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  1. 4/27: hit bucket at range to get a swing for the round. Felt like shots were decent for 90% of them. And I felt the swing was using the elements I've been working on in this thread Played a round but did not have same success, so the range swing isn't ingrained enough yet perhaps.
  2. At the chipping area today before a round, I tried several shots to see if I could get them to pop up nice and high. Well apparently I'm not opening the face enough, because I wasn't able to get anything that would've let me get under for a catch!
  3. Yah, it broke right to left, not left to right like I felt with my feet. (wow, I'll fix that! Thanks! )
  4. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/randallt/round/1534987 Game Golf says "not too shabby" but I think they say that to all the golfers. Started out feeling pretty good, despite pulling the 2nd tee shot. Parred 3 of the first 5 holes, and was pretty confident I could keep that rolling. Felt good over each shot, and executed playable shots for the most part. On 6 through 9, I was just starting my downslide in retrospect- missing greens in regulation that I had good chances to make- settling for easy bogeys. As I got into the back nine, the body started to flag. I had more and more difficulty getting the energy for a good centered hip turn, and driving my hips around. Without that, I felt like I was just trying to slap the ball around- which I was for the most part. Snuck in a couple of pars there which gave me hope I could hang on to the end. But 16 through 18, I was done. I'll work on the fatigue, and that should let me play better down the stretch. No lost balls though! Played one provisional, but didn't need it.
  5. Shot bogey golf, 90. At a fairly forgiving course, from a teebox OB perspective. But mainly learned that I got fatigued on the back nine. That's something I can improve just by playing more. I could feel the wheels falling off, as every swing felt like I was getting creaky. By the last few holes, I was just cobbling together shots to advance them any way that I could! Not sure how I got out of shape this badly, but perhaps it was the heat and sun I'm not used to- probably mid 80s out there with direct sunlight for most of it. While not my best golf, I'll take it. Was interesting to just hold on down the stretch as I came in double-bogey, double-bogey, double-bogey. I've played one round each month this year, (the others were on shortened courses with lots of temp greens and tee boxes so they only approximated "real" rounds) and this was my worst score, worst FIR, worst GIR- so it's good to get that one out of the way. Gotta get in shape for a TST gathering in a little over a week!
  6. 4/26: reviewed lesson from instructor. Continued backswing pieces, but primarily right elbow tonight. Also spent 5min on stronger grip. Really trying to grasp why my tendency is to get weaker over time. That darn V in left hand feels aligned to right shoulder but apparently isn't!! Gotta get this down
  7. Nice post. I know it took a lot to write that up. My humble advice is that you likely know already what will fit your life most. Even though you've given us great background, there are still so many factors to consider. Not the least of which include: Do you have friends who golf? Are those rounds you play with them important to you? If it were me, I'd take a break based on the tone of what you've written. Time away can be good. Maybe this is just a bad mood and you'll be ready to come back soon. Sounds like it might be longer though. Dive into something else that gives you a spark again. Golf will always be there, but when you come back, do so with a new outlook. If you see a fate of being a shitty weekend warrior, and that gets to you, then you aren't really ready yet. Come back when you're ready to enjoy some aspect of it all: the outdoors, the learning process, whatever. Otherwise what's the point?
  8. Welcome, @RangeGolfer!!! Hope you stick around and enjoy the conversations here- not just this thread on your journey, but just golf in general. Many of us are on similar journeys (without the formality), and I have a feeling most of us have found golf rewarding not just because of our own progress, but through the friends we've met along the way. See you around
  9. I've tried to keep an open mind about all this, but as I see some of the arguments coming from the side of "get rid of call-ins," my opinion solidifies more and more that call-ins are not only acceptable, but beneficial. It boils down to this (and has been mentioned countless times): Rules officials at all levels of golf do NOT make calls at the scene. They are not like umpires watching if a runner is tagged before touching the plate. They are not everywhere. They are simply resources who use all available information to get to the truth. The rules apply to all levels of golf, so it's not possible to put into the rules that officials are now responsible for calling plays like in other sports. That is simply a non-starter. Rules officials get at the truth by talking to people. By looking at available information. And yes, by informed people who may have seen something (at home or wherever). Those other witnesses are NOT causing penalties, they are simply providing information to officials. Not only is the current method of allowing call-ins not embarrassing, I have lost a lot of respect for the argument that claims that it is. Sure there, are valid points to made against the whole scheme. But let's have a healthy debate on it, and bring your best arguments. Going over the top and saying that the current model is embarrassing only serves to discredit your argument. Also, your definition of "naked eye" seems flawed. See @iacas description of what that means. It is not "naked eye" from TV, spectators, etc. If you don't see Lexi's issue as being naked eye, I don't know what to tell you.
  10. And in what world are all these infractions occurring where you could place a bet, watch tv closely, and get the outcome you want by just calling in the infractions that favor your bet? Maybe there are more rules infractions than I thought! In that case, the sport is in bigger trouble than modifying this rule could ever save us from.
  11. I'd like to get a ride there from this guy
  12. 4/25: Rainy day. Worked on centered pivot and transition. Get the club to the right spot as I turn back, allow hips to bump forward and turn- feeling the club drop as transition happens. 10 minutes.
  13. GolfDigest's take, fwiw: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/usga-and-randa-announce-immediate-rule-change-limiting-power-of-video-evidence Seems to me that expectations were high that Lexi would be protected in the future, and there will be a great many disappointed by this limited announcement. Did the ruling bodies set themselves up as "appeasing" the mob a bit? I think they've taken the correct course for both of the things bolded above: continue to assess, no knee-jerk change needed. Let calmer heads prevail and think through potential consequences. The fact that Lexi messed up should not be an emergency that needs an immediate fix. As I browse different reactions, I'm curious if some people are declaring victory against the call-ins? The conclusion below seems wildly off-base. http://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/2017/04/25/rules-of-golf-video-reviews-lexi/
  14. True! My math skills were a bit off there. I was thinking golf would be done 2ish for some reason! Anyone else taking the Aimpoint clinic Saturday? I reached out to Sean at Stoneleigh yesterday, so hopefully it's not full. I could do the Friday clinic as well, but just seemed to make sense to fill Saturday up with one trip out there rather than the extra trip Friday.
  15. Dave and I both live there (technically, I'm right on the border- but only about 5-10min from Dave). I can vouch for there being lotsa hotel choices, as we're near Dulles International Airport. As mentioned in the thread earlier though, Stoneleigh is a bit of a hike up Route 7 (or out a pricy Rt 267 toll road "Dulles Greenway"). That can take 40minutes from our area, I believe. So if you stay out closer to the course near Leesburg, nobody would fault you for that. For those who are staying near me, or anywhere along my route (I'll likely take the Greenway from Reston area- I have a pass so the toll feels FREE to me!), I'd be glad to pick you up on Saturday. I'll be playing the round and doing the Aimpoint clinic, but I'm flexible for what to do in between. I could drop you off at your car again either before or after Dave's get-together. I've got a minivan that can easily fit 3 others, and might be a good way to get acquainted before/after the round. Dave- I'll drop you a PM, but count me in on the shindig at your place. I can bring something, of course.