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  1. As a spectator, I loved the Snell yellow challenge. As someone who tuned into 2015 and 2017 finishes, the 2017 mathematical possibilities for outcomes in the final holes was a ton more interesting and dizzying to think through. In 2015, you could watch a few matches for 1/2 to 2 point swings. Dramatic yes. In 2017, every match seemed to have swings of 1 to 3 or 4 possible. That’s an even more dramatic finish when it’s close. Regarding cheapening the singles: To me, it’s a feature- not a bug. I like the idea of an entire point on just a few swings (or one bad one). The “moment” concept Erik mentions works for me. It fits the whole “thing”of the Newport Cup. Quality play, sportsmanship, friendship- by adding this “randomness” or small sample size, it kinda makes the atmosphere less like we take it all so seriously. It adds fun (in my mind) and still lets us play hard at the beginning of the event to keep things close. At the beginning, it’s more about rounds of traditional competitions to get things started. If people play to their handicaps, it’ll be close for the final day. The final day works as a more variable thing, give a team that’s behind a chance, and let crazy scenarios play out. Give us something to laugh and drink beers about. But the team that wins should still hafta play good golf- not a coin toss. The challenge works for the overall spirit of Newport Cup in my mind. Caveat: I don’t really play competitively yet, so my thoughts here might not be in line with those of you who do battle out on the course. This is strictly from a guy who has watched the last two NCs closely. 2017 rocked FYI: I took the liberty of making my tag line: “Newport Cup Historian”. This might give me street cred on this issue!!
  2. Optimize Existing Irons or Buy New?

    I think if you search for how center of gravity with clubs work, you might change your mind on whether that concept is marketing BS. I have a low opinion of marketing people’s ability to understand science and likely they bungle up what is really going on. But that doesn’t mean CoG is bull-feathers. Jmho
  3. What is ESC for a first-time golfer? That's what I shot. The approach that made sense for me was: just get familiar with how things work on a course first. Learn etiquette, hit balls from various positions, use mulligans and don't sweat the rules too much. Once I got familiar with the sport to some degree and had some passable knowledge of the rules, I started to keep score. My guess is that it was in the 100-110 range. Looking back, even those scores were a joke anyway. I didn't really know the rules. I've learned a lot since joining here. The scores were vanity scores with the way I would drop for lost balls, roll the ball once in a while for what I thought was an "unfair" lie in the fairway, etc. I was just playing for fun and the learning experience, so I wasn't gonna "play it down" or anything. I would think that almost by definition, anyone's first round score is invalid since they likely don't know enough about golf for the score to be done in accordance with ROG. Or maybe I'm just being picky here and this is just about how the score was generally.
  4. First, I concur that you should not have a pic of @NCGolfer as your avatar. I know I got a great pic of you at A6 as you hit put your 2nd shot on for a par 5- love the colors on that pic. That red uniform was a thing of beauty. Maybe crop it somehow? (I won't be offended it you don't use it) Here it is: And yes, I collected them all, but last seen in Erik/Mike's room on the kitchen counter when I departed. I'm not trying to shovel responsibility off on them, but I wasn't sure they were ever needed again myself and I voiced that opinion. Little did I know people would want to reconstruct rounds from them. If I were Erik/Mike, I'd likely have tossed them cleaning up the room. For what it's worth, at least one card from every match was accounted for. I know that because I labeled them all as Thursday AM or whatever, and each batch had a 1/2/3 accounted for. Secondly, here's the big board from the entire event (all rows unhidden): Just thought someone might want to see it all at once, rather than individually as they were posted through the event (for less clutter). Lastly, if someone ever googles "Webb friggin Simpson" (with the quotes) they will now get a link to this thread. Perhaps the only time in recorded internet history that that exact phrase has been used. https://www.google.com/search?q="webb+friggin+simpson"&oq="webb+friggin+simpson"&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39k1.5048.6700.0.7087.
  5. I was bummed because I BARELY missed both yours and Phil's eagles. For his, I was just on my way to to the 2nd tee, since I just took photos of your group in the fairway. I was a bit above your green, but looking the opposite direction. For yours, the lighting was poor as I was looking back up the toward the green, so I chose not to take a photo. In fact I went and got a refill of water at the station on #16 tee when I heard the roar. So that's 2 eagles I was near, but didn't see. Were there any other eagles (other than those two) at Newport Cup 2017? If it's any consolation, I think this video below shows the very place you got your eagle so viewers can imagine it. Dave K's approach is shown here, and Nate is at the bottom watching for where it lands. I doubt Dave K could even see the hole from there. As I recall, Dave K hit a beautiful approach to 10ft or something. Your 2nd shot is already over in the area where you start to see Nate (just right side of the green, but pin high, right?). Pin was front left. I remember all of us guessing how long of a chip that was as you were walking off the green. I should've used the new app I installed that is pretty cool to get an exact measurement!
  6. Shaft coating

    Can you take a quick pic on your phone and post here?
  7. And the final leaderboard is ready at last. I was scrambling to head out for a function as you guys were finishing up 17 & 18 (the reason I had to depart yesterday). The Snell Get Sum Optic Yellow Challenge results were coming in via twitter and text messages. I was leaving the house, just as Erik and Mike had figured it all out. So I'm finally relaxing and sipping some coffee Sunday morning, and there's time to make sure I've got it right. Congrats BLUE and RED players for duking it out in style. As Erik said, the matches were a tie. It took a late surge down the back nine to put BLUE in position to win it with the challenges, but I've definitely learned how quickly these competitions can shift by a couple points. Very similar craziness down the stretch in 2015. Great stuff. I'm sure the players will all soon echo the same thoughts as they get settled, but Mike and Erik did an incredible job putting on such a cool competition. Crashing in their room for a couple nights, I can see all the preps that went into it. The pile of boxes alone that I slept under was enough to give me that impression. Remnants of bling shipments filled the corner of the room! All the work with the sponsors, all the logistics, and hell, just the crazy idea itself that you can pull off something like this. Very ambitious, and they pulled it off while making it look easy. Until 2019, a toast of Man of Law IPA to the coaches, and then one of course to the players who definitely took to the spirit of the competition. A lot of fun, some great play, and RED and BLUE still driving each other to the airport afterward
  8. Awaiting confirmation before posting anything. Nail biter!!!!! Fast and furious at the end with challenges and last second changes of fortune.
  9. I am not counting points yet for points that are obvious: for example, in Match 5 Phil is up 7 after 15 for the overall. That will be a point for red, but it's too confusing to partially do that. There are 12 points up for grabs for the back nine and total. You can decide which are the ones that are basically conceded. Plus, I believe there are still 5 challenge points left. I think the challenges will be a crazy finish. Anything could happen. You have the latest info, but as the board stands it's 28-27 RED.... IF all matches conclude the way they are now (a big IF, granted), with 5 challenges not invoked. Then it boils down to: BLUE would need 4 of the 5 remaining challenges to win, 3 of the 5 remaining to tie.
  10. Not much change to the score as they go deeper into the back nine. Hole numbers have advanced a bit.
  11. Still very close and we all know these can turn quickly, particularly with the 5 challenges remaining. Getting deep into the back nine now.
  12. Thus far, RED has widened its 1pt lead heading into today by 1 more point. With the first Snell Get Sum Optic Yellow Ball Challenge going to BLUE, there are 5 points left for challenges. Of course, 12 points are left for the matches.
  13. The first of the 6 challenges! Good choice for BLUE here as they now gain a point. As the groups all pass the turn, we'll post the updated leaderboard. Should be fairly soon as the foursome with Matches 1/2 (Dave P, Jim, Michael, Kyle) made the turn not long ago. RED was up in both of those matches.
  14. The challenges should be fascinating. Our hunch is that there will be many challenges on the difficult par three 17th, but each team will make decisions independently (and could vary based on conditions as they go). 6 points up for grabs with the challenges in today's matches. Reminder, the yellow ball will be played alternate shot and team that shoots par or better (net) gets the point.
  15. Good morning from a McDonalds on I-85N. Was a pleasure and honor to crash the first couple days of Newport Cup 2017. I'll be home soon(ish) and will be tuning in online for the remainder. Today's the big day. The one we've all been waiting for. Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen- it's shorts day at Newport Cup! I know that makes Jerry happy, for whom the idea of 50F and slacks is quite foreign. As the sun rises on the final day, things are tight due to a late RED surge on the back nine of afternoon play at Mid-South. Here's the summary scorecard so far. Apologies if it's too small: BLUE had opened up a 5 point lead at the turn of afternoon fourball at Mid-South, but things turned quickly in RED's favor on the back. In retrospect, we should've seen it coming because the largest cause for celebration for BLUE was a hole where Dave K had to declare an unplayable lie! Strange but true. Hey, it made sense at the time, as BLUE looked to be in strong position as we neared the turn. RED had some highlights of their own. Dan (AKA, the "greatest damn bogey golfer in the world") had a heroic eagle chip from just off the green on the par five 15th. Tyler seemed interested in winning the all-important and highly coveted category of "most pars despite a lateral hazard drop." Fortunately, Dan talked Tyler out of having his own Tin Cup moment on the 9th, and from that point on seemed to go their way. The real turning point of the day may have been coach Mike cutting through the kitchen bureaucracy and demanding that his team get their meal in fewer than 2.5hours. The timing of the comeback seemed to coincide with the lunch carbs kicking in. Dave P, on the other hand, was well fed and even debated with the wait staff on how to properly communicate that one has had more than one "Man of Law". The debate rages on, but is it Man of Laws, Men of Law, or just the mundane "2 mugs of Man of Law." I think only those from the Pinehurst area are fit to judge such questions, as it is a Southern Pines area product. On the back nine, another possible reason for the turn of fortunes is when Michael H had politely asked me if the unfortunate events of the recent holes might be withheld to prevent public mockery. A "what happens at Talamore stays at Talamore" kind of thing. No chance, Michael! At that point, his team poured it on, came back from 1DOWN on the front to win the back and the overall. Before leaving the topic of the matches, I just wanted to document how I love the contrast of different players. For example, Brian picks out the exact spot that he will hit with his driver, and he actually hits his aim point. "See that leaf over there on the right side of 18 fairway?" (at Talamore). Nice easy swing, and he hits it. RED said they only saw him miss the fairway once! Phil, on the other hand, enjoys deciding on his shot shape and aim point late. He likes to see what random position he gets to at the top of his backswing, and see how things go from there. "I do know this- it'll go far. But by A5, I'm getting a sense of whether I want to hit a cut or a draw. Near impact, however, is when things come together and I make my final decision." Kidding, Phil! The birdies late in the back nine were quite impressive, and part of an amazingly well-played match by everyone in that group. In other news, Erik had to increase his iCloud storage requirements to accommodate the bloopers and outtakes from the product endorsement videos. Jim, he wanted me to mention that you'll be charged 80% of that cost on your Newport Cup bill. Not sure what that was about, but I'm sure there's a good story behind it. Kyle looked smooth on his endorsement, so if he ever wants to go back to the West coast, he has a future in Hollywood. Well, Erik might have to fix the sunburn on the product video first. For that, he simply needs to sample a color from the RED teams Day 1 uniform, and that should make your cheeks a bit less red. Kidding, again, man. At dinner, Nate showed what a team player he was. The owner pulled out every trick in the book to get conversation going with us, but we mostly wanted to be left to ourselves. The owner seemingly had a network of business contacts and extended family spread to every corner of the country, in an effort to make a connection. In fact, he even employs Webb Simpson to get us talking! Webb friggin Simpson! Nate, sensing that the man would not go away until a common acquaintance was made, said "Yes, sir, I know your cousin who works in the Wisconsin public education system in Orono." Boom, just like that, the man disappeared, content that he finally succeeded in his mission. Nate, with that kind of dedication you have likely secured your 2019 spot in the Newport Cup. Well, lots of golf has been played so far. The holes were blurring into each other, and on the back nine of Mid-South there were holes I didn't think I'd even seen before. Drew felt a similar eerie sense of amnesia as the day drew to a close. Mainly, I wanted to thank Drew for reminding me of the soccer video (knowing Drew is an expert soccer ref) that I wanted to see after various viral golf instruction videos were passed around at dinner last night. How can you not love Scott Sterling? Ok, before Erik warns me about going OT on this thread, I'll just close with how incredible the first couple days of Newport Cup has been. Thanks again for letting me crash it. Has been great getting to put a face to the name. For all those reading, it is worth it to get your games ready for 2019. With that said, have a great day, gentlemen. Play well and have fun. I've had a great opportunity to spend time with coaches Mike and Erik and while they are both competitive, I do know the comaraderie is every bit as important to them. Have a great experience with your teammates today, and enjoy your competitors. Life doesn't get any better than that. Lastly, Erik wants to remind all that Lowest Score does not win today. You need to get to 30! Notice the sliding colors in the leaderboard? There's a mark in the middle at 30. I was geekily proud of that, even if I stole that from the recent President's Cup. Enough yacking. Back on the road. Sorry if I left someone out of the narrative. I'm tired! Good times.