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  1. I think they're different products. The flighscope offering will be able to do spinrate and launch angle, neither of which are supported by the SC100. That said, for checking ball speed and swing speed when you practice, if you're so inclined, the SC100 would be a good option it appears. It's not terrible for carry distance either, though it isn't the most accurate.
  2. The ES12 is pretty abysmal when it comes to accuracy, from what I saw. It has over 16% error in the carry distance category and nearly 3% error in ball speed, which are also the only two stats that it can measure. The ES14 is more accurate, but also more expensive than this unit. It has 5% error in carry distance, 1.35% error in ball speed, 3.86% error in swing speed, and then a whopping 29.08% error for spinrate and 20.14% error in launch angle. The spinrate and launch angle measurements are pretty bad and I would be willing to bet practiced people like @iacas could guess those things more accurately than the ES14. If the Flightscope is more accurate in even just the launch angle category, people will buy it over the ES14 because the ES14 is simply too inaccurate to do rudimentary fittings with (in terms of launch and spin). source
  3. Oh, trust me, courses know how long their men's clubs take to play golf. I know my course's men's club has some specific groups that can go around in 3 hours for 18, and other groups that will usually take 5 hours. I, unfortunately, can't do anything about it in the pro shop besides ask them to pick up the pace when they come in for their turn. They were just trying to avoid scaring you away, at least that would be my bet.
  4. I would have to think a number of courses will be picking that up so that they can start to advertise that they do fittings. I'll be curious to see how accurate it is, though I imagine the production quality will be as high as anything from Flightscope.
  5. It means it was sent to Titleist (not Scotty Cameron) for refinishing. Titleist's restoration shop will stamp the putter neck to keep track of it, while Scotty Cameron will not stamp the putters during restoration.
  6. I have my driver shaft cut down to 44" and I see no issues with distance or accuracy as a result. Accuracy went up and the driver just feels more comfortable to swing.
  7. I'm with the others in saying that, while par 3 courses are fun now and again, they are not something I'd want to play all the time.
  8. I think the biggest difference, in competition, is off the tee and around the green. Off the tee because nobody seems to know when to hit a provisional golf ball or even why to hit a provisional. Around the green because people start pacing off every chip and putt when they don't normally do it, meaning they don't know how to do it without it taking forever. They don't know where to place their bags if they're walking because they're used to riding in a cart. They're not used to marking their ball and cleaning it, but do it in tournaments and fumble around in the process.
  9. Your lofts seem rather strong, what set of clubs are you using? A 9 iron is generally 43-45 degrees and a PW 46-48 degrees, compared to the 39* and 43* clubs in your bag. If you had your irons bent to traditional lofts, you could then purchase a 20 or 21* hybrid that would likely fill the desired gap (hybrids go longer than their equivalent lofted irons) and you would be rid of the W in your bag since it would become redundant.
  10. In a change of plans, I thought about it further and am now registered for my local qualifying. While I strongly doubt I'll advance to sectional qualifying, it should be a fun experience and I still have all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to play the course in advance and prepare specifically for that course. My schedule during finals weeks actually leaves me pretty open, since one of my finals is out of the way immediately on Sunday evening and only one final is after that Monday.
  11. Evidently you don't understand the numbers. He is, statistically, a longer than average hitter (even if not by a lot).
  12. @iacas covered it, though I plan to update my swing thread soon. As for the U.S. Open qualifier, I think I've decided against it because it turns out the Colorado qualifiers are all either the week of finals (I, unfortunately, don't think my professors would let me skip out for that) or the week after finals. I don't want to enter unless I can reasonably prepare myself for it. I'm taking a look at the U.S. Amateur qualifying still though.
  13. That's true. I would be inclined to say that his performance in 2015 was an outlier due to his ridiculous putting statistics that year. Spieth, while definitely a solid golfer, doesn't seem to excel in ballstriking like the other players do while they're at the top of their games. When Spieth was winning his majors he was making crazy amounts of 20-30 foot putts that most people don't make many of at all. As for this years Masters, I don't personally think he will win. I'm also not certain DJ will either, since DJ is supposed to be much more comfortable with a fade than a draw. That being said, Tiger strongly preferred a fade and won 4 Masters so that could end up counting for diddly.
  14. That is actually really cool about the Japanese market. I never would've guessed a single company in golf could have their own entire store, especially a company that is perceived as "smaller" in the U.S. outside of the golf ball market (I know they make clubs, but I don't know what their line up looks like and I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I saw anyone besides Matt Kuchar playing them). Thanks for the response, it was more informative than I would have expected!
  15. He was so nonchalant when he won. Did he not realize he had won the tournament when he bowled the final strike, or was there still bowling to go before he won?