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  1. @jsgolfer does all he could with a flop shot here on #3, Match 3, Friday PM Fourball at Mid-South. He lands it to the right of hole (I think in the fringe even), but the slope was far worse than it looks on camera here- ball trickled to the left slowly, slowly, slowly.

    Teammate @coachjimsc was already in tight for a birdie putt, I believe.

  2. @Pretzel and @DeadMan depart green on Hole #9, restrategizing for the back nine- which they successfully did as RED stages big comeback in the afternoon Fourball. Match 1, Friday PM Fourball at Mid-South.

    Matches 2 and 3 still off in the distance, awaiting their chance to get down the fairway. Great spot for spectators to watch- maybe my favorite vantage point of the two courses. Good view of the fairway, and full view of the shot over the hazard onto the green.  

    Also a good multiple of 3 hole where I could gather scores!

  3. Honestly, this is one of the best pics, if not the best pic, I got the whole time. Your position near A6, the color, the view, the two blue players way down on the other side of the fairway, and you put in on the green to boot. 

    Really came out well. I think I mentioned somewhere in another thread where you joked about your previous avatar looking like an old man that you should use this one (and wouldn't be offended if you didn't). Funny how you thought the same thing independently- cuz I don't think you saw that comment, or maybe I imagined writing it but never did!

    Oh, I can PM you the original "unshrunk" version.

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