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  1. I don't believe he will win another PGA Tour event, but I'm sure he'll still be around the game in some shape or another for a while to come. Maybe for interviews or ceremony every so often, but more likely as a tournament host and through his work with the Tiger Woods Foundation and course design.
  2. That's fair, after numerous sources came out to show that Patrick's actions were fully within the rules it should've died out and probably would have without Reed's history. That's probably what turned this into such a large controversy instead of just something where public knowledge of the rules was expanded (like what happened when DJ's ball moved on the putting green, and the public learned about the rule and it sparked a change). Instead we end up with constant accusations of cheating even weeks afterwards because people are convinced Reed was cheating. I'll fully admit when I first
  3. That's very true, but I don't think it's the crux of the issue. Rory's situation was also less likely to make the headlines because he wasn't holding onto the lead when it happened, he was -7 after the end of round 3, while Reed was at -10. Patrick Reed's ruling came into the spotlight and became a point of discussion partly because of his history and partly because he was the current leader. His actions during the ruling were definitely viewed by most through a lens colored by his history. That said, the majority of people who claim he was cheating talked about him removing the ball and
  4. I think this is the heart of the issue. Lots of people think Patrick Reed removing the ball was against the rules or that it hindered the ability of the rules official to check whether a ball was embedded or not. This is because they don't know the rules behind whether or not a ball is embedded, because a ball with any portion below the surface of the ground is considered embedded. You can't observe that in the rough without remove the ball and feeling to see if there is a dip, and the rules specifically say a player may mark their ball and remove it to inspect if it was embedded or not.
  5. As far as profanity goes, I don't care at all if pros swear or otherwise vocally vent their frustration. That said, the issue here is less about profanity in general and more about the specific word used. There are definitely a lot of better words and choice phrases Justin Thomas could have used. Maybe next time do a throwback to an old classic that was much less controversial instead.
  6. I'd rather drive, just because I like putting the cart/my bag quite close to my golf ball and when others drive they usually park much further away. It's honestly good etiquette that people do this, I just like having everything right next to my ball so I can range, grab a club, and be in position already for the start of my routine without any extra walking. Usually my cart or bag is only around 3 feet away from the ball, on the right hand side. You can actually see the shadow of the golf cart in my profile picture from the Newport Cup, just barely cropped out. Here's the original showin
  7. Grip size has more to do with personal preference and the size of your hands than anything else. I like the MCC Plus 4's because I already used to add extra wraps of tape under my grips anyways. I didn't necessarily notice a performance difference between normal and thicker grips (my extra tape or the Plus 4's), it was just more comfortable for me to grip and swing. I don't say that to discount your experience, because comfort and confidence can make a big difference in your game even if nothing else has changed. I just think that a lot of the marketing claims for the Plus 4 grips, such a
  8. It's weird having The Masters this late in the year, but man am I excited to see how it turns out. I imagine the course might be in a different condition than usual, but it's still just such a unique event. This is one tournament where I'll miss the usual crowds, since the crowds at Augusta aren't the ones shouting about mashed potatoes.
  9. You completely ignored the list of facts I presented: Name a single course that has been phased out because of distance instead of because it's too small of a venue to host the circus that is the PGA Tour. I'd be willing to wager money you can't, because they don't exist. I don't mean to come across too confrontational here, I'm just trying to point out that driving distance has nothing to do with courses being phased out and the physical length of a course has nothing to do with whether it can be used for a PGA Tour event or not. Course length is not a valid argument for rolling
  10. Regardless of the effect that an equipment bifurcation would have on the golfing population, the more important question is getting overlooked here by @Bonvivant and others recently. Why do you feel that a specific distance for a tee shot is too long? It's a fact that golfers who hit the ball longer have an advantage over golfers who hit the ball shorter. This has always been true, the greats of the past like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were great in large part because they could hit the ball further than other players on the course. Arnold Palmer's entire reputation was built on
  11. I know I've done something similar, last year from September to December I went from 170lbs to 200lbs because I wasn't exercising or paying attention to my food and beverage intake during my final semester of college. With junk food and soda during the week, and beer on the weekends, I figured out I was averaging somewhere between 4,000-5,000 calories per day during that period. Going back to a normal food intake was quite the adjustment afterwards, but was much easier if I simply didn't buy any snack foods since I have a bad habit of mindlessly eating while doing something else. 40 pounds in
  12. One question I might have is how long do steroids remain testable in your system? Do they linger for weeks or even a month like marijuana, or are they something that exits your system in a day or two like some other drugs? If it's the latter, then it could be entirely possible to bulk up with the help of steroids for a couple months while the PGA is on a break and almost certainly not drug testing, then just focus on trying to keep the gains you made when the season begins again. I'm not entirely familiar with how the specific muscle activation training he's done works, but hard workouts
  13. Obviously I'd take the former since I'd have an average score three shots lower than in the latter scenario, but I think that's not quite what you meant. Here's a more specific rendering of what I think you meant: Would you rather #29.5 - Play with only 5 clubs (including putter), between 15* and 60* of loft, and remove 5 strokes at the end of your round OR play with all of your usual 14 clubs and remove 2 strokes at the end of your round. In this scenario I would still go with the former option, at least at most courses. I'd take my putter, 60* wedge (110yd max), PW(150yd max), 7i(2
  14. I do hope it changes golf for the better, in terms of helping put to bed many of golf's little idioms that turned out to be lies once we had access to the relevant data. I really appreciate how Bryson has fully embraced the statistics to optimize his golf game. So many players, including a lot of tour professionals, ignore the basic facts that show you're better off hitting an approach from closer to the hole even if it means using a partial swing or hitting from the rough. Conditions at courses like Winged Foot with monstrous rough are outliers, because most of the time the rough isn't t
  15. I would strongly agree with this statement. When I was playing my best I would generally shoot par +/- 2 shots at just about any of the courses I went to. My really good rounds would be a 69 on a 72-74 rated course, and my really good rounds would still be about a 69 on a 69-71 rated course. It's because I wasn't the kind of golfer who made many birdies when I played. I might have one or two a round, but the only time I ever made birdies was when I hit a particularly good approach shot. I wouldn't ever make birdies from a chip in, and I definitely was below-average in my make percentage b
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