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  1. thankfully no I'm not like that. I will admit I used to have rounds were its happened and Ill just pick my ball up and move ahead.
  2. good to know! I move quickly regardless, but especially if i'm hitting poorly. One thing the grinds my gears on the course, I played with this guy once and before every shot he took forever to hit. Taking at least 5 practice swings and measuring every angle making sure his swing was "perfect" and his setup was "perfect" 5 minutes later he would hit the ball and it went 10 feet ... We played 18 holes with no one in front of us and it took 6 hours..
  3. Hello new to the forums here and was curious of what other golfers do to upset you on the course “So what grinds you gears?” As a relatively new golfer I tend to get intimidated while I’m on the golf course and it’s a busy day with people waiting behind for my group to go. I assume that when I hit a bad shot the people behind me are thinking “Ooh great this guy stinks were are going to be here all day!” I want to know if this is really what’s happening, if not then what does “grind your gears”?
  4. So far with you advice I have seen improvement in my drive! Yesterday I went out and did 9 after work and I made sure to put more bend at my hips. This helped me hit it more consistently. The shots we still going to the right but not as bad as normal. Most of the time I would hit a drive and it would go about 250 but end up almost out of play in the rough or in the woods ha! This time they were on the right edge of the fair way (if they dogleged right) or just of onto the rough by 10 yards or so, and it added about 20 yards to to the drive. Now Its only been one outing so I know the pro
  5. Thanks for the quick response Hacker, I can tell I am coming OTT on my shots also, when watching my club head come through on my practice swing, I see it coming from the outside of the ball across to the inside through and after contact. The biggest thing for me with that is I just cant seem to stop it and I do not know what exactly is causing it. Are there other causes of this? I will also to get a little for bend at my hips and try this drill out.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: ~98-102 avg score My typical ball flight is: mostly straight with irons, and hybrids mostly, Slice with driver/woods The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: "Pull Slice / Slice with driver mostly and just hit solid shots more consistently with irons and hybrids Two shots 4 videos, one in real time the other is slowed to .25 speed. This is my first post so I hope these are in the right format. I tried to go to a few links to show how to shoot
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