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  1. 3/26: 10mins backswing review. Checkpoints from lesson notes at A2, A3, A4. Full shoulder turn, flat wrist, right elbow in front of seam
  2. Also gives you more time to put into your budding super-condensed-land-efficient-golf-course-design career!
  3. Good luck, Jon! I'll hold out hope you caught it early enough
  4. Welcome to swing threads! Just wanted to also ask a couple things: Do you have an instructor? My assumption is no, or you might've mentioned what you were working on. What is it you are currently focusing on? As @woodzie264 mentioned the shakiness and angles aren't perfect, so hopefully that can be tweaked next time. Im not an instructor but the swing looks pretty strong to me. Good luck with the thread and maybe you can find some ways to shave even more off your scores.
  5. Shoulda left the flagstick in nice round- good sign for the season!
  6. Welcome! Stubbornness is fine. It's just when folks sometimes combine that trait with cluelessness that they get into trouble around here Another good resource for new players to dive into is the "instructional content" found under Info in the dropdown above.
  7. Good idea to have the 15-yr-old join TST, so now golf can do double duty as family time! Good luck getting back on track!!
  8. Welcome @jb27! We wont hold it against you that you are related to @TN94z. Good luck with the high school golf. There is a ton here to learn so we hope you jump right in.
  9. Welcome! Take a look around the "How To" dropdowns in the menu above and see how things mostly work around here. Avatars, achievements, embedding vids, etc. see you around!
  10. I can PM you tmw to sort out the threads and how we can shift to a "My Swing" thread. That's a great starting point. It has definitely helped in my journey. Some use it with their own instructor and just log their efforts. Some use it to get pointers/advice. Whatever makes sense for you- and we each take ownership of it to best be of use. And yes, if you stick around long enough and dig into various threads, you'll see lots of support for the idea that youtube hunting is likely not going to help you break through to be as good as you can be. Some may benefit, but the trick is diagnosing which piece is most important for your swing. That needs an expert. I know I couldn't do it. Trick is finding a good instructor that guides you correctly! From this, I'd suggest a couple things: 1. reading up on the correct camera angles when you post videos. 2. Check if you are cupping your wrists. I believe the club is a tad more open here than it should be at this point in the swing, and cupping the wrists can contribute to that. (I could be wrong- and you should treat my advice like you would a YouTube video! Some of the challenge in a "my swing" thread is to filter the tips you get, so this is just practice for you!)
  11. Welcome!!! Good place to vent. To talk specifics about your swing, we typically like that to be in a "My Swing" thread, but I can work with you via PM to shift over to that, if you are interested. Generally though, I'd give yourself time to relax after a bad session. The key to moving forward will be identifying the right causes and then prioritizing the fixes- knocking them out one by one. This is a good forum for that. Lots of folks who know their stuff. I can relate to the frustration though and my answer turned out to be good instruction. Hunting around online for me was fruitless, as I did not diagnose properly. Nor did I focus correctly on my practice habits. So my advice: get good advice on your priority. Then use proven practice techniques to make substantial changes. Some great threads here on how to practice and "change the picture." See the Instructional Content under the Info drop down menu above. Good luck!
  12. 3/24: 15mins (3x5) of various slow motion drills- backswing, elbows, left wrist, left hip. Final few minutes nice and easy swings looking back at mirror to see club path steepness.
  13. What a terrible lie- that ball is well above his feet, and his footing looks iffy. Probably a hybrid would be a better bet there.
  14. You don't seem to be slurring your words together in your post, so I'm thinking you were fine for some practice swings outdoors. Indoors, I would think lamps, chandeliers, tv screens, pets, and small children were at risk. :) 3/23: 10 minutes full swing slow motion. Reviewed notes from last 3 lessons and did some portions of focus on each element. Biggest issue I focused on was left hip driving around near impact
  15. @Mico- would love to see your course(s) on the map. Just one in South America so far.