatures are good for storing batteries. Not so great for discharging them, unfortunately.
  9. Pretzel

    Poll: Bermuda Or Bent Grass Preferences

    I can't say I honestly pay much attention to the type of grass on the course, but I know Colorado is pretty much entirely Bent Grass. The only time I notice is when I go play Bermuda and have a much more difficult time finding my ball in the rough because it's swallowed whole by the tangles and knots. As far as putting goes I don't notice much of a difference between the two when I'm playing, at least not consciously. I take some time to adjust to the greens at any course I play, and I suppose in the process I'm also adjusting if they have a different type of grass.
  10. Pretzel

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Apollo 11 should be a good movie, I'm especially looking forwards to the supposedly unreleased footage from the mission that will be included in the film. The Found Footage That Provides a Whole New Look at the Apollo 11 Moon Landing In the new documentary Apollo 11, freshly unearthed footage of the 1969 lunar mission, with the help of a community of space nerds, will tell the story of the historic event in a new way, making the film as much a cinematic...
  11. Pretzel

    Adding Sims to my Existing Bar/Restaurant

    I can't say I've heard much of or used the simulators you mention, but I have used a Foresight GC2 simulator before and it was definitely top notch. Their launch monitors are cream of the crop (beat only by Trackman, really, and Trackman costs $19,000-25,000 for the monitor alone), and their software has quality to match in my experience. Prices for the launch monitor start at $6,500, and from there what you'd need to purchase is just the projector, the screen, the mat, the software, and a computer to run it on. Unfortunately I don't know what the final pricing looks like after installation and all components (looks like you need a quote from Foresight Sports for that), but it looks like a full golf setup for the impact screen and enclosure would run you $700-1400 from Carl's Place depending on options. A high end mat like a TrueStrike will cost you $1,300-1,400, with a solid computer with decent graphics and processor costing ~$1,000-1,500 depending on the specs if you put together a desktop rig yourself (a good idea, they're easy to assemble and much cheaper that way). All told it looks like you'd be in for a total of $9,500-10,800 before buying the software and correct cables from Foresight. Add $6,000 if you want to get the HMT add on for the GC2 to provide clubhead data as well to attract serious golfers who want to practice and improve their swing using data like club path, impact location, loft, and face angle (or add $8,500 if you want the absolute best of the best with their GCQuad with the same clubhead monitoring). A thread from back in 2015 online showed that Foresight priced their FSX simulator software at $2,200, and their 2018 upgrade shows a price of $750 on their website so it's safe to assume the software would cost in the neighborhood of $3,000 if you're buying from Foresight. This would put the total cost in the neighborhood of $12,500-13,800 all-in for a high quality setup with no clubhead data, or $18,500-27,000 if you want clubhead data (depending on if you went with GC2 + HCT or GCQuad), not counting installation of course. To directly answer your question: If I were in your shoes I'd piece together a full simulator using a GC2 rather than purchasing the systems you mention, since they'll save on cost and you get a well-known and respected launch monitor to use with it.
  12. Pretzel

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    100% Overrated The rules are made by the USGA and R&A with input from groups like the PGA and PGA Tour, but the players themselves have opinions that are no more important than the opinions of you and I. Claims of a rule being unfair are pretty ludicrous when you consider everyone is playing under the same set of rules. Unless the rules state something like "unless you carry the ball 300 yards, take a 2 stroke penalty" there's nothing about them that will affect one player more than another in any significant fashion.
  13. I would recommend playing the same kind of ball for your entire round for anyone who can reasonably afford it. Between rounds you can try out different balls to see what works best for you or what you like the most. That said, this doesn't mean you have to go out and buy 10 dozen ProV1's to play. If you use a popular budget model golf ball you should be able to at least partially replenish your stock with what you find from other golfers. I've seen plenty of Noodle or Top-flite balls, though I can't say I particularly recommend the Top-flites. A good option for people who want plenty of golf balls that feel good and perform reasonably well for beginners, without having a large cost attached, is the Snell Get Sum ball. If you order them by the 6 Dozen they're about $14.20 per dozen, and they're good balls.
  14. Pretzel

    Single Length Irons

    I had a hell of a time hitting my 5-iron up until I finally hit my growth spurt - even using regular length irons. The problem was that even when I hit it solidly it would just fly kinda low and wasn't useful if there was rough, a bunker, or some other type of obstacle short of where I intended to hit the ball since a good 1/4 of the distance at least was roll out. Swing speed is definitely key there. Once I actually grew and got up to an average height (meaning I could generate at least an average swing speed) I had no issues with the 5 iron. Once I refined my technique to swing faster I started carrying up to the 3-iron like I do now because I had the speed necessary to hit them high while still being able to hit them low in the wind more easily (important in the Colorado winds, hybrids with a fast swing like to spin a lot and balloon into the air).
  15. Pretzel

    Playing Golf Without a (Swing) Thought

    That's not a swing thought though, you might as well think, "I hope the clubhouse has hot dogs at the turn" for all the good that does for you. A swing thought is something specific that you intend to do with your swing. For example, things like "keep your arms in front" (my most common swing thought to avoid going too far in the backswing), "keep your heel down through impact" (another common one of mine), and "turn though the ball". "Do the same thing when you hit" isn't useful because you aren't thinking about anything specific. It's too broad to be useful, and if you were specifically thinking about every piece in the swing then it becomes too many thoughts to manage at once. The most any golfer can effectively juggle around, realistically, during the swing is 2 - one for the backswing and one for the downswing. That said, having only one is definitely better. What happened? You made a bad swing. Why didn't the swing thought help it? Because it was either too general of a thought or because it was too many things to think about at once. Why did it "make it worse"? Because you were too busy trying to copy every aspect of a previous swing to actually get out of your own way and swing, and you blamed a single bad shot on your swing thought (which was also bad). Nobody can argue that he caught himself tensing up due to too many thoughts because he's said and demonstrated it himself that his stops are usually related to cameras, phones, or other noises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JvQjsDMX5g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMP9GorcLSY He literally had his caddie act as the "camera police" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKCwv3S2rKE Tiger isn't stopping because he's thinking. The guy you were playing with who stood over the ball for 30-40 seconds was probably just the average golfer. You can't say, "It was clear he was running through a set of instructions his body couldn't possibly carry out" when you didn't even bother to ask him why he stood there for so long. It happens with professional golfers too, such as Kevin Na or Keegan Bradley. Different golfers have different pre-shot routines, and some of them include what appears to be extended deliberation (regardless of what it is or isn't, and whether it should or shouldn't be present).

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