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  1. I just need to make sure it's something I can fit into my budget first since I'm in the process of buying a car right now. Once that mess is finished (hopefully by the end of the week) I have my application ready to go if the price for the car was right.
  2. Whoops! My mistake after a long hassle following a car break-in. I just saw the picture, had a flashback to the traumatic memories, and made my comment accordingly. 😁
  3. After our singles match last time around I think I know my answer for the second half of question 7. Some of your recovery shots from the trees were just plain unfair! I suppose that's why we west coasters had to pick a course without any of those trees to even the playing field.
  4. The real pros all use RAID 9001 to go with their fancy ISO certifications.
  5. Your niece could potentially get married multiple times, but the 2019 Newport Cup will only ever happen once.
  6. Somewhat random question, but has anyone else replaced the clip for their Game Golf unit before? The belt clip on mine broke a couple weeks ago when I finally found it and brought it out again for my round, so now I'm stuck with one that can't sit anywhere besides my pocket or the cupholder of a golf cart. I know mine is out of warranty so I can't go that route, but I'll also contact Game Golf and see if there's any way I could purchase a replacement clip or discounted replacement unit.
  7. It would have been, if the story had even a kernel of truth to it. You know we would have heard about it that same afternoon if it really did go that well. He was already planning to tell us all about it, yet conveniently forgot to update everyone about his stellar performance until the thread got resurrected and people pointed out how he never told us his results.
  8. The only one that interests me is that Kelly kid from a few (4-5) years ago that was convinced his swing looked just like Tiger Woods. That one provided some good entertainment.
  9. I mean, did anyone really think a person with the name of "Golfer6969" was anything more than a teenager trolling to pass their time? Nobody with maturity beyond eighth grade makes usernames like that, and usually those kinds of usernames are for the Xbox only.
  10. I can have both a shallow or steep angle of attack and my swing has me lifting my right heel pretty high early on in the downswing. It's one of the things I'm working on. I do not believe angle of attack and lifting the right heel are related.
  11. I got the chance to play the course today. The rough is by far the hardest part of it all. The green were running faster than a municipal course, but they're super smooth and were overall manageable. They had some interesting shapes and features, but again nothing unmanageable. They were pretty firm, but you could just land most approach shots 5 yards shorter than you otherwise would and you'd be fine. The length was certainly long, but there was only one par 4 I had trouble reaching in regulation and only because I had a 20 mph headwind (it was #18, the hardest hole on the course throughout the tournament). It was windier than during the tournament, which certainly added to the challenge, but again you can account for that easy enough. The rough though, that was something else. It was deep enough that balls hit could be lost without a large search effort. It was thick too, enough so that the first time my ball settled down deep I ended up hearing my back and shoulder pop when I made contact with the ball because the club just plain stopped. I was hitting a 6-iron out of it about as hard as I could and the clubhead legitimately never made it back out of the grass during the swing. Missing the fairway meant you were most likely going to have to scramble to get up and down because a GIR was unlikely. This is the only time I've legitimately thought it better to be even 20 yards (or more, in this case the rough was worth nearly 50 yards) further away in the fairway than being closer and in the rough. It was fun overall though, and the greens are honestly the best part. They roll perfectly smooth and true, and it made putting a ton of fun all day long. Once you got used to the rough you could start hitting chips and pitch shots again without chunking them, but it just required some adjustment since you had to drop the clubhead onto the back of the ball much more steeply.
  12. Had some more fun today as the second scorer for the 4th to final group. One of the players in my group, Harry Higgs, was tied for the lead at a point with a 5' putt on 16 to take him to 15 under par. He ended up at only 13 under, but it was still fun to be right up close with all that kind of action. The course itself, TPC Colorado, was nice enough to give all of us scorers some gift cards to the PGA Superstore, which was a nice touch. I enjoy the course, but I've also been able to play it once before coming here to score. It is somewhat straightforward, but like you said it's the greens that make things interesting. 2 is a tough one if the pin is in the back, because you have to land it just right in the gully in the middle of the green to get it up onto the back shelf without going off the back or coming back to the center of the green. 5's green is pretty safe to go for, but it can be tricky if you end up in the bail out area to the left since it's nearly 15 feet below the green. 6 is another green where small misses can turn into big ones, but at least those are usually happening on your tee shot. 8 is just super narrow and long. 11 has some interesting contours, but nothing too tricky. 12 has a bit of a bowl in the front left, and then a second one in the back right. 14 has a tough to reach back shelf, just because it's hard to get up there without going long (which is the worst place to be). 15, like you mentioned, is just crazy. You've got the upper shelf along the left and back right, with a lower shelf on the front right corner, and a drop off of nearly 25 feet down to the collection area with a STEEP hill on the front and right side of the green. The trick to 15, if you want to stop anything on it, is to hit a draw (for a right handed player) onto that lower shelf in the front right corner or hit a fade that lands short of the green and just behind the bunker on the left side of the green. Either works, but it's definitely tricky. 16 was fun to watch all week, because there are so many spots for the pin to go that let you feed the ball towards the hole. Today's pin location was on the far right and the ridge running straight behind the bunker allowed several players to hit it to within inches by coming back off that sideways ridge. The front left pin location can let you stick it right next to the hole, but if you land it short by even a yard or two you're straight off the false front. The back left pin position is great if you hit a wedge shot low that will roll out a little ways, and the drop is of course the most dramatic part of the hole (it's got probably a 100' or more drop from tee to green over only 140 yards). The toughest green all week though, by far, was 17. IT was playing hard as a rock, and that made the pin positions on the right side of the green behind the bunker really tough. Balls that landed in the middle of the green still had a chance of bouncing/rolling up and off the back if the players didn't hit their shots high enough or with enough spin. What wasn't straightforward but also wasn't very obvious was the rough. It didn't look too bad even when you were seeing it in person, but it was THICK. It was thick enough that over the course of the week I found two balls by accident just from walking in the rough, and there were several searches of 1-3 minutes for balls in my group that ended up being found within 10 feet of the edge of the fairway. Dawie van der Walt, another of the players that tied for 3rd this week, on Thursday was one of those people with a buried ball that we had to search for a while to find. This guy is huge and strong to boot, and he still struggled to hit the ball further than about 75 yards from that stuff when it sat down deep. Overall though it was just immaculate. I heard multiple comments from players that the greens were some of the best they'd ever played on, and a common sentiment was that it was a better course than most of the ones that they got to play on the Web.com/Korn Ferry tour. They definitely thought that a PGA event would likely come to play there if the course stayed in as good of shape and was fully developed (clubhouse finished, bathrooms built, etc.). It was a course, however, that most players didn't particularly like when they first saw it and it was really on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when the sentiment seemed to be turning around once the players had kind of figured the course out some more. What I'm really looking forwards to is the 11:30 tee time I have to play a round there tomorrow, the first of the day while everything is still in tournament conditions. Apparently they are planning to try and keep the same conditions from the tournament (green speeds and rough length) for the rest of the year at the course, but we'll see how long that lasts once members are regularly playing it.
  13. Scored again today and had fun, it was a bit less hot (thank goodness) compared to the first day thanks to an earlier start. Two of the scores in my group were 67 and 68, so there was definitely some solid golf to watch during my extended walk. I have to say though, this course is quite the hike. I am, however, looking forwards to Monday since I have the first tee time the day after the tournament booked through a connection of mine. It will be fun to watch how the players do tomorrow and compare that to how I play on Monday.
  14. A couple quick things I forgot to mention at the end of yesterday but wanted to share: The scoring devices are all Galaxy S5's, and unfortunately some of them have limited battery life. We were instructed to put them into standby mode as much as possible to prevent them from dying mid-round, but over the radio you could still hear about several that did die. The PGA should probably update their scoring devices. The scoring app is actually an entirely web-based application. It can be run in a fullscreen mode or just in a normal browser mode. The two things above led to some wonky behavior where you'd have to wait 30-90 seconds to enter shots after waking up the device if the scoring app was set to full screen mode. If you left it in the normal browser mode it operated smoothly and seamlessly upon wakeup though. Definitely could use some work or just updated devices.
  15. No, but it does automatically time the players based on how long a gap there is between individual shots. I'll suggest the taser feature to the scoring committee when I go back on Saturday! Today was quite a bit of walking in the heat. By quite a bit of walking, I mean it was almost 12 miles of walking and it was 95-97 degrees out the entire time. It was a great experience though, since it was fun to see the players up close like that and the people I was paired with were quite nice overall. Admittedly, the scoring itself was only about 8.3 miles. After watching golf all day I had to stop at a course on my way home to get in a quick 9 since I had the urge. I shot -1 33 for 9 holes, so I'll go ahead and pretend like I would have beaten everybody in my group with their 70, 73, and 70 scores! 😁
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