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  1. Just for grins, I'll throw this out: In 2014, the US Opens for men and women were held at Pinehurst. For the first round, men played a 7370yd course and averaged 73.23. Women played a 6296yd course and averaged 75.83. For the entire tourney, Kaymer won with -9 and Wie with -2. This is perhaps more relevant than the averages above, since the question is about winning. So the outlier performances: the women shot 7 strokes worse than men- on a course that was in the neighborhood of 1000yd shorter. For a woman to win in the men's tourney, she'd have to shoot 2 strokes better per round, while playing a significantly longer course. Disclaimers: Not exactly apples to apples. I don't remember and I did no research on whether the USGA changed the course drastically between tournaments, nor do I remember if weather was vastly different. But with that said, I think you can get a big picture feel of the magnitudes involved though. It's huge stretch to take the top player in the women's tournament and expect them to even compete with the top players in the men's tournament. Statistically, that one woman would have to have an absolutely miraculous outlier of a tournament to even be anywhere in the hunt. I went with "never happen." (sources: http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/round-1-numbers-how-women-and-men-compare/, http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/martin-kaymer-michelle-wie-who-won-2014-us-open-pinehurst)
  2. Looks like you've come a long way, Christian! Seriously. To my eye, it looks much improved. I'll look forward to hearing about lower scores. Right?
  3. This is where I'm at: Putting the lat/long above into my maps app and rotating, I get this view. I was thinking the camera was just below the path, near the bottom tees. At the last bit of the vid, you can see the other tees behind trump. If there's evidence this is not correct, let me know. Sometimes I think @ZappyAd nailed it, but sometimes the perspective and angles look slightly off.
  4. Yep. Just watched the video several times and cross-referenced with that location you found above. I lean toward the vantage point of the video indicates only an illusion that the cart is in the green. I think it's more likely that the cart is on the closely mown grass between the camera and the green.
  5. 6/21: Another successful day at range. Gentle swings with full shoulder turn. Also added left hip awareness from last lesson- pull it through aggressively near impact. Putted for 30min. 8ft with 1-3% slope.
  6. Hi @JoeB from Tennessee. Welcome to TST! Do you want us to ask questions, or were you planning to give us more details? You say you've got a "model" and a "system." Can you tell us how the video above relates to this system. I just see more questions than answers. There's not much for us to go on. Also, we mods discussed a bit before approving, and we are taking you at your word that you are not promoting anything. We have policies against that, so we are ready to shut this down if you try to push a business opportunity. (See FAQ for guidance on linking to personal blog or business: https://thesandtrap.com/a/faq/) But if you are here for feedback on your ideas, great! I suspect you'll get plenty of those.
  7. Great job, @jamo. As you know I used to live in that town, Groton. Didn't play much when there (early 90s), but I remember a park out on the point near that course where a bunch of us used to fly stunt kites. Some great steady wind out there, as you can hear in the video.
  8. Good luck!
  9. @Valleygolfer, i get to ding you today on your GolfNow thread (and ding myself a bit) You created the thread titled "Golf now starting to run it's course?" I thought "oh no golf as a sport continues to decline!" Then I realized the topic was GolfNow! Only later I realized when writing this up that Erik came behind us both and cleaned up "it's" to "its." Duh- I totally missed that!
  10. Good luck and hope all of your parts are good today. I hit a small bucket today without pain- just mild discomfort but that's apparently good. Just slow swings with full range of motion. Didn't work on my last lesson priority- just focused on full shoulder turn while keeping head pointed toward ball (has been the range of motion issue I've been battling). Big success
  11. Just saw this today: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/06/18/man-biking-to-all-30-mlb-ballparks-for-charity-struck-by-pickup-truck/?utm_term=.bfdafbcc7f56
  12. Welcome to TST! I'm not an instructor (nor an experienced golfer), but there are plenty around here and I'd be interested to see if there are elements to your swing that could be solidified that would make your game hold up under pressure. Feel free to join in other areas of the site, as that tends to attract people to your swing thread. (note: I just edited out parts of my note above related to fixing a video embed. Fixed)
  13. Data on those swings: I've copied over the driver ones for convenience, but there's also 6-iron vids and Trackman data at the link. Good stuff, @nevets88 I'm working on the steep to shallow transition (as you may know from my swing thread), and the driver DTL really shows him doing that. Right as he gets to the top, his club really whips back and around him- no steepness at A5 for him! There's a point in there around A5 where the club looks even too shallow to my eye. I'm sure he'll be working on that! I'm also trying to make sure my left wrist doesn't cup- yah, no cupping here on this driver swing.
  14. Welcome back! As @Shindig has said, we steer folks toward "Member Swing" threads when they want to post a swing and ask for feedback. If you'd like to make this topic about general ideas about fixing shanks, we can leave it alone as a topic. But if you want specific tips and priorities for your own swing over time, then it belongs in the Member Swing area (instructions on how those work are there, and make sure you click the drop-down to reveal them): https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ (EDIT: I see you've updated your swing thread. Nice. My bad for not checking) If we retain this thread to discuss generally about shanks, the way to embed video is discussed here: https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/embed-videos/ Hope this helps. Good luck on the fixes! Sounds like that's pretty frustrating for a 7.8 handicapper.
  15. For 2017: Average score was 72.01, standard deviation 3.55 For 1973: Average score was 73.77, standard deviation was 3.14 So 1973 had higher average score, and a smaller deviation from that average. Numerically, Johnny wins. Plus, 4th round to win the tourney for Miller, whereas JT is just a footnote. Case closed, in my mind. Source data of scores in spoiler hidden text below. If you follow the link, there were only 3 other scores besides Miller's in the 60s that day. For JT's round, there were numerous rounds in the 60s.