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  1. 2/25: 5min backswing to top, checking wrist, elbows close, full turn.
  2. 2/24: TWO hours at the range. Lots of video review, slow motion swings. Tried to meet the goal for my instructor for swing path/steepness, but still elusive. Back to the foyer and try again next week at the range. What weather here! 70s.
  3. Thanks. I messed with that yesterday, and I think I can feel it in slow motion, but will take time to ingrain at anything faster than that. Went to the range today to knock out my assignment for the next submission to my instructor, but I was not getting it at all. My only goal was the club path improvement. I tried to forget about all the work I've been doing (left wrist, right elbow, backswing, etc), just let all that happen naturally, and focus solely on the club coming through more shallow and not tipping up over my hands by A6. It was almost like the more I tried, the more it tipped up and over! I did 45 balls like what you see below- very slow swings, really took my time. Some were slower than this, but those were even worse. Not one met the requirement for submission to my instructor, and not one ball was at all solid contact. Lots of hooks left, lots of fat shots. Not sure I've had a more frustrating range session based on contact AND inability to change the picture. Probably trying to force it too much that I couldn't relax. I'll have to review this to see what pieces I've backslid on. Right off the bat I see the club is more open at the top, perhaps left wrist cupping again? I also see that everything is pointing and moving leftward near impact. The hands, as mentioned above, but also my head, my feet alignment. Almost like I'm sweeping everything across right to left.
  4. And a delicious carbonara it was! Hey I took Molly with her learners permit out past Stoneleigh this past weekend. That course is like a magnet because I found myself telling her to make the turn off Rt 7 to cruise around the side streets a bit. Don't forget the Duck Donuts and the kid(s)! :)
  5. And I'm anti-tip too! Glad it may have helped. This idea is related I think. Some tidbits on the right elbow, in case you think that direction may bear fruit:
  6. 2/23: An hour at the range, working on my assignment from instructor. Unable to execute this time (was hopeful), so will continue on with the home drills until I can pull it off. Feels like I'm close, but just need to get my act together on the range and not choke.
  7. Thanks, man. I definitely feel like it's a tough slog to make changes. Case in point, today: Goal was simply to go as slow as necessary to get the club coming down less steep, and at A6 to have the club not go above my hands. At very slow speeds, I simply couldn't do it. I can do it at home without a ball when I just relax. This was my best effort, but most were not even close: Just documenting it all here, but certainly some regression in parts from what I see (right elbow, left wrist, etc- things I'm working hard on every day in the mirror). One improvement that I FEEL is happening is that my stretching exercises are helping me feel more limber throughout the swing- particularly at impact. I don't feel the need to stay as upright, and I feel like I can have some of that side-bend to my torso, which hopefully means my head doesn't lift up and away from the ball as much. I just feel so much better about twisting around my torso than I felt even a month or two ago. May play another round tomorrow- will see.
  8. Fun clip- thx for posting!
  9. Not sure I know what I'm talking about, but I'd look at a couple things: 1) Your right elbow is not staying out in front. 2) doesn't look like you're getting your weight forward dynamically. If you look at Tiger's right leg, you can see that his hips must be forward (and rotated more than yours). You look more vertical, and I can't see your left pocket. Whether these are symptoms of a different problem, or a problem to address by themselves- that I cannot say. For what it's worth, I do remember this video on my right elbow has helped me. In your backswing, the right elbow looks ok to me honestly, but it seems to get stuck behind you on the downswing to my eye. You likely don't feel that connectedness right now that people talk about. All of this under a disclaimer: I'm a student like you. Just trying to give ideas until an expert chimes in.
  10. 15min at range warming up with many clubs prior to round. Tried to get a feel something simple to get me making contact with some vague resemblance to what I've been practicing. Noticed I was hitting my 7iron 5-10yds longer than last year. Driver carrying 10-20yds longer. Played 18 but mixed success with consistency. When I struck it well, I could feel the new swing path getting more power and squaring up easily. Just too frequently pulled left hooks which hurt my score. If I can gain consistency, then all the work over the winter should yield some better scores than the last couple years. Distances are noticeably better- and I feel like I'm swinging easier
  11. 88 (+17) on the tighter of the two courses I play regularly. When I was driving well, it was pretty promising- effortless power for me compared to last year. The hitch was that I was a tad inconsistent and pulled a few drives into the trees left. Only one truly awful tee shot, and that was a par 3. Total chunk into the water. Score wasn't great, but I can take away a lot of good things. With some practice, that could be many strokes lower, which might put me sub-10 HCP (the big goal of the year). http://www.gamegolf.com/player/randallt/round/1336654
  12. 15min with mirror. Transition from top to A6, right elbow, left wrist, and weight shift. Club feeling good that it's coming down shallower. Range this week as it gets warm
  13. There's a course right smack in the middle of Hilton Head Island (Indigo Run Plantation) that is called "Golden Bear." My parents live there, so it's the de facto family retreat course, and we have scorecards from years and years of grudge matches. Maybe it's just because it's a family thing, but that course is probably the most fun of any course I've ever played. Lots of variety in the way the holes set up. Over the years, it has gone through many different phases- perhaps the peak to me in early 2000s when there was great technology on the carts, and the pristine conditions near the peak. I think the economics of it all has taken its toll, so the feel is less high-end now. Far fewer amenities and the course conditions are not quite as perfect as it once was. Not sure how it is faring after the recent storm that hit the island. But for a really nice test of golf where you want variety and a chance to use strategy, I think the Golden Bear is top notch. I've always wondered how representative of his other designs this course was. To give the course his moniker in such obvious fashion, I assumed he was proud of it.
  14. Welcome, long time lurker! Thank for joining and chiming in. You've figured out the avatar thing, so no need for me to point you toward any friendly "welcome aboard" hints, as you are probably up to speed on all that. Look forward to seeing you in various discussion threads!