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  1. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    If we're referencing the countries, I'd think I probably would fare MUCH better in the Korea Open (Korea's current national event, part of the Asian Tour) than the U.S. Open. If the U.S. is the big "city" there and Korea is the small "city", I'd rather play in the small city championship still. My offer is still on the table. $20 on the line if you'd like to test your theory.
  2. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    I didn't include this in my response, but you can't compare countries like that when @iacas said cities. The population of Seoul is 10.29 million people, which makes it larger than any one city in the U.S. by population (our largest is New York City, with 8.538 million people). I'd also take your bet and say that most would agree with @iacas that they'd prefer to play a city championship in a smaller town than a larger one. I'll wager $20 and make a poll if you're game to test your hypothesis.
  3. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    He didn't say big city and little city specifically in terms of their size. He said that in terms of the number of golfers they have. Korea has more female golfers than any city in the U.S., by a large margin, which would make it the "big city" if you're playing in a club championship in Seoul vs in a U.S. city like Denver (as a girl, anyways). An accurate comparison, to use Colorado towns as an example, is whether you would rather play in the Denver City Amateur championship (where there are enough golfers to support 10+ courses) or in the Longmont City Golf Championship (where there are only enough golfers to support 2 full courses and 1 nine hole course)? Here's a hint: the bigger city (Denver) has winners that usually average 5-10 under par over 2 days, while the Longmont winner usually shoots anywhere from two over to two under most years over 3 days on courses that average the same difficulty (Denver plays twice on a 71.1 rated course, Longmont plays on a 67.6 rated course, then a 73.3, then a 71.5 to average 70.8). That said, one of the courses played by in the Longmont tournament (Ute Creek) strongly favors long hitters and anyone who drives the ball 280+ can play the course much more easily than the 73.3 rating would suggest (since they rate based on 250 yard drives), while the same cannot be said for City Park Golf Course in Denver. Even still, you could compare Pyongyang (with its population of 3,255,288 people) to Longmont (with its population of 92,858) and Longmont would still almost definitely be the "big city" in terms of golf because the number of golfers in Pyongyang is probably in only the double or low triple digits. You can't compare by population or physical size, you need to compare by the golfing populations of each location, and I think that might be what tripped you up.
  4. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I agree. I think on Sunday he didn't look exhausted as much as he looked like he was a bit exasperated with the grind and how close he was with a lot of things that either came close or felt like a missed opportunity (the putt on 4, the putt on 7, the putt on 8, the chip on 9, the poor tee shot and forced lay up on 11, the really short putt on 14 after that great drive, and the chip on 15). At least that was what I thought it looked like.
  5. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I don't disagree. I'm all aboard the hype train personally, but I was typing on my phone at an Old Chicago where I was watching the tournament (didn't want to go into a lot of detail). I'm glad that he's back and competing well again, because I grew up watching him play and win in a dominating fashion. He's playing some solid golf, and what I liked best watching this week was his solid play off the tee compared to some of his previous efforts and his past. I'd like to see Tiger play in some majors again and compete up at the top of the leaderboard, if all goes well and he stays healthy. At this point I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic to avoid potential disappointment if something happens, but it's not working very well.
  6. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    His drive on 5 today was absolutely perfect, his tee shots have been much improved this week. Good run. A 2nd place finish this soon upon his return is promising.
  7. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Now Tiger needs to make the same putt the defending champ made earlier. Doable, but not likely.
  8. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    Well, at least Reed already has a read.
  9. 2018 Valspar Golf Championship in Tampa, FL

    I tuned in right as he lined up that putt. Incredible.
  10. Funny/Bizarre Internet Stuff

    What the heck did he do? Overhanded chop a 7 iron onto the coffee table repeatedly? If he had just clipped the table it wouldn't be that broken, tempered and laminated glass (most tables/windows) would just be spiderwebbed all over and would have a chunk of it on the floor. He didn't just clip that with a swing, that was deliberate to ruin the table that much.
  11. You do know that'll just make them hit it further though, right? There's a reason you buy a sleeve of Pinnacle gold's at the clubhouse before a scramble to use off the tee all day.
  12. MoviePass

    Easier said then done when you have classes until dinner time, unfortunately. I can understand the sentiment. The biggest downside would be the number of movies per month you can watch, but I don't think there has been a month where my girlfriend and I have watched more than 2 movies before anyways. As far as cost goes, the Sinema for 2 would be $20.99 a month for the two movies (which can be booked in advance and in the "special" theaters if you want), compared to $19.90 a month for 2 different MoviePass subsciptions. Overall in my situation where wanting to see more than 2 movies a month is rare and the convenience of booking in advance to make sure you have seats, as well as getting to use the nice IMAX theaters nearby, the added benefits of the Sinema would outweigh the disadvantages (fewer movies per month, slightly higher cost). To use last year as an example, here are the movies that released each month that I was actually potentially interested in seeing: January - None really February - LEGO Batman Movie (the LEGO movie wasn't bad) and John Wick: Chapter Two March - Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Beauty and the Beast April - The Fate of the Furious May - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Baywatch, Pirates of the Caribbean June - Despicable Me 3 July - Dunkirk, Spider-Man: Homecoming August - The Hitman's Bodyguard? Not much really September - Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, It October - Blade Runner 2049, Jigsaw November - Thor: Ragnarok, Murder on the Orient Express December - Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Of the months where I liked the look of 3 of the movies, it happened to work out where the following month there was only really 1 movie that interested me so it would've worked out where I would still get to see all the movies I was interested in that released that year. I'm not a huge movie person myself, hence why being limited to 2 movies a month isn't as large of a factor in what's convenient to me (though I can understand why it is a big deal for others who watch more movies). At least to me it's a more interesting program. I can understand why the MovePass would be more appealing to other people for those advantages, but to me the advantages of Sinema would be much better suited to my movie watching habits (watching popular movies preferably the week they come out while still having decent seats, planning for the movies in advance rather than just showing up early, watching them in IMAX or RPX or whatever fancy theater option is available if better seats can be found in that showing).
  13. MoviePass

    That seems more interesting to me, personally. I don't watch movies alone, but my girlfriend likes to watch movies. I showed her the MoviePass and she was interested in the idea, but didn't like the restrictions it had on what showings you could watch and also that you couldn't reserve your seat in advance of the day of (meant you'd be stuck in the front row if you watched a popular movie within a week or two of release). This seems to solve both of those issues.
  14. Retractable Golf Net

    Yeah, I suppose that's probably true (was thinking of the picture he originally posted). I still would recommend making some weird swings that aren't just the "normal" swing to try and get a range of the extremes. If you want to hit driver in there, swing that too. You could be fine with a wedge and not with a 3-wood or driver due to length (I know 8 iron was the longest I would swing indoors, until I found out with the weird swing that the real answer was that I shouldn't probably be swinging more than a lob wedge or so to avoid potential damage).
  15. They said that about Merion because it couldn't stretch to longer than 7,000 yards. Then they hosted the U.S. Open there and the winner, Justin Rose, couldn't break par over the 4 days (he ended up +1). This argument is bunk, the only courses that are "obsolete" are courses that had few interesting features to begin with and relied upon being longer than other old courses were. The courses that have interesting and challenging features will still be challenging, difficult, and tour-worthy even when players hit the ball further because the challenge of golf isn't all about the length of the course. I play one course near me that's very narrow and tree lined with plenty of dog legs, but only about 3,300 per side and I score similarly there as I do a wide open 7,200 yard course in the same city. The short course is designed so that the challenge isn't in the length of the course, but the shape of it and how you plan to navigate the small and sloping greens.

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