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  1. I do definitely appreciate their transparency when it comes to the width of their shoes. Finding that kind of information from other manufacturers can be like pulling teeth, since they rarely say anything and you basically have to just try them on your feet to find out for yourself. The TL-01 is an attractive looking shoe though. I'd love to find something similar that works for me to wear to my office job rather than the tennis shoes I currently am stuck with.
  2. I've used a pair of their Elements Pro shoes for a while now. I do quite like the thin sole and the zero drop design, but the one thing I just can't work with is the width of the shoe offerings from TRUE. To put it bluntly, my feet are seriously fat. I personally am not fat so I'm not squishing them or adding fat rolls to my toes, it's just a hereditary thing (my maternal relatives all have the same wide feet). My feet fit the length of a size 10.5 or 11 perfectly (just under 11" long), depending on brand, but they are 4.75" wide. Going off the "standard" sizing charts I can find, that falls somewhere between a 4E and a 6E width for a size 11 shoe. From practical experience my choice in footwear is pretty limited. Not all brands make a size 4E shoe, and even fewer make a 6E. I can honestly say I've only ever seen a 6E in a store, and not just as an online option, once in my entire life. For my everyday tennis shoes I pretty much have to stick with Asics and New Balance just because other brands like Nike and Adidas don't actually make a true 4E shoe (their shoes labeled 4E fit closer to a 2E). For the western boots I wear for riding the options are a little better thanks to big square toes being in style, but there are still brands like Nocona and Cody James that just plain don't make them wide enough short of a size 13+. Credit to Twisted X though, their 2E is actually wide enough for my fat feet and they're super comfy to boot. With that background, I really would like to wear, use, and enjoy my shoes from TRUE but unfortunately they're simply not wide enough. They weren't bad when I first received them, but despite losing 10 pounds since then my feet have only grown wider (thanks bunions!) and I've found I can no longer fit into them. When my feet did fit I found them quite comfortable after a short break-in period, and the zero drop was definitely a noticeable improvement after carrying my bag all day long. I realize I'm part of a pretty small minority here and by no means should TRUE change their product development strategy solely to suit people like me. It would be nice, but for companies that aren't already quite large it can be economically infeasible to make that make options for sizing and width. I just wish I had normal feet so I could take advantage of the cool stuff they're doing!
  3. The side you're defending has presented only evidence that works against it. The side you claim of unfairly attacking the other has provided hard data that backs up their arguments. Then there's you, who comes in slinging mud without having the decency to even pretend to care about truth. People who care about the truth tend to like data and facts, rather than opinions of what something feels like.
  4. The other way to get pressure off your right side, that you're too stubborn to realize is what's happening, is that the right side is lifting up. The right side lifts up, while the left side does not. This results in a weight shift to the left, simple as that. You can see evidence of this in every swing video posted so far. The players are lifting the right heel and the weight falls onto the left side as a result. Pushing down or pushing off the right side would INCREASE the weight on the right side. You're adding pressure, because you can't push off without applying a force. This is the opposite of getting the weight off the right side.
  5. When a pitcher "pushes off the mound" their leg becomes straighter and their heel is flat. Regardless of if the pitcher pushes off the mound or not, this is the exact opposite of what pitchers do.
  6. It's not that it isn't easy to see. It's that it's easy to see the exact opposite of what you describe is happening. You are bending your knee and lifting the heel. Those two things are the exact opposite action as pushing off of the ground, which requires you to straighten your leg and drive the foot (including your heel) down into the ground so that you can push off it.
  7. I think you just can't see that you're being ridiculous. You physically cannot push off with the rear foot if you lift your heel and increase the bend in your knee. Pushing off with your rear foot would mean straightening the rear leg and pressing that heel into the ground, because you're pushing off of the foot (which presses the foot into the ground). Are you really so blinded by the need to be right that you're going to disregard basic physics and biomechanics like this?
  8. I'm simply showing you with your own swing, as well as swings of notorious power hitters, that a push off the back foot doesn't occur in the transition to the downswing. You seem to feel like you do this in your own personal swing. That's why I'm using an example of your own personal swing to show you that what you're feeling in the swing is not what is happening in your swing.
  9. Here's an example of your "powerful push" off that back foot in transition. Your feel ain't real buddy, and you just can't seem to get that through your head. Dustin Johnson has the same lack of a push off the back foot in transition, as seen clearly in this video. His heel is gently lifting off the ground from nearly the moment he starts down with the swing, not pressing down into it so he can push off.
  10. Believe me, I can guarantee that many of the things you feel are not real. Pushing off from the rear foot, for example... The same thing applies to everything we humans do, by the way, not just golf. I do a lot of work with horses, and I have to constantly prevent myself from gripping with my knees. I never feel myself do it, but I feel the horse react to me doing it. I then have to ride for a while over-exaggerating things by making sure my knees don't touch the saddle at all to break myself out of that false feeling again.
  11. That's good to finally have a video of the driver with his swing, though watching it I noticed a couple of things that are good avenues for discussion. Please do note before we get started that these comments are in relation to using the Venetos swing in high levels of competition. It has advantages for the beginner or the weekend golfer who just wants to avoid a slice and get started in the game without much practice. On a shorter course I could even picture someone getting to between a scratch and 5 handicap with this swing and competing well in club tournaments. In this post I'm going to be discussing the pitfalls of the swing as it relates to competing in state or national level amateur tournaments and professional tournaments of all levels, where the norm is championship level courses that will usually exceed 7,000 yards in length and pretty regularly play beyond 7,200 yards. If these courses aren't that long, then they're penal in other ways by having narrow and/or tree-lined fairways that prevent you from hitting large curves. Contact was made right about at the 31 second mark, and the ball reaches its apex at about the 34 second mark and is losing altitude before it's even out of view in the video. Considering the video is at about 1/2 speed this means the apex was reached in about 1.5-2 seconds real time, meaning a total tee shot hangtime of only 3-4 seconds. The median on tour is 6.2 seconds and the shortest of any guy playing in those tournaments is still 5.6 seconds. The shortest hitter on tour, Scott Langley with an average of 269.8 yards, has an average hang time of 5.7 seconds. Hang time isn't everything, of course, but it is a good indication of the amount of power in a swing. It would appear that this video supports the idea that the Jim Venetos swing lacks power overall. This isn't me bashing the method as useless, because I can see how it would be useful for a beginner or especially someone who is struggling to control a slice, it's just me stating a honest fact about the swing from what I can see and what I have read and heard. The Venetos swing would struggle to keep up on the championship courses played in tournaments for top amateurs and any level of professional. The second concern is just how much that ball is curving from right to left. Based on the overall appearance of the ball flight (@iacas can probably judge better, he's got a LOT of practice at judging launch numbers from video and watching people hit), that ball might be carrying 200-215 yards but it still looks like it is curving at least 20 yards from right to left in the air. A big draw/hook like that is definitely a welcome sight for anyone who struggles with a slice, but it does give me pause since the spin axis must be severely tilted to get that much curve on a tee shot that isn't exactly a bomb. Longer tee shots will drift further to the side with the same spin axis as a shorter tee shot simply because they have more time to go off course, but with that same spin axis a tee shot that carries 260 yards or more is going to be curving at least 30 yards if not more. Assuming a player with the Venetos swing could somehow find the power to keep up with the short hitters on tour, they would have a rough time with the narrower courses that can be played in higher levels of competition. Merion Golf Club, for example, has fairways that are only 20-30 yards wide for the most part and many of those fairways are lined with trees. You can't aim the ball 15 yards to the right of the fairway on these tight courses to account for that 30+ yard curve, it just doesn't work. Trust me, I know - I used to play a 30-40 yard "draw" off the tee with 260-280 yards of driving distance as my normal shot. There were many courses and tournaments that I struggled at simply because there wasn't enough room for me to be able to hit the fairway without making swing changes to manage my way around that course. The swing, like I said before, could be easy to pick up for beginners or a quick fix for someone who is slicing the ball. It leaves a lot to be desired though when it comes to competing favorably at high levels of competition.
  12. I started using the original MCC grips on my clubs around 6 years ago or so, a little bit after they were released since I liked how grippy they felt especially in the rain. I like corded grips, but they absolutely tear my ungloved hand to pieces usually since my hands are always dry and cracking anyways. I did, however, always use 3 wraps of tape under my grips because for me personally it would help prevent me from shutting the face down and hooking the ball. I've got slightly larger than average hands (8.5" wrist to middle finger compared to the average of 7.44") so the extra tape felt nice and seemed to help keep me from over-rotating my wrists through impact. I've since switched to using the MCC Plus4 grips with just the usual one wrap of tape. The difference between the two grips isn't huge, it's just personal comfort and preference. The Plus4 feels nice to me, but realistically I could play golf just fine with either grip and the standard one wrap of tape so long as I just spent 5-10 minutes on the range making sure my fundamentals were solid and I wasn't getting too handsy.
  13. Hell, my podunk hometown has better golf within a 2-hours drive than what's available in New York. This is a town called Firestone in Colorado, by the way, where the population was ~1,750 when I was born and is still small enough now that my parent's live on a dirt road just 2 minutes from the "bustling city center". In fact, compared to New York, Firestone is a true golfing hotspot! Here's a sampling of the notable courses available within 2 hours of driving: TPC Colorado Castle Pines Golf Club (48 on the Golf Digest rankings, former PGA Tour stop) Ballyneal Golf Club (46 on the Golf Digest rankings) Cherry Hills Country Club (72 on the Golf Digest rankings, host to 3 different US Open Championships) Colorado Golf Club (124 on the Golf Digest rankings) Sanctuary (175 on the Golf Digest rankings) The Broadmoor Golf Club (199 on the Golf Digest rankings) Frost Creek Golf Club Riverdale Dunes Denver Country Club Commonground Golf Club Walnut Greek Golf Preserve Arrowhead The Omni Interlocken Eisenhower Golf Course (on the Air Force base) Not to mention the fact that Colorado has both 300 days per year of sunshine (that's a lot of time to get out and golf, even if you use colored balls when there's snow on the ground) and well over 150 course options within that 2-hour drive from Firestone. Truly, Firestone Colorado is a golfing tourism destination that clearly surpasses the New York metro area. The number, quality, and diversity of the options available far surpasses anything that 2 hours in New York traffic could ever encompass. Plan your next trip to Firestone today, and get a warm welcome from the <14,000 residents (note: you can't actually stay in Firestone, there are no hotels - you'll have to settle for a motel by the highway) as well as the owner of the only local 18-hole course, Whitey (no joke, that's the name of the owner of the only 18-hole course in Firestone itself).
  14. I've just stumbled down enough internet rabbit holes to find these tidbits before.
  15. Membership - MyFlightScope It looks like you should get access to the statistics with simply a free account. I would contact support to see if there is a problem with your account.
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