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  1. Great to hear you'll supplement your video lessons with a thread here. I've enjoyed that too. What has worked for me is to stick with what the instructor says. Religiously. Don't go chasing phantom tips as they guide you. The folks here respect the instructor's word so they typically don't give you conflicting advice. So I use the thread as a way to keep myself focused, and I get lots of friendly visitors giving me support and encouragement. Welcome to the world of My Swing threads. Let us know if you can't find the hints on camera angles. On my phone now and tougher to search from here than from computer.
  2. Thanks. Thinking out loud (is this out loud?), this is a representation of how it kinda feels: RED: My natural tendency is to want to drive my hands ahead at the target, and perhaps I change the direction of the arc of my hands to achieve what I think needs to be done. My mental image is almost like a straight back, straight through putt, which intellectually I know is wrong, but there you go. GREEN: If I allow my hands and arms to be a bit more relaxed and sling them around (less muscular force toward the targe), I feel like the butt of the club does travel more out away from my body (perhaps in more of an arc?), and that keeps the club from steepening at those last moments. More of a rotational feel. Swinging from inside a barrel. I could be full of crap, but that's the feel I'm getting as I compare the two, but this is fairly slow speed in my foyer. At any rate, I'm still focused on what my Evolvr instructor has for me (get the A4 correct), and I'm expecting a new video back early next week based on a couple videos above in this thread, and we'll see where I'm heading next. Bit by bit. Off to dinner. Have a nice night, all.
  3. OT- but @DaveP043- have any advice for how to do a good yardage book? That book you did for our meetup was incredible. I came across a wrinkled up copy of the one you did for Stoneleigh in my van the other day, as i cleared out the season's worth of "collectibles."
  4. And I wasn't scolding There's nothing worse than a dead thread that I start. The more chatter, the better. Just honestly looking for feedback too, before I get set to do another. Gonna grab my LSW book and start getting the noggin' moving again.
  5. Can't be colder than our round at Stoneleigh! That's my benchmark for what is possible and what isn't!
  6. Sounds like progress, V. Just compared our weather forecasts for the next week or so- I'm gonna come visit! You're 10 degrees warmer down there, even if you're in the same state. My dividing line for going to the range is right in the middle of our two temps.
  7. 12/9: 20 minutes mirror work. A3 to A4 for 5 minutes, and start of downswing move to shallow. 15 minutes playing with steepness with slow downswings: hand path, and club path- experimenting with different ways of swinging the hands through the ball, sensing how the club reacts. Making progress understanding my tendencies, which is to yank my hands left.
  8. I've been doing mirror work- thinking about hand path (BoC path), comparing my tendencies against what I think you are saying, and really trying to pay attention to how the club reacts to different movements. I'm wondering if anyone has brought up the feel of a tennis left handed back-hand down the line. I guess that's sort of the hitting to right field feel. I definitely feel that my tendency is to want to get my hands left quickly. I have an urge to get my hands going down the target line, if that makes any sense. To fix this, I feel like I need to trust the natural arc of the hands (as viewed from above) to let them travel around my body (letting them travel more outward from my body)- and to stop driving the hands in a forward direction. That seems to help here in the foyer at slow enough speeds that I can sorta see what's going on.
  9. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/anecdotal Anecdotal! I need stats!
  10. Welcome! It may not be golfing weather, but glad to have you onboard to satisfy some of your golfing addiction here. Things can be a bit slow here in the off season, but a good time to regroup on your stats, evaluate your game, learn some stuff about the swing fundamentals, tweak your swing indoors, or just shoot the breeze with others. See you around.
  11. I think I was much derailed by the whole idea of "dropping into the slot." One video I tried to learn from was about dropping the whole package down from the top, right down to A6. For me, that advice was in a void without context (I took the advice anyway! Duh) and it promoted or solidified my steepness, in retrospect. So while the tip may be helpful to some, I think I suffered as a result.
  12. Welcome!!! i spent a couple weeks north of Venice this summer, visiting my daughter who lives there. Your English is about a zillion times better than my Italian. Glad to have you here. See you around
  13. You have actually spotted the new feature Erik added that automates avatars for those who do not select one- using the first two characters in the name. For what it's worth, I did a bit of sleuthing and in this case, evidence points to this being a real person, and who appears to have been quite sincere in his first post. i hope he comes back and that we can have a decent dialogue with him. Maybe he will be reasonable and hash it out with us and not turn it into a flame war. I believe he said in his post that he realized we would think he is a troll so he likely has thick skin. edit: oops it's early and I'm on my phone. Missed that avatar thing was answered
  14. Welcome! I think you win the award for fewest words in a first post.
  15. I think a fitting tribute is this song from Lightnin' Hopkins. Shows a bit how well-known John Glenn was for orbiting the planet, how people were prayed for his success, and how proud I think we were at the time to achieve something as a country. At least how that's how I always interpreted this song. I get this vibe from the song that the country was worried about him, but John Glenn could do it, no sweat! What a badass. I used to listen to this song in college (a blues kick at the time), haven't thought about it in decades, but I thought of it instantly when I heard the news. Funny how that works. Brings back memories. RIP John Glenn, this one's for you People, I was sittin' this mornin' with this on my mind Said there ain't no livin' man who gone around the world three times John Glenn done it, yes he did He did it, I'm talkin' about him only did it for fun Half a million dollars made him feel so well He got to eatin' his lunch and couldn't hardly tell He said, "I feel all right", John Glenn said it Everybody was laughin' and dipped in the gritty It was a million prayer went up, prayin' that he would land I looked at a school house full of men and they didn't know what to say But they said, "Let him come back, God, please let him land You know that's the onliest man ever did it and You're the helpin' hand" I'm gonna turn out to be one [Incomprehensible] I see him when he left but I didn't see him when he land But I know he was doin' all right when they said, "It is okay To give him a great big hand, he'll be in on the ship, they say he's on deck" His mother say, "I know my son gonna make it It ain't never been no mistake" You know I gonna tell you somethin', this ain't lyin' You know that man must had on his mind flyin' It ain't nobody will take that for his tryin' unless they gonna build him His own self airplane and they gonna go flyin' They told him, "Don't worry, this is true", you may miss me For a few minutes but I'll be back to see about you, he did Yes he did, yes, when he done it Didn't know [Incomprehensible] helicopter You know they tested that boy's body, they even test his heart They know he was all right when he was gettin' to start I mean he's made it, he went around the world three times You know he went and got him an airplane And he made up and had it on his mind That's what he had on his mind He didn't have no kid and he didn't have no digs He just had it on his mind flyin' Read more: Lightnin' Hopkins - Happy Blues For John Glenn Lyrics | MetroLyrics