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  1. My Swing (omelette)

    Welcome to swing threads! Hope you get a lot out of it. There's a wealth of info here in this thread on instruction: But mainly I wanted to point you toward the tips near the top of the first post in the thread on filming your swing. Ideally, you'll want to align this "down the line" video with your toe line (not the ball). I know you realize this, but if you could also post a face on video, that'd be great! Lots of things there that experts can see from that angle: hip sway, head movement, etc Anyway, great to see the thread, and sorry to hear your instructor is throwing so many things at you at once. In the thread above, you'll see some guidance on how to practice (5 S's). Definitely worth a read. The hard part is finding the specific thing to work on and your instructor did you no favors by giving you a litany of things. Good luck, and hope you can get this sorted out with some good discussion here.
  2. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday, @todgot, @Hawk In Training, @FlyStayPlay, @ClaireBenton, and @Chok1up!
  3. Catastrophic Breakdown of Swing

    First, welcome! A familiar story around here. Quite a few golfers returning to the game can play decent holes, bit get incredibly frustrated by the blow up holes. My take is one you won't like: your swing probably isn't as good as you think it is. You are consistently swinging the same way, but that swing has and likely will lead to inconsistent results. I think you'll need someone to look at your swing and propose a way forward. My recommendations: - take a look at the member swing forum here. Consider posting yours. - read up on practice techniques after you've had your swing diagnosed and stick with it: You'll need to "change the picture" which isn't easy. Some good resources on swing threads and other instruction content here: The other option is to keep doing what you're doing, and perhaps you can groove a swing on your own with your own practice techniques, but I'll say that route didn't work for me.
  4. Hello from the North

    Welcome! There's a wealth of info here, and I see you've found the practice challenge thread- always good to help you stay focused on just doing a little every day, rather than fewer marathon sessions. Here's a good thread to live by: Find a "priority" for fixing and chip away at it every day. Then move on to the next. The site can help you find that priority too if you decide to do a member swing thread at some point. Anyway, welcome!
  5. Worst Outing EVER!

    There are some threads on scramble format, and my impression is that many competitive people actively dislike the format. Cheating is rampant, and they can be drunkfests (nothing wrong with that, if you're willing to go along with all the side effects of that, like happened to you). You might want to browse these threads to get your sense of what type of players enjoy scrambles, and which types of players do not. It might help you find the sort of competitive golf that suits you:
  6. Worst Outing EVER!

    I agree with those above who advise not to let one outing get you down. As with most things in life, you'll run into people who do things in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense. Who knows this guy's motives (like you mentioned- he was probably just trashed!), but that guy shouldn't impact your own personal enjoyment moving forward. Sure, be pissed now about how he handled it, but move on, keep improving, and trust that you won't run into morons like that every outing. Oh- and post more! You've been a member a while, and we love to hear from passionate golfers. Thanks for this writeup.
  7. 8/2- Brief range outing and worked grip and right elbow staying tucked with full shoulder turn
  8. 2017 Newport Cup Selection Thread

    For those who haven't noticed the new entry in the menu above, folks can read all about the Newport Cup, with links to various threads about each cup, like the matches thread for 2015 @kpaulhus mentioned: https://thesandtrap.com/newport-cup/
  9. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    My heart goes out to the family. Agree with the sentiments above about what a massive problem this is for those unfortunate enough to get caught up in drugs. And not just those addicted either- families, friends, and beyond. Just devastating emotionally, medically and financially for so many. In our thoughts, David Feherty.
  10. 8/1: My neck is still up and down (last bits of healing from injury in April), but I'll be doing form practice and some range work this month, with hopefully a round or two sprinkled in. Today: Back to basics- mirror work on centered hip turn. Plus confirming new grip with lesson advice. 15mins.
  11. My Swing (b101)

    Lemme guess, the wind was blowing right to left!!!! Wow. I've only used Evolvr thus far for a "standard" swing. Have you ever asked for instruction on how to hit specialty shots? On these courses you play, I'd imagine a knock-down is more than just a theoretical bit of knowledge, but something that you use constantly- directly impacting your scores. Just curious how you utilize your "instruction dollars"- just the basic swing or tailored to your conditions. As always, love the pics. Sorry there's no compensation for your photography services, just the satisfaction of watching us on this side of the Atlantic drool in envy.
  12. Since your data set of 9 points didn't show too much of a relationship, I also tossed in the 16 rounds of data that I did for analyzing @Fairway_CY and @Slowcelica in two TST blog articles here: Your data are the blue X's mostly on the right side of the chart. Their (FairwayCY/SlowCelica) GIR and scores were not as good, so they mostly make up the points on the left side. But I wanted to see how they all tie in together. I think the picture starts to emerge as we add different golfers. @DeadMan may add his too. The red line is just what my spreadsheet says is the best fit polynomial (I should've chose linear, because at 100% GIR, I don't like the final score if you follow this one out to the right. I'm too lazy to redo!). The green line is the thumbrule I've seen mentioned a few times of: Score = 95 - (2 times GIR) From what I can tell, the data we are collecting on ourselves might show slightly higher scores than that thumb rule. But the overall relationship is the same, even if the scores are off by several strokes. Interestingly, I found this in 2007, where @iacas said the thumbrule was off for him over 4 strokes in the OPPOSITE direction! That is, his scores were better than predicted. Perhaps you fall above or below the thumb rule based on your short game and putting skills. That's probably a no-brainer. None of this is earth-shattering stuff, but I thought it was interesting after messing with the data I've seen recently to see if it all jives, since you brought it up your data earlier. Definitely. nGIR might have less "noise" and outliers on the graph. Maybe you can work up a new "thumb rule" based on nGIR, not GIR!
  13. GAME GOLF uses 100yds as well, but LSW uses 60yds. This discussion pops up once in a while on TST. Here's an example:
  14. Here's your data visualized. I think with the small data set, you can squint and say that generally more GIR is helping your score. Not always clear cut, but broadly the relationship is there, I think. If you plot more and more and more, you'll probably see a darker area emerge such that the higher the GIR, the lower the score. But your results certainly don't negate the idea, if that's what you were thinking.
  15. 2017 Newport Cup Selection Thread

    Congrats, @bkuehn1952!! Go East!