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  1. My short game is the biggest weakness in my golf game, but identifying the weakness doesn't mean it's a mental issue and neither does chipping well on a practice green but not on the course. The most likely problem is that when practicing chipping you're giving yourself ideal lies and easier shots to practice than you end up encountering out on the course. Every time I go to the golf course I see people around the chipping green who prop every ball up in the rough, roll it out of deep spots, and never put the ball right up against the collar. On the course your ball is more likely than no
  2. Last Saturday I got to add two new birdies to the list in the latest men's club tournament, which was a nice plus since they also both won me some skins! Holes 1 and 12 were the new ones, and hole 1 was the best start I've ever had to a tournament with my approach leaving just a 8 inch or so tap in! On Wednesday I had my best ever overall day off the tee with +5.35 strokes gained driving (compared to the MyRoundPro scratch golfer baseline), but unfortunately no new birdies. I've finally been able to nail down some improved consistency in my drives, which has made a huge difference r
  3. This is almost definitely what this plan is - use some of the money the Tour earns from TV broadcasts or other media and distribute it based on which players are influencing the value of the Tour's brand the most. The PGA Tour doesn't have team owners getting a cut of the media money (based on both performance and popularity, in many cases) like most other sports, so this seems like a nice way of doing the same thing for golfers who play an individual sport and would otherwise miss out on that opportunity. PGA players already engage in a popularity contest, because the more popular you ar
  4. Keep all the memories without creating new ones for two reasons. The more serious reason is that my Grandpa got me into golf early, when I was 3, and I grew up playing the game with him. He doesn't golf anymore and I have a lot of good memories of us together, so I'd hate to lose it. The more important reason is that if I can't create any new golf memories I can guarantee I'll have forgotten about my bogies, doubles, and triples by the time I get to the next teebox. I might need those little prayer beads to keep count for scoring, or just use my shot tracking device for scoring, but
  5. For how long? Until the ball is at rest, just like with 100% of other shots where you wait until the ball stops moving before hitting it again. If the ball is moving, not oscillating or wobbling as described in Rule 10.1d, and it's hanging over the edge of the hole it's going to go in the hole without much more than 10 seconds delay maximum in the first place. Si Woo Kim's ball is an excellent example of about the longest amount of time it would ever take for a ball that was constantly in motion to fall. Don't be ridiculous, for this rule to even apply you have to have part of the
  6. This is exactly the problem though, it's absurd to claim that a moving ball is at rest just because you decided it's been moving too long. It's completely arbitrary and perfectly contrary to the truth of the situation. It's no different than telling a player they need to pick up their ball and walk back 30 yards to drop it after their tee shot, because it had been traveling for more than 10 seconds so it must be replaced to where it was determined to be "at rest" regardless of the ball's actual condition. Encouraging or even requiring people to take a stroke at a moving (not oscillating) ball
  7. Playing on Saturday I picked up a birdie on hole #4, which is nice since that's definitely the hardest par 4 and I've got it finished for both the front and back 9 now. The other two birdies in my even par 34 were duplicates, but I only have holes 1 and 9 remaining for the front by now. The back nine was decidedly less nice, since I followed up my up and down front nine 34 with a horrifying 42 that contained a double, a triple, and three bogies with zero birdies to offset any of it. I was playing Wolf with those in my group and took a lot of risks off the tee on the back 9 because my part
  8. "Next up on the #1 tee, the best player for the start of the Masters to never win the tournament, Greg Norman!" If Augusta wasn't as strongly formal/traditional as it always has been that would be pretty funny, but it'll never happen for obvious reasons.
  9. The extra info is perfectly legal during a tournament, it's just that one of the screens accessed by rotating your watch bezel has a lot of stats about your round on it. Fairways, GIR, putts, strokes gained total, strokes gained driving, strokes gained approach, strokes gained scrambling, and strokes gained putting. It's also got options to review all of your clubs from the watch interface, or a history of your past rounds, but those are always easier to view and manage on your phone instead. Once you're playing a round though, I only ever use 2 of the screens - the main one where you ent
  10. I've got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. I'm not sure if it works on the Galaxy Watch Active models, but it's actually surprisingly slick on my watch. You can even easily add shots you missed tagging mid-round, and I have enjoyed having the GPS distances to the front/back of greens since those are difficult to precisely hit with a laser in a most cases. The app (on both phone and watch) takes a little bit of getting used to, but it really is pretty user friendly once you get past the mildly confusing interface. That's the one thing I'd fault it for, is that they have enough information availabl
  11. Got lucky draining a 30 footer today for a birdie on 5, despite the recently punched and sanded greens. That same hole for the back nine, as #14, is going to be tough so I'm glad to get it out of the way once at least. It's a 190 yard at 3 with a smaller green than I'd like, so it usually takes a very nice (or lucky) first shot to birdie.
  12. They were even 1.5-2 holes behind the 2nd to last group it seemed. That said, the closing 4 holes were pretty rough for the final group which didn't help them. They were right on pace with the group ahead of them until the penalty strokes and drops were needed.
  13. Honestly I gave up on Game Golf and just started using the Taylormade app that does the same thing since they have a plug-in for Samsung Watches. Nothing extra to charge or remember to pack, and effectively just as easy to use when playing. Better yet, there's no beep so I can mark my shots even while others are still hitting. Game Golf was nice, and it's still a great idea, but I think the execution of everything past their Live device was just awful. Their website and service troubles have just been the straw that completely breaks the camel's back for me. I can't keep using a pr
  14. One more "new" birdie in the men's club on Wednesday, had a decent round with back-to-back birdies on 7/8 for the front nine and then birdies 6 with a terrible 3-foot lip out on 7 that would've been a nice second pair of birdies otherwise.
  15. The difference between a draw and a hook is purely a matter of personal distinction, kind of like how the difference between a good round and a bad round changes from golfer to golfer. My personal opinion is a mix of "too much curve" and "whether or not you can control it" - to me a hook is just a shot that curves much further left than you intended it to. If I am trying to hit a draw and it curves much more than I wanted, I hooked the shot because it curved left much further than intended. If I am trying to hit a fade and end up drawing the ball, I hooked it because it curved much furthe
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