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  1. I was in Tucson last week where they get like 12" of rain per year. I think it rained about every day for maybe a third of that total! Oh yeah, we got snow too on Friday, and the residents I spoke too who had been there a decade hadn't seen anything like it before. Maybe a dusting once or twice before. Here's a shot of a saguaro cactus near the facility I was visiting. The flakes were HUGE, even if you can't really tell. By afternoon, it was pretty much all melted except for the mountain peaks surrounding the city.
  2. Well, this teaches me not to dispute the wisdom of @DaveP043 and @GolfLug! I found it surprising that someone can’t learn a better stroke independent of a fitting (that was much of my reasoning: “learn the stroke first”), but I can definitely see how a fitting would enhance learning a better stroke. Good topic and when I get playing again, probably something to look at. Learning Aimpoint on your trip down here to VA was definitely helpful, I’ll say that.
  3. Im gonna buck the trend of my friends Dave and V above. Overrated. I think to improve putting, you can: learn good form, learn to read putts with courses like Aimpoint, and practice effectively. The icing on the cake would be to then find the right club that matches your eye and your stroke, but the other things should be done first- hence I’ll assign the overrated tag to it. We don’t have unlimited time and money. For those trying to get every stroke gained possible out of their game- yes, absolutely. Putter fitting is probably smart part of the process to squeez
  4. Long-time lurker on the thread, but my thoughts have been: Law of supply and demand. There were probably tons of guys who would've carried a PGA pro bag for a similar amount. The caddie hasn't made any case that he meaningfully contributed to the win by teaching Kuchar how the greens break, or maybe how certain shots play longer than they look due to prevailing winds, or whatever. What value did the guy bring that a bunch of others couldn't have? A traveling caddie is 100% different. They invest themselves in the player's game, they commit to travel, and they likely do a ton more for
  5. Wealth of info, @Patch . Cool story about meeting Jack!!
  6. Haven’t seen such negativity since the Dan Plan thread!! Never mind that the well-placed negativity was the obviously correct position, but still! C’mon folks, I’m feeling this! im thinking he won’t take long to get back to his original playing level, so the “10stroke in a month” framing is a making this feel tougher than it might be. Its basically can he hold it together and not blow up? A guy who has been away from the game needs to do about what he used to average - on away courses, one of which might be tough, while presumably getting blitzed at night with buddies. Hey, I do
  7. Again welcome. You might enjoy threads like this one: There’s another for breaking 90, in case you’re at that level. All sorts of golfers here and folks willing to share their experiences and lessons learned along the way. For what it’s worth on this topic: I think most are telling you to consider losing the 70-degree club in your garage for the season, but hey, it’s your choice, man. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find some crazy tip that works for you, but overall, the site here is mostly about sound fundamentals. I’m picking up in the responses so far that use of that club
  8. Welcome! i didn’t know there was such a thing as a 70 degree wedge! Id say a proper answer would include addressing what your goal was with that club. How are your other wedges confugured, and what do you feel is missing from your arsenal.
  9. Welcome! You’ve found a good site with many like-minded souls. Lots of us hobbling around with injuries too! Just wanted to say a quick welcome and see you around.
  10. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rule-17.html That quote is from the link, near the bottom of the page- just under the graphics shown. I’m pretty sure this applies, but an expert can certainly correct me if I’m wrong. Looks to me he is allowed to drop in the penalty area. If he doesn’t like the drop, or just wants to abandon playing from the penalty area, he also can take relief outside the penalty area, with additional penalty.
  11. Now that passage needed highlighting for its imagery. Ain’t nobody gonna be voting Bermuda now! 😛
  12. Any of you northerners own an electric car? AAA: Cold weather can cut electric car range over 40 percent Cold temperatures can sap electric car batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40 percent when...
  13. Interesting that from what I can see in 2 pages of posts, only the OP mentioned Sergio as a villain in this thread:
  14. I’ll try to make this a pile-on. Happy birthday @14ledo81!
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