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  1. Golf Scores

    This is a good thread on the new rule changes that are upcoming. If you are just starting to learn the rules of golf now, it might be best to start here so that you’re not learning stuff that is going away. Congrats on the legit birdie!
  2. My Swing (vpittman)

    Hi @vpittman. Welcome to TST. I'm not an instructor but thought I'd focus you on a couple things that are fairly common that I see with players who struggle to break past bogey golf. First, a good link: At that link, I'd suggest you look for things that cover two things and see if you can see if they apply to you: Steady head. The first video on Key #1/Steady Head shows Erik's head going back and up, which is what I see your head doing. I think you can likely use some of the advice from that video. Centered hip turn. To assist with a steady head, I think the links that you'll find at the thread above regarding a centered pivot or centered hip turn could be useful to you. Again, I'm not an instructor, and I do not know if this is your most important piece to look at, but they are certainly fundamentals that I see many players at your skill level being told that they should start there. It likely won't hurt. See you around.
  3. I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    Welcome, Jeanne. We salute you, and thanks for chiming in!
  4. Hey guys!

    Welcome! Probably would take a bit more than a "lesbian accent" comment to be banned around here. If I had to summarize what I've seen so far, the folks banned are ones that don't let a certain issue go. They'll come back to it over and over, even long after it's obvious the discussion isn't going anywhere. https://thesandtrap.com/a/faq Some good info there. As I recall, somewhere around here it says that our standard boils down to just "don't be a jerk." One little comment probably wouldn't do it, particularly if in jest and maybe a bit "off color." We had one guy who denigrated like 3 different ethnic groups in one flame post, we hid it because it was not in jest, it reflected poorly on our site discussions. And even from there, it even took a bunch of "freedom of expression" arguments to cut that guy off for good. He just wouldn't let it go that he couldn't express his opinion that one ethnic group was a bunch of [insert your bad trait here]. Anyway, welcome! Good to see you jumping right in.
  5. A Massive Shortcut to Improving Your Golf

    For what it’s worth, I cracked up that I’d come across as sanctimonious. I can sorta kinda see it, and I was definitely long-winded. My intent was to matter-of-factly encourage actual discussion of improvement from a new poster, not linking out to a product. Let’s hear about the original weakness. The cure. The results. We have lots of lurkers too who might see that and get a sense of a better topic, when they decide to wade in. There was no attitude I was trying to impart- just a friendly steering toward what, in the future, might be a better-received topic.
  6. I bet they meant $29.41 and not $2941.00. Seller has a good rep, and when you sort all their stuff, this is an outlier (not sure if this link works, but for me, it's sorted by price for this seller): https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=apollogolfshop702&_sop=16 The next most expensive thing is $1500, and it is a vintage club. They have other single clubs in the $20-$30 range too. Just a guess.
  7. Senior Golfers Fading Away

    Interesting thread. As golf tends to reflect real life, this seems like another way it does so. Politicians fade from the scene as they make way for a younger generation to take over. Star athletes’ prospects dim as the television cameras and sports pages focus on the newest phenoms. My old neighborhood where I grew up was bustling with kids and teens back in the day, but now is a staid older community of quiet empty-nesters. Tons of individual stories of aging that add up to new dynamics. Can be sad if we want things to never age, but life (like golf) doesn’t seem to work that way, damn it.
  8. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday, @dennyjones !! Plus @golfdu , @BrandiJoGolf , @mikemorford, & @Tact. Edit: Belated to @Slowcelica !
  9. Good Day Bad Day Crap

    Yes, but only because the master plan is to f*** you at some later point.
  10. A Massive Shortcut to Improving Your Golf

    This seems like a followup to this thread: It sounds like you could be just shaking the cobwebs off and getting back to a level of golf you used to play at. You’ve been at a lower handicap before, as you just now wrote. In any case, we typically like to discuss specifics here on the site. Like what your issues were, what the instruction was exactly, and how you practiced to overcome it. Frankly, pushing a specific product with a vague sense of your recent improvement isn’t much to discuss. Also lends to suspicions of you pushing an agenda to promote something. If you want to tell us about the specifics of what you’ve learned and implemented, great. If you want to recommend a commercial product without any of that, not sure you’ll find a welcoming place here for that discussion. Just not the kind of site here where that fits in.
  11. My Swing (Kekeisen)

    Just curious what you think your priority is. What is it you work on? Things are looking pretty good from what I see, and I usually will only chime in on the 20+ handicappers who have a glaring weakness with keeping their head steady or an improper backswing turn. The only thing that I will mention is that you might take a look at some of the centered hip turn threads: I could be wrong but I feel like in your face on video that your hips move slightly differently than I see in these threads. Unless I'm mistaken, your hips are moving back away from the target. Anyway, welcome to swing threads. Welcome to TST. See you around.
  12. My Swing (Shan77)

    That worked, so I’ve kinda resaved the main post so you’ll see those links now show up as embedded videos now. At the instructional content link I posted, you’ll see a couple good links at the top: 1. Filming the swing. We like to see down the line and face on angles, in particular. That helps the instructors (I’m not one) with a standard perspective and the angles mean more for analysis. 2. So you joined TST and have a swing thread. That’s helpful to see how to get folks to join in and contribute here. Anyway, good luck. Your swing looks nice and controlled to me. Your head motion looks good, centered turn, weight gets forward. Those are the basics I look for. But without the standard angles, I’m also just guessing. A couple questions for you: 1. Do you have an instructor? 2. What specifically are you working on right now when you practice? Also at the link above is a thread about the 5 S’s of practice (slow, short, specific, simple, etc). It’s a good resource on how to practice your priority when it is identified. So I was wondering if you have an instructor who has identified your priority, or if you’re hoping someone here will help identify it. Good luck!
  13. Which move changed your game for good?

    I thought the point was to see if many of us had similar “aha” moments when we experienced a big breakthrough. Also interesting to see that we are all so different. For me the breakthrough is finally understanding and internalizing how to get the club come down less steeply and why that’s important. In my case it took a lot of backswing work and then patiently working on my transition. When I get it right, I almost feel like a real golfer.
  14. My Swing (Shan77)

    Welcome to TST! The video links don’t seem to work- can you make sure they are public? Once that’s settled, I can assist with getting the main topic videos embedded correctly. In the meantime, here is is a great resource to find some good reading that you’ll find relevant for how swing threads work around here.
  15. As a "NON-Golfer" This is how I spend my time...........

    I can’t get over 70+ rounds per year being a light year. Don’t think I’ve played 70 rounds in this century. Congrats to your son!

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