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  1. Originally Posted by bplewis24

    Wow, what happened to the old one?  And this one has 9 pages already, so I figured it was the only one.

    Anyway, shows you how closely I follow this .

    My understanding from reading both threads was that this thread was originally strictly about his TrackMan numbers, and specifically what Dan might be doing wrong in his swing to have the numbers he does. That topic (and TrackMan analysis in general) interests me and is relevant to me at the moment, as I just had a TrackMan session (my first) last Friday. I was curious if we had similar problems in our swing. We don't. I have different challenges than he does: my clubhead path is to the right, my face is closed to the path, and with less clubhead speed. I definitely need to work on my swing speed and take some of the hook out (my miss recently).

    The other thread was more of a free-for-all about The Dan Plan.

  2. Originally Posted by TJBam

    What are you, his PR agent?  Funny that Dan can doctor a Trackman session to make it look like he hits lasers in and out all day long.  But then when people are watching at a tournament he can't put four shots together for a par.  I mean really, missing fairways and losing balls, racking up 98's?  98?  All while claiming a 5-6 handicap?  That's not a "bad day," (or rather THREE bay days in a row) that's straight up doctoring of numbers for his LiveJournal, OOPS I mean "Golf plan."

    Skeptic here, actually. I started playing again last May (2012), and somebody told me to check how my progress stacked up against his. I started tracking my handicap this May (2013) and am down to 12 or so after about 15 rounds this year. I've spent maybe 5-10 hours/week for what 60-70 weeks.... perhaps 500 hours total?

    So I looked up the Dan Plan and while comparing myslef with Dan, I googled other people's opinions on the Dan Plan  and stumbled on this great forum. Just joined a few minutes ago.  I am definitely on the skeptic side of the whole thing, and enjoyed the other longer thread about the Dan Plan here on The Sand Box. Hilarious stuff. This thread was more strictly about his numbers, which interests me more. I just had my first club fitting/TrackMan session last Friday, so it's all fascinating to me. I won't bore you with my numbers, but I'm not quite where Dan is yet... but heck, I've only spent 1/10th the time. I didn't waste my time putting first either, though. Hahah. I never understood that decision of his.

  3. Originally Posted by Dave2512

    If you did't track stats then it's not important. GHIN has HBH tracking and it sucks. My GolfNet HI and GHIN HI are identical, accuracy isn't an issue. Surely you didn't miss that stat tracking is important to me if you took the time to quote my post. It's not unreasonable to believe that if the USGA wants to monopolize the market they should offer the best product. Currently they don't.

    I use GolfNet myself (but have admittedly never tried GHIN). I shopped around in May this year, and found that the GolfNet service was exactly what I needed. Hole-by-hole stat tracking and analysis, plus a USGA-approved handicap. The price was significantly less than the price for handicaps at local clubs (via GHIN), plus GolfNet gave me the great stats and analysis tools. I asked a couple local clubs about tools for analyzing my rounds that I would get with their handicap, and they didn't seem very knowledgeable. Otherwise, if you just want a handicap, there's probably zero difference. The calculation is pretty simple. It's the features that I saw from GolfNet for analyzing your game that stood out for me- well, that and price was about half.

  4. Looks like Dan is figuring out a little more how to swing. As he writes today, his swing is now about 50/50 where he can really connect by using his body and not mainly his arms and hands. I can't wait to see his next TrackMan update to see if his numbers improve significantly.

    Heck, I'd take a handicap update too.  He is nearing the halfway point of 5000 hours left, and it's obvious to me he's not going to get anywhere near close to his goal. But he still seems confident that he can jack up his club speed 10% (from 265yd carry to 290yd carry, he says). He plays with a +handicap regularly, so he knows that there are lots of people who already at that skill level. I wonder how he thinks he will distinguish himself from the many, many thousands of scratch golfers out there who can already pound it that far.

    Anyway, here's the latest, in case you're interested. Finally an upbeat note after some poor outings, but he doesn't mention any specific scores or good rounds.


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